And it risks the people guarding them. In contrast with this, which looks like kids heading into the dachau train station yeah, the and that to especially in this enlightened woke world in which we live, we should be offended by everything, but yet the masses who are upset about so many things could care. Let about the defining human rights abuse of our generation, mass detention, slave labor, uh, uh, unlimited surveillance, uh and forced birth control. Yes, all in china, well let’s let’s, listen to the man who is in charge of foreign affairs for this administration. He secretary pompeo, who um, who links the various threads of what’s going on right now. This was the secretary yesterday, video cut for eric play video the new york times 1619 project so named for the year that the first slaves were transported to america. Wants you to believe that our country was founded for human bondage? They want you to believe that america’s institutions continue to reflect the country’s acceptance of slavery at our founding. They want you to believe that marxist ideology, that america is only the oppressors and the oppressed the chinese communist party must be gleeful when they see the new york times spout this ideology isn’t this an important point, jim that that, for those americans here media organs, whoever It is who say we are the oppressive nation we’re built on slavery.

It’S all about america is the bad the problem in the world it’s, not just beijing it’s pyongyang, it’s russia.

How do they respond to that isn’t that good for them? Well, i i think this is the great uh civil society challenge of our time, because here, essentially, you have people squabbling over things. Look i don’t want to impugn their motives. It appears to me, as this is about it, an effort to seize political power and to use an argument over civil liberties to essentially get political power, but let’s speed up. But when there are unbelievable evils in the world and and to me, this is like breaking into the piggy bank and taking your kids money to go gamble when you don’t have enough money to buy food for the table, we are ignoring because we’re so obsessed about Whether a statue needs to stand we’re, ignoring a million people in detention, camp, tens of millions of people in hong kong’s rights taken away. Yes, uh proliferating, a company that which is going to operate worldwide, which is going to steal all the world’s information and send it back to china, for china’s, okay and and and we’re so obsessed about our political obsessions that that we’ve lost sight of evil in the World is there any way to fix this without just waiting for an election result? Jim are we just condemned to wait to see, who wins and politically or is there something we can do in the meantime? Well, i i give um all praise in the world to secretary pompeo in his very legitimate effort in this com.

This talk that he gave in philadelphia announcing a commission report that they just released on inalienable rights, really parsing look indisputable evil from from the free world. Yeah and saying okay, you know what he’s not saying vote for my guy, no he’s, not he’s, not saying you can’t protest, he’s, not saying you can’t, not like confederate statues. What he’s saying is fine, but let’s not lose sight of the great evil in the world and our joint responsibility to stand against it, isn’t it about a perspective it’s just about perspective. You know it’s a sense of reality and priority. I you know, i i think it is. You know it’s a sense of privilege right when you, when you have kids, who you sit around the christmas tree and they just can’t, have enough presents and and they’re, not thankful for the fact that nobody’s shooting at their house nobody’s giving their kids dope nobody’s, throwing Their kids in detention, camp nobody’s, shaving, their kids, heads and selling it on amazon. They just they don’t, appreciate that, and – and i just i just i do feel – that a lot of this comes from from a sense of privilege not from a sense of oppression in america and and people need to stay. You know, wake up, you know we, you know you and i we’re professionals. We deal with stuff all the time. The era of great power, competition, the united states, on the one hand, trying to protect the sometimes protect the free world from itself, but but protect the free world where people could you know, live in peace and harmony and countries that see the idea of freely elected Governments, human rights and free enterprises, obstacles to expansion, their power, russia, china, red pushing back against those things, and – and you know we – we see that and and these guys just they just don’t care.

Is it because people don’t travel enough? They don’t see what the world is like. What is it down to? Is it more than just indoctrination? I sometimes. I wonder, i think when you see that bright shiny object and you can reach for it, you lose sense about everything else. It’S it’s, like the gambler that goes in and all he sees is the you know. I pull that lever. I’Ll get a 500 000 payday, so these people see i can cease political power here. I can take this country and remake it exactly what i want. You know and and they lose sight that that what’s underneath that could be pulled out from under them. You know reagan said one generation, one generation right: the loss of liberty, the extinction of liberty is always just one generation away. The great ronald reagan.