I hit the streets on instagram and figured out what fragrances really worked for you guys we did a poll, but today i’m, here with some fragrances that i chose so as i’ve said before man a lot of guys out. There really stressed out about trying to figure out the right words to say to the right woman in that right situation, but here these fragrances really should help you stand out and get the conversation started now. I recently did a video about what to say once you get the compliment from the girl. So if you have not checked the video, i will leave it linked down below so make sure you do that. But this really takes the pressure off of you. This will get that attractive, young lady to start the conversation for you, and then you, sir, shall take it from there now. This first fragrance up is one that is a really nice fragrance. However, it really plays the back seat to something more popular fragrances within this company’s arsenal of fragrances. However, if you have this one in your personal arsenal, you should be good to go. This one comes from valentino and it’s, not what you’re thinking this is valentino romo noir absolute now noir absolute. Is this oriental spicy scent really made for the bold man out there? This one again is spiced on spice, so you have cinnamon. You also have black pepper in this thing, and it really comes off really well again.

It has this sweet undertone with it. You have that spice and it’s a good deviation for what you get in the standard, womo fragrances, whether it be the original walmart or valentino romo intense, in addition to the spice that you get with this fragrance, you also get some woody notes and those two things Combined really give this this sensual feel there’s. This oil and resinous feel with this fragrance that i think a lot of women out there will enjoy and a kicker with this one. It has good performance. This one is going to project enough where you spray this thing on and you’re going to be set because you spray this on you’re going to walk past. It excuse me, sir, and there you go there, you have it man, valentino romo, noir absolute now, when i think about this next fragrance i’ve mentioned this one on the channel a number of times, and it originally started as a fragrance that i wanted to get my Hands on and but they discontinued it, at least in the format that it was presented to me. Originally, they let me smell it in the store they’re like no sir. You cannot buy this i’m like well. Why did you let me even smell it? If i have no opportunity to buy it, that was just wrong, but uh tom ford knew i was looking for this thing. He decided to re release it because big beard b wanted it that’s the backstory.

You guys didn’t know about it. Private conversation there you have it, but all in all, i often say that tom ford is the master of seduction and when he speaks about this fragrance, he really says that this one imprints on you and gives you this feeling of being desired and sensuality, and because This is a sensual fragrance and a lot of people out there enjoy it. This one is tom, ford’s, ombre leather. Now this one just happens to be the 2018 variation of this scent. Obviously, the 2016 was discontinued, which just happens to be a plus because they re released it. They vaulted that fragrance and re released it in this format a part of the signature series, which means it comes to you with a little less coin, and that means you can keep more coin for your dates once she says, hey, sir, you smell amazing, your keynotes In this fragrance are going to be leather, you’re also going to have cardamom and patchouli. This one has this soft type of feel to a leather fragrance, which i think is a big plus when you begin to transition into these types of fragrances, because a lot of the fragrances can be quite potent and often um. Sometimes they come off to be not as enjoyable to the ladies. However, this one is a unisex censor. Tom4 took that into consideration. When making this thing, he knew that you wanted to spray it on, and you wanted this fragrance to speak for you, and this one does wonders tom ford’s, ombre leather.

Now this next fragrance was actually on the first list that we did this, and this came by way of you guys votes and this go around um. I really want to talk about this fragrance in a way because i really enjoy it, and i think that nothing. I know a lot of you out there enjoy this one as well. I paid retail for this fragrance and i would not hesitate to do it again, but if i could find it cheaper, i definitely would. But if i was in the store – and i was running low on this thing – i would definitely repurchase this one full retail. This one comes from paco rabon. This one is paco, rabon’s, 1 million lucky and yes, the name says it all. To me, one million lucky is this addictive mix of plum, hazelnuts and wood. You get this really sensual type of feel with this fragrance and it has some sweetness given that classic 1 million dna, but i really think that this one just takes it up another notch. Now i really really really really enjoyed this one. My sons really really enjoyed this one, and the mrs enjoys this one on me as well, which is one of the reasons why i definitely think this one is going to help you in terms of compliments. If you go on youtube, obviously you’re already here, if you check out any reviews on this fragrance, hopefully you check out mine and then others out there.

They will most likely tell you that this one falls by way of being attractive and sensual or seductive, and all of those things really just come into consideration when you’re looking for a fragrance. That is going to get you some attention. So if you are a reserved, individual and you’re looking for fragrance to do the speaking for you, this is one that continues over and over again it might help you well get lucky so get lucky one million lucky that is from paco ripon. Now i know some of you are watching this video, like yo b, i don’t need a fragrance to get a woman to like me. They just want to see how much money i got it’s all about that moolah moolah baby, yes, you’re right! This fragrance is what it’s all about mulla mulla is next up on the list, and this one comes from byron performs now this one was released in 2018.. If you’ve been around on this channel for a while, then you already know that this one is a go. Mula mula is peach, it’s caramel, it’s saffron. You also have some ginger in this thing and there are a lot of notes that i’m, not mentioning, but all in all with this fragrance you get something that is sweet. It gives you this nice scent bubble around you and the compliments are through the roof and with that being said, that is one of the reasons why i suggest this fragrance, especially if you’re looking for that attractive lady to spark the conversation, this fragrance would do it For you, on the flip side, i believe that this fragrance can be used as a unisex scent and might even be marketed as a unisex fragrance um.

You also get some vanilla, some benzoin and despite it having this aggro wood food note in it, you really don’t get it in this fragrance um. Everything for me with this one is sweet, it’s, airy and seductive one that i often recommend on the channel, and obviously you can see that i put in work on this thing. Not only i, but my son does so as well, so mula mula from byron, paw farms and also i recently was looking on instagram and he got some new things coming out, which i am excited about. I think one’s called something about dragon and something else so i’ll be excited to smell those there. You have it man make sure you get this one, because if you don’t, you might be late, it’s already too late to get this bottle. All right, you’re gon na be looking for the 50mls and it’s sold out in a lot of places. That should tell you something now: the last fragrance we discussed gave you a more youthful vibe and not saying that this next fragrance isn’t useful at all, because it definitely is, but it also has this amped up sense of sophistication. Now, when i spray this thing on, my wife says i smell like expensive cotton candy, which means she wants to lick me or something of that nature, because that’s what you do to cotton candy, some of your keynotes in this fragrance are going to be jasmine.

You’Re going to have saffron, cedarwood and ambergris, and i feel like saffron, has been in a few of these fragrances. This one comes from mfk and this one is br 540 baccarat rouge five, four: zero: okay, listen man! This one is extremely popular um. A lot of you out, there really really enjoy this dna, and this one is a very, very nice scent. I really like what he’s done with a lot of fragrances over there and to me this one has been replicated a ton right, there’s, a lot of companies out there who try to put their spin on this fragrance and obviously, when you have a fragrance that does That well, then, you always need to check out the original and because of that you’re going to get some compliments with this thing. Now, what i will tell you, if you are a guy watching this channel, obviously most of you are, i think, only five percent or six percent of you, ladies off, but maybe this video is a little bit different, all right, if you’re a guy watching this video, What i would tell you to do is check out some reviews on this side from the ladies side, okay, a lot of women will do fragrance reviews on this thing and really tell you how much they enjoy it, which means okay, if you’re rocking this thing, because This one is a unisex fragrance. You are that much more likely to receive a compliment from a woman when you’re rocking this thing again, which allows you to talk to an attractive lady without saying a word.

You see how the thing all comes back full circle. Now listen, i know that’s not the end game for some of you guys out there, but most of you are wearing fragrances out there to really make sure that you are appealing and smell good to that special someone, and these fragrances definitely will help you along there. Now i’ve shortlisted these fragrances. These are only five. There are a ton of other fragrances out there, but i wanted to give you a wide variety of fragrances, something that is uh expensive. You got some on there that are not so expensive and you’ll be able to check those out. So there you have it man. Those are five fragrances that i definitely feel like you can rock and get that attention from that special someone. If you have any other suggestions, i would love to hear and make sure you comment those down below. As always i’m your boy big, be beating the like comment and subscribe.