Thank you brett. You know you’ve heard the criticism about these federal agents being deployed around the country to places like portland and chicago your thoughts about this issue and and the criticism you’ve heard. How do you respond to it? Well, first, brett operation, legend simply builds upon the kind of cooperation we have from federal officers with our local and state officers, all the time in arkansas, for instance, we have the fbi, the atf, the dea they work routinely with our u.s attorney and local and state Officials to make sure that we’re putting the most serious, violent, felons behind bars for a long time, which the federal government can do more effectively than many state governments. So what you see in kansas city, chicago albuquerque, simply builds on that cooperation because of the levels of violence those cities have seen. Portland is a different story. In portland you have insurrectionists who are attacking federal property vandalizing it firebombing it trying to destroy it. The federal government doesn’t just have the authority to prevent that it has a duty to protect federal property and federal installations. Here’S the oregon governor, kate, brown, Music. This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. We cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. I cannot believe i have to say that to the president of the united states. I know that oregonians are outraged. Americans should be appalled, your response, resistance, theater brett.

If the mayor of portland, if the governor of oregon didn’t want federal officers to be in portland, protecting federal property, all they have to do is protect it themselves.

But the mayor of portland says that not he won’t protect federal property and he doesn’t want federal officers to protect it. You do not have unmarked or unlabeled officers in portland. They are clearly identified as federal officers. Yes, they may be using unmarked vehicles which law enforcement officials do every day in every state all around the country. If the mayor of portland and the governor of oregon don’t want those federal officers there to defend federal property, then they should do their own jobs. I want to turn down to what’s happening with the chinese and the the consulate in houston, also just the back and forth between the u.s and china here’s the president on closing that consulate. As far as closing additional embassies it’s always possible, you see what’s going on. We thought there was a fire in the one that we did close and everybody said there’s a fire there’s a fire and i guess they were burning documents or burning papers, and i wonder what that’s all about what’s the real story behind the closing. Well, you could call it consulate, you could also call it a den of spies. The chinese communist party uses that consulate to run its spy network and influence operations throughout the middle of america there’s a reason why they have a consulate in houston, it’s, the center of our space industry, the center of our oil and gas industry, two industries they have Identified as vital for china’s future economic and military dominance of the world, the president took the right action.

This has been well established for a long time that china is using those consulates to conduct espionage operations throughout the country. The fbi also accuses china of harboring a fugitive at its san francisco consulate, this woman, a biology researcher charged with lying about her links to the chinese military yeah. I have no reason to doubt the fbi’s uh claims there and uh china should hand over that fugitive from american justice, but i think her circumstances highlight a bigger threat that we face. She lied on a visa about her ties to the people’s liberation army to come into this country and do research. There are thousands of chinese nationals who are connected to the chinese communist party’s people, liberation army or their intelligence services. They line their visas. They come here to get access to our top universities or national laboratories, to steal intellectual property, to develop cutting edge technology and then take it back to benefit china. So we need to detain this fugitive and bring her to justice, but we need to address more broadly the threat that all of these ccp linked officials posed to our country. The new york times ran an op ed, and it said my relatives and wuhan survived. My uncle in new york did not my father. A chinese pulmonologist believes his brother could have been saved. This is by a molecular neurobiol biologist in china. Any problem with that. So i guess the new york times op ed page now will run explicit chinese communist propaganda, but they can’t run op eds from republican senators.

Let’S take a closer look at this author. He was a chinese national. He immigrated here. He even naturalized the united states swore allegiance to our nation said he wanted to be an american citizen, but then he left and went back to china and renounced his citizenship, apparently because he didn’t, like george w bush’s policies, there’s, no doubt that this is just another Effort by the chinese communist party to exercise influence operations through the organs of american culture and media it’s disappointing to see the new york times run. Propaganda like this, but it’s not terribly surprising, very quickly. Senator do you think we’ll ever find the origins of the coronavirus from china. I hope we do, but i have my doubts. The chinese communist party will ever provide enough evidence or transparency or openness to discover that right now, all the evidence, it’s circumstantial, but all the evidence points to the laboratories in china and some kind of accidental breach not to the food market in luhan, senator tom cotton.