I had a long weekend went with my uh, my brother and a bunch of friends for his bachelor party uh. We socially distanced. We were outdoors uh, we we played it right and then i come back um sunday, film, my podcast, my friend mark the gentleman and the jerk. I will link to it. We are finally on youtube, but then we wake up. This morning we got some news couple. Different things have happened. We got something from the right. We got something from the left and let’s go ahead and talk about those things. First of all, i want to talk about jerry nadler, so jerry nadler in case you don’t, know who jerry nadler is. He is a representative uh in the house uh. He is a representative of new york and he’s. The 10th congressional district he’s been in the office since 2013., he’s a small stature fellow little little short guy um, but he has been at the head of a lot of the things happening, uh specifically with the impeachment of donald trump uh this past year. So uh. This is jerry nadler right here, uh this gentleman right here and what he has made uh news with uh.

He was caught this weekend uh by this guy um fleckers essential fleck is, i guess, it’s a you or a twitter account uh, this guy right here, i’m gon na play this for you real, quick uh, because this is actually i find this to be fascinating.

Um let’s see what we got here: okay, so well. He finishes up here. Give him a second here to show how this finishes up. He thinks it’s big, Music, yeah, okay, so enough of that so and that’s the loop so here’s. The thing antifa is not an organization, okay, what jerry! What jerry nadler is saying is not that that portland’s not on fire it’s, not that there’s, not riots going on in portland it’s, not that there is not an uprising in portland it’s, not that there aren’t um groups of moms, locking arms and veterans, locking arms. In response to the government led basically gestapo organization that is trying to quell the protests in portland. What jerry nadler is calling a myth. What jerry nadler is calling a myth is the idea that it’s some organized antifa organization antifa – has become this hotbed word for the right this this, this scary, boogie man that they can talk about in order to quell fear, not qualifier, but into incite fear in the Hearts and the minds of rural america, of suburban america, because the republican party, especially in what is going to be one of the most groundbreaking elections in our times, they have to continue to stoke fear in order to get people to possibly vote for republicans, it’s been A tactic of the republican party for generations now they’ve been doing it for a very long time, using fear using fear not only to drive ratings to fox news, but also to get wartime.

Presidents re elected george bush is the last one that did it incredibly well. So when, when this guy is on here, saying that jerry nadler is calling riots and violence a myth, that’s not what he’s saying he’s saying that antifa is not an organization with a with a figurehead or with any kind of logistical structure. What’S, going on in portland is a natural, organic uprising, it’s the people of this country. This case just happened to be in portland, but you also see it in seattle and other cities across the country. Enough is enough. Now this all started most recently with the george floyd murder, but now it’s growing to become more than that it’s growing, to really point a light on the fascist direction that some of our organizational government is taking it’s, pointing a light on on the inequities that we Experience every day in this country, specifically people with black and brown color, but it’s more than that speaking of people in black and brown color. We got this guy too tom cotton. Do we know tom cotton here, let me show you what tom cotton is tom. Cotton is a senator uh. He is a junior senator he’s from arkansas. This is tom cotton right here now. Tom cotton is one of those guys he’s he’s the tea party type right and he has been uh. He has been known to be incendiary. He makes a lot of comments, and now he has done this.

He called slavery in this country, slavery in the united states, a necessary evil quote now before i dive too far into this. Let me try to rationalize what tom cotton is saying. I can’t cannot for life, you believe i’m doing this, but what he’s trying to say is that, if it wasn’t for the institution of slavery in the united well pre united states, we would not have had the financial ability to fight against england and to have our Freedom from the tyrannical rule of england or or on representative rule, i don’t know if it was necessarily tyrannical, but regardless his point being, is that it it allowed for industry specifically in the south, and you know the the irony of his name being cotton, but the The you know, tobacco cotton, all the other commodities that were plentiful in the united states, pre united states that allowed for uh people like thomas jefferson to become incredibly wealthy, but there was plantations all around the south. That industry is what funded our revolution and then their their their growth of america following the revolution, so that’s kind of the point he’s trying to make so just just to play. Devil’S advocate to his ridiculous language, but the the 19 he specifically was being interviewed about the 19 or the 16 19 project. Now this is done by the new york times. I encourage you to go. Look this up. I’Ll put a link about this in the in the um in the description below, but the the 1619 project is designed by the new york times to change the narrative in this country about our own history.

The problem is that in the united states, our history is told from a white centric point of view. As the as the victors go, the spoils, we get to tell our own narrative and it has been bastardized over the years to almost be wholesome. Not only not only slavery being kind of whitewashed and dulled out of the the common consciousness, but also the the murders and and and and crimes against, the indigenous people in this country. You know we see it now with the christopher columbus riots all over the country. People take tearing down christopher columbus that she’s good good. First of all, the man never even stepped foot on the actual geography of the united states of america, and yet he, for some reason, is, is glorified as the person that that founded this country, but he’s, not so the 19 or 16 19 project by the new York times is really trying to work through information to change the narrative of our history, our collective history in this country and to really point a spotlight on the atrocities that our founding fathers and the leaders of the early days of our country did and tom cotton, Which he’s letting his racism show quite a bit here? Tom cotton is speaking out against it. Is it some that’s some bad thing? Why should the truth not be the truth? Why does the truth have to be a whitewashed narrative? Why does the the the first thanksgiving? Why why why does the idea that we took and took and took and took from the indigenous people of this country, and we took and took and took as slavers from the countries in africa? Why does that have to be glorified and painted in this white centric light now look i’m white, i’m middle aged.

I i have some affluence myself and i’m against this, not against the the project i’m against the idea of the whitewashing of our history. It’S ugly, this country was born on some ugly history. Now that does not mean to say that everything about the birth of this country is negative. It’S. Not we had. We had wonderful, orators, incredible writers, passionate people fighting against i mean, certainly the uk or the england was – was tyrannical. They were an imperialistic country that took over swaths of this planet, so i mean not everything we did was wrong, but that doesn’t mean everything we did was right and the idea that we are this perfect nation grows up on some kind of glory and and and And you know manifest that that we are the we are the end all be all of what’s right in this world, we’re, not right. In fact, right now, we’re we’re, the laughing stock of the world. Now jerry nadler is being demonized because he said that antifa that antifa is a hoax well to a certain extent. He is absolutely right. Is there antifa out there sure what does antifa mean anti fascist? What are they doing in portland it’s, a fascist gestapo tactic to make people disappear to take them off the street without habeas corpus to lock them up indefinitely without any indication of of of their legal rights and so yeah. You know what, if there’s, an antifa, which is an organic growth and a movement of an idea that’s great, but it is a myth that there was some anti foreignization with the president and you know on a board of directors.

You know tom cotton. However, you know i don’t see the right blasting tom cotton as a matter of fact on fox news this morning they were, they were praising him and trying to explain it way and why it’s appropriate and all that kind of shit what’s, not it’s fucking, bullshit, it’s Bullshit people like tom cotton, are what is wrong with congress and what is wrong with the senate, specifically and it’s, why most likely donald trump and his insanity is going to drive the whole of the republican party right to the ground in november. I am beyond hopeful that we are going to see a change in the senate in november and it’s for reasons like that, because they can’t get out of their own damn way and and if you don’t think that what’s happening in portland in seattle in chicago in Minneapolis and everywhere else in this country, there’s still daily protests here in syracuse new york. If, if that is not an indication to you in middle white america, that there is a change coming, you are sadly mistaken. So, anyway, happy monday morning to you that’s what we have going on this morning, i’m going to try this for a week. I want to see if, if you guys enjoy this more and if it’s easier for me to film these quickly in the morning and upload them, as always, if you’re just coming along my channel, what i do here is: i film live no edits whatever i screw Up if i can’t talk right, if i you know mumble my words whatever it all goes right up to youtube uh.