First thing: there are around 700 to 800 UPSC packin C’s, but to get into IAS or IPS or Indian Foreign Service. You have to score. You have to get a rank on that 200. If you want to get into is for that, you have to get under 100 terms, it’s extremely competitive. So friends you have to you – have to have a very strong strategy. First thing in the UPS icky limbs, examination prelims examination is just qualifying. It’S come marks can be paired, Nevada, October’s, yatra, cranky, it’s a qualifying exam, but yes, every qualify Nagar paying a then you won’t be allowed to give ups emails examination and this one interview so first thing of ups, the prelims examination Tarragona is cut up around data 105 to 110 marks out of 200 aware of mock test may 9200 score career. Then you are quite unsafe side thrown as our main up career. But if you are getting below 80, then of coffee mannequin, I you have to put a lot of effort. Ups, emails examination decide Kurt, I of Quran, of course, service of Kikaider. Suppose I decide that kooky iske marks cafe different other eight seventeen fifty fifty marks, so they out of two zero to five friendship, both crucial Luther and a bottle of gold.

A UPS interview if I failed in UPS interview there is nothing such as after ups amends examination. My marks, both Kubota, is silly up. Ups, the qualified naked birthday.

There is no Joe qualifier UPSC examination or Gingka Sarang gota moon commence exam before the HR, friends and interview process. Your take a feel of best show time. No one can certainly say that many yes strategy, Keawe Escobar, Yunel disgusting, it top ups demands examination, may update here general studies thousand March our paper with a thousand monks, author it’s. May you should target for 450 months for 50 marks careful because it’s achievable your basic sources there, many coffees and videos whenever you can go through that you can easily score for 50 months, but it’s may both effort marrying it. The bridge other coach, a variation singing about them like Joe topper about the for 60 bucks. Okay, Joe average, marks the joy of red score, get that was come before 40 rather so up, were you happy focus Comanche for 50 marks? Yes, Eric Nam, subject wise me break up, but I already quit videos man, what are the areas which are extremely scoring Mojave focus career second paper here sa friends, Jessica, SMI caffeine over different variations. Oh time, keoki people, they read general studies a lot but SMA they do not practice essay of cuca feel ignore that at least 19 essays, like Nevada, is my variations. Coffee with that, like in my bash, there was a girl who scored 175 and Boozer a low Boca 130, rather 345 marks coffee of Cundiff side curtain of cupboards of the service of Kikaider coffee could decide.

Curtain do not take a risk. S take a fee highly scoring area. What is so, please focus on this side. If this part sa part my neck showed us a video when I will do essay writing. Also so essay before the focus career, then the most important part. Actually, UPS email go a bit uppermost Alenia birthday. This is the most important your optional friends, Colby topper up the case. Sarika sorry toppers one car optional, give us a safe selection ho that you top 10 May at least I think a plasticy topper to the higher rank to one Joey. He has mathematics optional, who say para la ilaha, mario 2087 dean baska anudeep who’s got ta anthropology option and discord around 350 plus mouse in there optional friends which options of their philosophies. Essay is McAfee top for that 300 spoken. In fact, history option Krita for the 300 so optional, please choose Korea, Champa scoring wan na see, ma’am suggest katawa got 300 plus marks and he got fired a optional me, but I difficult Luther to get into is so friends, please go through keep Kwanzaa option. Priest told us a bugaloos career thrown us a big here. Last year, tom perski, optional cohen, SATA, make one circus act, ow or Kwanzaa 300 plus source of that many already good videos. But I why Jessica leave my both of anthropology is a very good optional. Psi R is a very good option. Economics is a very good option if you are from science background, then mathematics, physics, chemistry – these are extremely good option, so optional selection up 50 car wash at that UPS image, selection, postural, okay, no Joe, you optional.

My marks in Gila for the friends or optionally, decide Karthik yogi could wrap their 350 or question up there. 280 couch optional is really ups, see both pathetic over that normalization. What I am I got it doesn’t affect much so of shall up quick. A few crucial know that many just a but I interview, interview, couch low voltage, Amata personality here hum doc, 200 plus score carrying a many years of the other trends. As the couch knee ups sit ups, CK interview process, Kaffee unpredictable and my last two three years. As they come, I could the interview do many coffee, a Chechen over boudic Howard, Inca personality Achaia wound on a hunka marks on yatta jinbei car, Joe gingka, morally ethical values with chigney and this core very high. It personal opinion a friend ski interview, but at random or that kooky 20 minutes, but a difficult, oh that or as an evil, turkey, many warden a as a coefficient couch. I mean ASAS Olivia it’s it’s, never like that friends both whose different culture type board, Kansai I’ve, commode, commode commode case I of stream ups DK mark super, so a key solution, a key up on Estrella interview, man, interview meth or at least up 160 marks girl Stuck there was skipper board and mode cacao. A different culture of cassava depend got ta, so is Posada interview. Permit virosa a karaoke interview may both unpredictable over Afghan hot may means examination. This may have a Ford, marina top scorer Agha.

Please focus on this. Ups amends examination, part general studies, co, op, Kordich niya for 50 plus holes. Other tiny, then I option Alex Correa is happy up, may not carrying it over. You are Delta s, kappa s, AKA area topic, a fear of course, at the reward mill type. Please focus on these areas because he up 100k under Lakia. The other boats are l over way. He happen, miss cars. Are they and they focus on general studies? Those are the SN. You got the option Linga, the friends. Please do not make this mistake. This is for this is this is very vital. Ups, if exam we honest FLE at least ears are not ie, then you will make your own strategy. Music concept area may come, cannot a concern he gon na see in another. Video will focus area on genuine general studies. Kansai area may focus fellow Jadhav scoring here, which has very cost benefit cost many bit cafes are the wan na chi s. Areas may focus Goro not keep, which subject so there is a half a more difficult or that to good school maja way up good dunker. Now they, if you know the game of cricket Bobby, I saw a job. Your karate I’ve called up car now attach of folders, as I have for six monitor, both basic examine you Psi Chi exam, so it’s, very good focus on my console subjects, a easy, a predictable problem with a score can i or jour difficult area a pair of Wavelets, each cotton, a baja babaca fish here, aqua finally, 100 top hundred calendar ram color.

Can i and you need to get into IAS? This is for now and if you have any other doubts may up. If you have any other doubts at, you can search my videos and you can go through the basic strategies, so this so friends be safe, because corona is spreading with a very difficult it’s, a very unpredictable time. Next two months are very crucial friends, so beach take care of your parents, take care of your family and take care of yourself basic precaution: luck here, SMS doha, SMS min sanitizer mask and social distancing. Please follow this because this is the time.