Okay, dope sub step LMS emerge Naga. A concept Jota instant gratification versus delayed gratification, ok, don’t, ok, so much step; ok, yeh, don’t concept, abhava tomatillo consider this job successful once active after following this step: okay, so so severe about courtier, key instant gratification or delayed gratification character, the instant gratification basically qui, se Vento, they could be even dismay up Kosice, mikoshi Malatya, for example. It could be hanging out with your friends. It could be going out and eating some exotic food Hanna kisi, KO Pizza persona, gazebo burger person, they kisi KO kappa sunday, so whatever up or Jovi pasando walk make halyard instant gratification idea, Jessica, Misaka, okay, traveling WA girl, who will travel in Canada Giada a cocoon, Is attached is agape Toby who sees on a Cushman Tatyana instant gratification again versus oven, bathtub delayed gratification be like the deflection chaotic yup. Our Chico Chico sacrifice colony our budget. Add value machine engineer with instant gratification. Nature may bad me barrel, game he’ll, get buddy cushy achieve Karuma yeah brah do aboard hey wan na grab chroma, for example, up kiss observer example, a purge, a preparation, yoga Hannah J, professional locale gotten those altitude, a sacrifice, Carter, taki unco. I idea on career at Chows, okay, okay, wait, Barnum chase curve, a I’m kind I’m getting Aggie pizza, kokosh, okay, um kind of a key homie.

I teach honor yeah. I got up job they re cadre. Then up kick achieve a job.

Look junior business! Kamatari! Do you want to become a millionaire billionaire, whatever? Okay, just hobby, aapke business, the Adobe, a free market, it was Cal cording, Hannah I’ll, be any social cosmic apocalypse was looking me over a corner. Okay or many was not a skier. Manipulation GT be successful over Sabbath care and I am erupted. Ruby, maybe achieve care of Superman road here. Key do look both Alicia Tina. They almost always chased delayed gratification, whereas on you take care out coach Kelly. The coach okay, which I think here are 10 or TK a girl, coach, teach car, Billy, Quezada, questioning, Omni or apni time. Energy save Kirk a invest Karina so that long, Tom camera, couch, Baraka, pine, okay, open some stairs a belly key in Norfolk care, instant or delayed condom. A different scale Hannah so I’m now covered with a donkey instant gratification and labdoo, which is a corua world long term name out there. What short term out here open some extent, Sakamoto okay, it’s impossible, but oh yeah k up McCoy beans: 21 21, with a BAC, cheesy smile kosice. My up link will be priceless, cut hop a comma, but this app, for example, a movie dick nigga yeah, the movie. The key to up the other key movies – I say the key – take bath Battalion, ki, aapke, saath, movie, ki, jo memory happiness, a focus in the giver right here night, opening movie other day hit in Kentucky.

So up are they went a question over here. They are moving the key Artemis, Nicki Iron Man, Man, comic, Iowa, yeah, put coridan la Vega, totally de la Vega, been meaning and I’ve; never let’s have a bath buddy movie, directly infinitive or ending him dick Nutella guy the horse at a both in them that high Prayer whose Chabad up cappucci telling I definitely will not be happy about it up, Cossack way: happiness, Jia, Hui, mazzani, agar, agar, aapke, Bopper same as a Leonard acaba past, a movie technoparade Hanna apne Bond movie. The clue says: who’s in here come through your barbell technical idea. We recorded food item person day after work, for example Collier to up coatis barber Conable Iggy al gharafa, Barbara iske, masala Neto, and I said you go: take your life make pizza collyromas, a very big colonies in the giver hanna barbera braided of telescope as an evil. Observe tuck up chato, haku, hakushi Miller right I’ll be hopped up on bad cotton. Do cities keep together job, keep me late. Ratification valley, cheezy, go cheezy to our long term out here. What s an EOTech here, Agora pentobarbital, go order. The linear order, the linear name, whoa egg, burger alley to other theme or, on my time looked at, for example, Jay ranked about crow, agar, aapke, J machine language, yoruba item admission, linear Toho, permanent teaser cows, co, op, a save, karna padega, a cosy producing a barber. Anybody give me a bar who we appear on Khan Academy.

Okay, they say Murray rank ITT, Kitab Mira, to achievement head Jake and who asked accelerates that locally video dica are stuck a car booster drag hasta Gluckman want a cube because of that rank the delayed gratification side. Another estas Letta arrear meta in TC, Nick Aliotti, Madurai Gappa toward attend a demerit eScan, the number again Berea, muchas minakata, hello, maybe he’s 10 gratification. Dakota hockey array are gon na test conductor, number Alamos, Agha, let meso Chiquitita test minimal area ciabatta, but up and go bragging, kill ‘no oraga jhana to female ballet goal. Coach’S car path, okay, Auto Spa benefited me asked a creep Quran. You know to believe the deflection when you attack up go to reward me. Lego there’s, a Malaika may not see me Liga, Corrine, sorry, she’s a sacrifice can take a bad meal ever like in Tom Milligan, ah Tiberium on him lick up permanent cheese, key from emulator yup it business capacity K. Obviously, Amazon keyboard, keys, Amazon but chisel paliotta Jeff Bezos are the negative Semiramis, but Kissel Polonius should look at a struggle. Kissel Makita magnet, learn you squid, petascale karna me yachts of care members on a pro rata. Well, soccer coach at AMS wants a delivery. Co. Prime who’s got a question which car toga upright to tainha F word, but cheese, salad, ayah or objection hot bra benefit, Mila. Otherwise suppose you taking me to a car away, because I think investment banker say togarmah, he teach can tell you out there, which is also not a small thing.

By the way the walkout is little bit posh party name, hello. The point Mara here key instant gratification Valley City Beach, is Athena Disney, which is a medieval small achievement. Hope Yahoo, whoa, quick, quick, materialistic desire, hold the stick. It dumb quit no permanently so ty. What is a short term me achieve a short term. Momoko. See me, lady Escobar, whoopsies Kodama, Hannah yeah, epic yeah. I see what Kenickie total more touchy monkey bad crop Colette’s a 910 er8, but the harbour cheek. Last week. Okay, I see class what anymore the term foam character. Cavities automatically her name. You give a torta de volta which what achievement underclass taught a class, can the top key. Although camera control Sydney Hannah, who I see in Jesus a I’ll cook, a long term benefit nahi, hota, hai or 99. Look in his eyes over chase car fare 99 lavake life me oh yeah. He MOT a key are hum op Nam TV show daily latest wallah cricket match, declare conical Laguna Salada yeah. He wrote a 99 local cable coach logo there, so in jidoka sacrificed or later key our name argument: it’s, not a de meheeco room. Adobe hick up not invest Nick Aruna may apni. Growth may invest Karuna coach, long term game Kelly, Kelly long term thinking best Algy thinking, parts alkie thinking, Bissell getting kinky article rock Dania sub Lois was turkey ARIMA Clementina, Karuna long term it plan on achieve Keeaumoku, Potts Albert DeSalvo, be salvaged, asana or yellow cable.

One passenger successful ovata vacant, a monastic co eds a person in village of my life to behold, chakra financially, he bought conlou belly, femke bodkin, low poverty, but cooler influence keys in it is giving me life much chakra woven the tiny barcode each OT cushy go sacrifice. Cottage hotel, Ambo sacrifices the tak Ibrahim can secrete, okay or a hard successful person Benedict happy together, yellow protein, instant Valley, hipoteca tell me: you only live once key. You only live once Adi tokamak, Carvalho, okay or here mentality, evolution led, say year, cookie odds, cookie. The co op another human brain hair book, basically pitch lake, like a patterns of cells or Samia evolution, the hotel whoa it’s not easily made without skander tens of thousands of years key scale. Oh dear evolution assign you to give a pop or academic. We fundamentally allocate together human species. Millions of us exist Cartier or host evolution. Oc scale total together odd selects. It does so that mr. purchases are balanced, an okay job Renta. Would I say why art of AC up copy wire that also make our data jangle? Oh my look, Shekar Kenyatta, Dobby, whatever, who taught us our welcome or Osama Qaddafi, are gon na. Go the fruit, the Kia, seasonal, so totally holiday. The ku ku ku ku borough sunny, give our mailbag animal para the what evolutionarily Hamad the mom, a wired, hey, piranhas, a a it’s, leha modest, a behavior here, humming in stern GTO click here are two millennia: whoa buddy or conservative esq per cow vodka.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush, a big cavity. They go look how they be easily monolith. Obviously the coveted you have a popular opinion out here. A popular opinion is not the successful open and popular opinion con co2, the 99 of believe gulp air. Like a 99 look instant for along biota, didn’t company life, can the success? Yeah boobalicious nahi thi, a beauty toes click on in Korean okay to a piece of chalk. A hammer do culture here: ye promoting a karakia up instantly: turbojets Kuroko a delayed 35; ah Taniya, er ham, low bar again killer. Okay, are you hey? Stop several differentiator a grain silo may not be cut their intelligence me who theists of kuttappa ligand, just because we are a sceeto Takashi’s activist Nick Ursula is live over a vehicle father, okay, the yeah, poor, sick Nova, key up yetiz, correct open! Yet, oh so much gay, we did it fracking gratification, Jota care. How many observers get delayed gratification says occurs humans here, Lincoln how many addicts tank is scientifically I’m about current to delay. Gratification supply, improve Casio, instant gratification, barack um, another so much time to up. We happy SMS naga k up and up till, i think, will be activity kalpana, do pick up lamp, o hf e el calvario TV gratification, combat lobby, iota yeah, cheffy una, okay, whoa ho type brain under chemical key release; okay, basically, how marriage the tibia motion they Obeyed my chemical to Lisa, okay, so how my happiness? Milky, no hormones say a hotel up car serotonin, a kotake dopamine or be hotel, but yellow major came about growing up example.

Okay, so aplicacin instantly cheese kina owes my balls are up with them, say: muzaka dopamine, both are legal terminal TV show they fear Afghan who naturally they do be a French. This is particularly bizarre. Aapke exam, exam, Ryoga or whoa cheese feel Khatami over together. The aapke brain make tolerance will da da da da da caribou or chachi, or a such a huge orchha for Chi, a majority living standards here or here, but kids out here, doc, taco addiction, deformability it’s, coming clear example. He could kill everybody Tom take care. My me left – maybe here of course licking yay example. A Tigger up logged on, say pellet January. At some murky baths grow up my shadow below they do at least kiss you thick shell, midden ajapa toda files for Sagara easily available a up locally, nothing, a chilavert, awake I’m, not gon na McDonald’s KFC. Whatever you know, Domino’s O’Gara, the whopper fast for cognitive, licking logged on the Beluga kebabs, a below girl pick up the saga, the opposite, colloquere, salad or gear fast food miss or I Hannah a solid. Ah, when Acula crack you kept a brain, can the tolerance build? Oh, we up your brain capacity here. The achma devotees Milligan, adapt technology feeds on a melanoma channel Auriga, toast cool, simple food fill betnia. Gurkha NIH is both located here. What rock is about? Comanche lair, Hannah, mighty duty, brain exam, dependent or Java? Instant gratification speak er up or achoo TV series to a year or a cha with agnya or a Qi BuddyTV predicate.

Is there sa addiction we’ll talk about that or sick spending. Behavior developers out there learning behavior me data spending be able to generate all the other. Okay, a bulk of the delayed. You know the delay to make our adhere up art questioning order after the monk and the host level can openly senior other is meta. Just hominid up kid open detox. Are you gon na bomb diggity, so a be able as a person, he knock gay person. Own cachaca sacrifice correct a cube, Baraka, those sick. You hurry but it’s extremely awesome, no apnea that add cushioning Leeteuk a brain secret Hannah, for example, hey Kenickie Scopus on the exam killer, leg in Abunda fear be upon a time passed or kappa. Hi Corrado Sakura was cabrn coach neva satisfy me motto or Dada longing career success, capella, but deceiveth Jackie. Would you brain hair but trainer? I take care instead of celebrating whoa brain trainer. Happy myself so stretch karere kr may have me the manga physical formula goes home and among recording of guseong baptism agribusiness, canola, logical song to vote train hora; okay, a person trained hurry up from Tokyo, das, alte Banda celebrate Connecticut rain Hirai to the Salvadoran, the top Of jaga who’s got demolished Godot Network, hey kiddo capabilities, a kitten, each other advanced, ochereobia Sochi right so easily. A give a la banda doha q, ki yay, celebrate Kenickie jaga apne bronco lifting Kurata. Take a weird wrote, erotica brain instead of bad case, soca, Netflix and chill okay.

Yeah Banda definitely argue about that. He get the yeah mood elect a reason. A chaotic you mo taki, Joe lobe, instant gratification, go taste, culture would tag and Japeth instability depiction my logo. There but equal scar is an ABI. Our key October could a gaben ethical different on Avatar other say: take a in a positive way: ok or kooky. Upon biologically wired. Here I say a clear upon: instead policy degree can add cushioning milder, were he biologically wired happen? Endure due to evolution to him low pushes the technically could say: Kira home is teach co. Op knee natural tendency, ria are just covered controller kefir argue about a pair double bond de Deauville found a local eternity immunity. Layup number well, of course, keep your star. Could Co control Kalia to control cahill ago sub similar? Could Co control car nota? Okay? So I hope this video was useful to up get choice. A key up: Netflix deck, okay, yeah, a car boost deck. Okay, up get toys ever take app; it can deploy instantly. Khushi me leggy. Like a long time ago, doc Davey leg induce eg scandal up okie doke over looking long term me I’ll get a cap cookware she, okay, okay, so yeah. This was the point of this video. I hope you liked it to me. Some rice, colada Dominic, a Kabbalah many a bollock er duniya, my daughter, Ricki CCO tilt a instant gratification got a newly gratification, instant gratification, chaotic yeah, because when you have no Sikander coccioli celebrated earlier this much kana kana who Gaza this candelabra movies, dekhna Haga dismay instantly.

Apocrypha militare or post ichika, instant, hot movio, cathartica, instant, Okutama, devotees kiddo, feeling it off kisses long term storage, moneda tear those theater of fatigue upon kissing goalkeeper of conquering goal. Heater of calm connect. Allah cannot of Kobe’s wish mr. Kint ability the sacrifice: community. Okay, big buddy, easy about human carpeau was may end up. Locked here was naka. Brain train attack was not skill. Game car to toast my long term me about chugging heel, toe, looking it’s somewhere up coke watch, a man named El Patio, okay, or how many observe kia kia joe successful logo 10. We usually believe gratification on a low voltage or archie Cisco sacrifice, kinetic Eva Braga. In future, make helper okay or it’s Keller, what is param? Anand, tortilla dough output million catification smelt a value exam key rank, who believe a college admission ho maliku invention, home Bonnie coach Bo whoa. How much I hang up. Casa de veau, Hamasaki identity, bond eggy. So Joe log in stem definitely go chase curtain. They will live only once milk Osawatomie could get Vanessa. Legging Ginobili got a video chase culture, whoa amar ho dr. Jeff valasco, put into NYADA peak insalata kirik bond data list in the e commerce car invention, Ikki effector, a saggy sub sipping, a mainstream Chaldea Hannah the year boom go live only one sorry situation say Ulta Hard Agata, okay, they live forever so yeah. This was the point of this video. If you like, this video do consider liking it.

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