You talk too much. What do you do stay out of american politics? Sorry, if you don’t, like it it’s, very simple, it’s, not a problem! There are so many other channels, so many other places for you to land on and enjoy yourself. If you stay here, we love you. If you go, we love you. No issue. Relax angela earhart power deadlines. Maldonado is being mentioned as a possible vp for joe biden and you’re thinking: okay, that’s, fair enough what’s. The link to ainsley harp on fox and friends. I’Ve always wondered where, if you’re a anchor host on trump tv, where you get your information from you know, where does the knowledge arrive in your head? That you’re able to then interview people put over information? Explain situations, explain relevant political information? Who are the thought that ainsley reads about now, just by looking at wikipedia that shows how much care and interest there are, and there is but that’s just how i see it. Nothing like not doing your research eh. Of course, there are other people who do do their research on fox and friends. Mr kill b aka w? U t he was um well, he was having a conversation where they were looking back to john lewis, but he was trying to link the protest of the 60s to what’s going on in portland 2020, and i didn’t understand what he says.

Maybe you can have a look and give it some level of intelligence and explain to me in the comment section what his comment about, monitor, cocktails, etc, etc, is and while you’re doing that, i bring myself to the well.

What title can we give tom cotton attention seeker that’s the best one who is still trying to what’s? The word justify defend rewrite history, explain slavery right, so it mean you try to rewrite the explanation of a tunnel yeah light at the end of the tunnel. It’S probably going to be a bit difficult because the tunnel is still a tunnel and there’s light at the end, but it’s. The cotton encouraged by fox shoes is attempting to rewrite the history of america and justify and explain slavery. I’Ll create my chair, because you know what i am thinking shut. It tony. What you’d really like to say. Possibly is not the right thing to say so: i’ll, let you see the clips and if you can express yourself in a more articulate non sweary way than me. Please do specifically about mr cotton and his views on slavery. Thank you learn more about val dimmings and she was a former police officer, currently an american politician, a congresswoman woman from florida. What about karen bass? Because politico is saying that she’s rising as a sleeper pick? What do you know about her? Yes? Well, she has relatively low name id, but she does have a good resume for the moment she heads the congressional black caucus.

She has worked behind the scenes on a lot of the issues that have come to the forefront today and so on on paper. She might be a good pick for joe biden, but again she would speak to more.

The far left base, not the so called rad uh, not the so called moderates and joe biden supposedly is running this return to normal uh candidacy, and so a pick like her uh would contradict the very reason he said he was entering this race it’s a time To reflect, you know the the leaders uh of the of the past, the civil rights leaders who marched so peacefully. They all did that under the word of god, these guys had bibles with them. You know these men and women who marched all praised jesus and they prayed for their enemies and they loved their enemies and they uh when, when someone crushed them uh, they reply back with love and and that’s what we need to get back to in our nation. I think this is a time to reflect that as we mourn the loss of congressman lewis, i mean isn’t that part of the reason. 50. 60 years later, we still look back at those moments that stand out: it’s, not molotov cocktails being tossed it’s. The brutality of the police, stopping people from peacefully protesting, uh segregation and more in our society. I mean that’s the reason why this took place exactly and and that’s what we have to get back to we can’t uh, let that um deter us.

I mean all the all the things that are going on. We have to start praying again as a nation and coming together. I’M. Cotton. You also uh in the eye of the storm you like to take on hot red hot issues, including the 16 19 project and here’s part of your interview with the arkansas democratic gazette quote.

We have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country, because otherwise we can’t understand our country. As the founders founding fathers said, it was the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to ultimate extinction. Some say that was insensitive. Well, that is fake news. Brian that’s not uh what i said. What i said is that many founders believed that only with the union and the constitution could we put slavery on the path to its ultimate extinction. That’S, exactly what lincoln said. Of course, slavery is a evil institution in all its forms at all times in america’s, past or around the world today. But the fundamental moral principle of america is right there. In the declaration, all men are created equal and the history of america is the long and sometimes difficult struggle to live up to that principle. That’S a history. We ought to be proud of not the historical revisionism of the 1619 project, which wants to indoctrinate america’s, kids and teach them to hate america to believe that america was founded not on human freedom, but on racism.

To think that slavery was not an aberration, but the true heart of america that’s. Why leading historians like james mcpherson or gordon wood have debunked the 1619 project that’s? Why i’ve introduced legislation to ensure that federal tax dollars don’t go to teaching it? The new york times should not be teaching american history to our kids.

Senator you had one person over the weekend defend the president’s action because he decided not to sit on his hands and watch what i don’t know. 12 15 cities burn well good morning guys morning. Uh, the president has to take action to defend federal properties and installations. He ought not have to local mayors and governors should defend federal property, the same way they defend private property, their own public property. But what you see in portland is a systematic, deliberate and ongoing attack on the federal courthouse and the federal building. Of course, the federal government has to defend its own property if a local local mayor will not, if he doesn’t want federal officers in portland, he ought to do his job yeah in court papers that were filed over the weekend. Apparently federal government says at least fifty thousand dollars worth of damage has been done to the hatfield courthouse there in portland, not only in uh, vandalism and graffiti, but also the constant fires that they seem to start every night welcome to 24 7 eyes. This is our hq where we have all the monitors to be able to check what’s going on on every single cable news channel across america.

We always need you to get involved. We give you the stories. You just react in any way. You like number one way you can be part of us here, though, is to subscribe, just join the button there. Thank you welcome to 24 7 eyes.

This is our hq where we have all the monitors to be able to check what’s going on on every single cable news channel across america. We always need you to get involved. We’Ll give you the stories. You just react in any way. You like number one way you can be part of us here, though, is to subscribe, just join the button there. We are just over a hundred days until the election poll after poll, showing president trump trailing his opponent, joe biden in a good many cases by double digits fox news polls coming out just yesterday in three key battleground states, minnesota, michigan and pennsylvania. The president, there down double digits in all but michigan, where he is still down nine points and then another poll yesterday from quinnipiac university showing him down 13 points to joe biden in florida. The nation’s largest swing state, with 29 electoral votes up for grabs, where president trump decided to partly cancel his party’s national convention. President can’t win florida it’s hard to see how he wins: re election and in a new quinnipiac poll out of texas biden, leading trump by a single point: 45. 44 that’s. Not what polls are supposed to look like for republicans in texas, the lone star state? Of course, long been a republican stronghold.

Texas has voted republican in every presidential race since 1980.. I know i know 2016.. Everyone got it wrong, but these are not 2016 numbers.