What i like to do is draw an imaginary line down the center of the nail and what i do to one side of the nail i do to the other side of the nail. This is going to help me. Get a nice consistent shape next, using the tweezerman file Music i’m going to choose which side i want to use. One side is coarse: it’s, a 180 grit file, it’s perfect for acrylics or toenails. The other side is nice and smooth. This is a 240 grit it’s. Actually, smooth enough that you can file back and forth on the edge of your nail to smooth it without creating any damage filing the edge of your nails to get a nice smooth surface is so important to getting a perfect looking polish, a nice polish doesn’t, look Complete if it’s, on top of a bad manicure next we’re, going to use the pushy and nail cleaner to gently push back the cuticle proper cuticle care is so important to a great looking polish when your cuticles are nice and even and smooth.

This is going to give you a super sharp line to polish your color against Music. Remember the smoother the surface of the natural nail, the higher the shine of your polish next we’re, going to use the square edge of the pusheen nail cleaner to clean out underneath the nail to remove any of the dust from filing or dirt. That might be built up underneath next we’re going to clean up the cuticles using our rock hard cuticle nipper.

The key here is to simply trim the cuticles where they’re needed anywhere there’s excess cuticle or a hang nail. You don’t want to over cut the cuticles, because your body can sense it as trauma and actually grow the cuticle back thicker to protect that area when removing excess cuticle make sure that you lay the blade flat along the cuticle so that the excess cuticle goes right. In between the blades and simply nip it away, removing excess cuticle with the rock hard nipper leaves a smooth clean line for perfect polish application. The thing that i love about the expert manicure kit is not only do you get the rock hard nipper, you also get the mini, cuticle and hang nail nipper. This is perfect for when you’re on the go, you can easily throw it in the bag and you’ve got it anytime. A hang nail pops up just before applying polish. You want to make sure that you cleanse the surface and the edge of the nail with rubbing alcohol.

You can actually use the mini cuticle and hang nail clipper to remove any little piece of hair that might get stuck in your polish without damaging the polish. You can see we still have a perfect polish if you happen to get any polish along the sides of your nail or along the cuticle, simply use your pushy wrapped cotton dipped in remover to go along the edge of your polish and remove any excess color off Of the skin and then lastly, we want to make sure that we rehydrate, so i put a drop of cuticle and then what i do is i rub it in around the polish and into the cuticle and skin.

If cuticle oil gets on the polish, it actually helps the polish to dry faster because it forces out the solvents in the polish during quarantine.