You know you heard him talk and across that infield third to first yandy diaz back trophy case he’s out of you know, last season he made it all the way up to being drafted and here making his debut so really that’s a strike very ready to go Swinging at a miss, he has guerrero worst, no score. Boston meadows leads it off, then brandon low, and it has. It has been a rocky start here with three home runs in this game and a cut in the miss meadows out in front, and we know three and one two and he tried to check as that pitch broke down the strike on the inside corner. You know let’s foul the other way. Oh, the seats at yankee stadium in right field hits the ball hard. Now he takes it toward right center and has himself a base hit. You saw that uh on the pitch to diaz one two shot as we’ll watch. It sail over his head double of the year for joy, but you you wondered the ball off the gun. Actually, the other way out of sprinkles, some of their two out magic may have been a good team should end. So one hopper to second vigil will play it some nerves and you have to know that he did lay one point best part there’s, a high shot back into left and that ball is going to get brought of all of these hitters in this lineup.

He consistently hits the belt high in the middle of the plate and for a guy that has his kind of exhibit being a similar pitcher to josh fleming, not over pout shop, right side, joy’s going to make the play it’s off, but he is able to get The corner: how about that right? There that’s it pitch to get good good arm. Speed too, on the changeup Music, and here comes kay the lefty here’s. The thing dwayne fly ball into the left. Uriel i mean it was absurd. I think it was like 17 when the transformer blew in an 02, and it was funny because i ran into woody swing and a miss on the fastball there. Well, no strikes one dry ball away center. A lot of room out there street at a local bar and guys we’ve mentioned josh. Has a unique street college, called webster, hey in an mlb game and you can’t imagine how proud streets come together. First pitch to espionage. You i’m going to tell you what dwayne you and trish quite the team. He has he’s from columbia, illinois yeah, which is diff that we’ve already seen fall into michael perez, beginning the home half of the into right field, but with that defensive line, 427 10 homers in 30 games against the blue jays it’s coming into town. After that of the orioles yes and they fastball up gets, he swings exploding head, emoji here’s, our that’s up there tap them out.

Josh fleming fastball is guerrero. Junior sends one toward the corner at night, so gorilla junior car guerrero. They could see him getting a beat on it, getting himself down and ready to make that that’s gon na be ball. Four, you would absolutely love here and more than and the fastball taken first base hit the other way off the fastball there to show off a really good approach. Music rays now have i mean yani. Torino is a guy who that just missed if you’re josh fleming you’ve got to get back to attack after the first pitch pops it into shallow right center a miss inside a year ago and a tap back to the mound left hander anthony k. You know dwayne you’ve got kangan here. He was brought in too early really to do like he’s Applause, pitching Music Music, they have extended for count, has been very good, lighter into center and right there in major league baseball, pretty remarkable when you’re talking about it ground ball. This will be handled by adamus and one of the great ways to keep he’s headed toward the right field corner. He got in the first. He tripled his last time. Joey wendell there’s a lighter in the center that’s going to get down and drop in the second. The only Music two hits fly ball lifted into center yeah because the rays had a whole string. First pitch fastball strike one inside three and one and a big cut on a fastball out over the plate.

Runners go and the pitch is lined under right. That’S going to drop for a base, hit Applause swings and sends a high fly ball into sets up to make the right field that’s, not the case here, not a terrible, throw but rodney lennar watch this initially trying to be elusive. He just doesn’t and he shoots it into center field. That’S going to drop for a big series, grab the lead and appearance becoming the fourth Applause Applause, the other way, Applause. They just need to take a look craze in the bottom of the fifth inning Applause. Joy checked pitch skied in the center richik to them by getting that w news delivered at rbi the one thing that i would like either and it’s and it’s, not a huge adjustment to keep him from diving. Put him right. There stick him in that’s what we do: hey well with the injury, a lot of monitors, clunks again, five, all right, wow, a very comfortable trip to the plate. It’S in the catcher 95. I had a little late trying to catch up to that. He goes good jump, the pitch is up and there will be no throw two. Did he go? Oh close, the pitch is down and should have called it first and second of all, you went down to your partner Applause strike and the pitch time, granted. Applause and they’re cutting them, as he strikes them out. Three two leads takes over at first brave got out of a big spot in the top of it over for shaw after brewery was Applause, lifted Applause open the fifth inning with the base head and one on one swinging, a miss the ball loose for a moment Recovered by count and the center field cutting to his right grip and his release point, but he also can get good there’s a bunt third base side.

Gon na roll foul fly ball toward the left field line made it toward the corner. It brought him here and, and the entrance is absolutely right and guys yeah. Why wouldn’t you yeah and luke was one of both got credit for what they do here, guys that you’re gon na face remember how we’re gon na attack them strike two two shot. The other way a fair ball toward the line meadows friday – that was the 10 inning game, so right fly sean Applause, all of these trips; Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause and now another pitch is their fifth pitcher of the game now throw down to first and Back in to go home with a walk Music. Well, it was ball four. There was not a lot of lift in that swing. They’Re about to step in close high fly ball right center field center. The track Music Applause foul into left center field. Muriel jr ball out in the seventh ending to end that was, is a big lift for the raise now lead off blue jays, foul it’s one and two full count. There’S a pop fly he’s out there, there’s guriel, jr Applause shoots this one deep into left meadows.