You can see the buildups the golden diamond source and in that outfield left come to routinely employ four out defenders on the outfield turf here two again and he got him looking there. How about that? Well, you’re, not thinking inside corner and so that’s, why this one for blake and the saint strike three and two richard shoots it into center field. Kirmar will have to run it and then ended up getting too close for sure once it got over his head and now brandon lowe’s got Applause. The fastball is high a little bit Applause and he is out on strikes and that’s exactly there’s. A strike. 2: 1 that’s a fast ball outside ground ball on the right side, wendell up with it raised in the blue james ray’s lineup presented toronto, blue jays gon na be right, handed tanner roark, making his two couple of hits in the serie one hernandez across the infield. Third, to first joke at home round against roerke, you watch dwayne! You get this ball and right there. How about that so that pitch in andy diaz, reaching base safely tap by the mound lugio out of the second scoreless travis shaw and we’ve, seen what a strike to it? The old uh fuck fly down to look out fellas up to danny jansen and the center field right center. Not all that deep! Another look. This is why our vantage point is the best, because you can see the cloak elaine and with keith, hernandez and she’s a mechanical tune, a ground ball up the middle backhanded, nice, stop, wendell and and and now about third base side, rolling and it’s gon na be Foul, but all is gon na hustle after this, that thing could turn out to be a double just full count: 3 2 skied into center heard kevin cash’s evaluation.

Last inning because dwayne, like you, said for the second here’s a long one off the bat that’ll tag. They’Re gon na be his breakout in front. Oh no pitch the ray’s got roared for the games. The fastball in and suzuko just swiped was able to pull that thing with ease into right base hit big game in there yeah 12 to four. So that’s excuse series that the blue jays not to disparage them and by the way, by virtue of that, having starting to stop by wendell and they fall line down. The left hop with that hand great job on the relay here relay throw gon na be close. He is out at the plate, chops, it right side and a race for the look. How close this is let’s see here it is here it is, and we’re going to see how he’s out pitch pitches the ball things happen for the race only have one shot into left meadows is there and he’s? You know put this shift on and they put joe, why not i mean because what would be the difference of putting joey Applause foul, the other way, Music and there’s the little roller to the open, left side and okay. Fine, i mean that was just plain pepper. With the other side cut, the mess and richik is out on stripes to right handed hitters, and we just saw it right. There yeah and it was kind of gimmick, foul back and a recovery from that 33 2 shot into left field meadows back on the run.

Digio’S gon na score Applause and a cut in the miss that takes care of guerrero jr. No, then, meadows and lao wrecking ball is lifted into right. Center field, hernandez launders cenino a little weight shift, but he was able to keep the hands back. Shows you how powerful the hands are watching then doubled by meadows going to be a telemarketer. You know it. You know i’m going to go to school, that’s, funny Applause, wow, well, early, full count! Oh and it’s a strike called very Applause, ground ball towards short glove by espinal Music curveball for a strike. This one is down straight off that lightning pitch for the advantage fastball high and hernandez in the middle of his own, and still just overpower you upstairs two and two strike three call janssen. He strikes him out, fastballed up 95 right there and he lifted a fly ball now. It’S down game strike and it’s. Two and two boy staff goes Applause. The chopper won’t stay fair. You know the reigns atop the east right now, a game up which is down 1 0 tome, stand for the rays, bad one. I really like them all and to see if there’s one, that you really look forward to a little different story, now see what happens with them. Both teams working hard to win um ground ball right side, gon na be gloved by benji el throat. It was like the dive started almost too soon it did and he still was able first Applause time.

Applause up the right side, that’s got some carry. Will it stay fair down the right side and adamus? All i can think of is tanner roar. How about willie adam here it is the raves with three runs. Five hits cut the miss on a high fastball there on the ground to first scoop by a guerrero, jimmy infielder there’s, a strike chop right side, wendell’s, glove Applause, one Music, Applause, Music, you’ve got to credit him in that at bat. That was joseph with the heater and there’s a fastball. Two is fouled back and strike three bottom of the zone at the knees three to one catch it. The ball bounds over his head. First up, Applause off speed and meadows fly ball toward the line. Muriel jr, with janssen and rorke out there, Applause, Music down and a check swing. Soft liner to the left side was upstairs. Four home runs. Three doubles two with one and it’s a three one count on gandhi, upstairs diaz will take a walk for two fly. Ball went to scent Applause, three one he’s under this one pops it up foul, catcher, he’s, even up it just it depends on the lineup, but every day it does seem as if there’s double little tapper, that’s gon na be a full Applause in the left. Will meadows have orders, durio junior has just picked up, and that makes it a three to two ball game yeah and the only thing that you were hoping there, no one so his fourth home run.

Fifth, given up a 3 2 lead base bases empty in the game. Applause round ball, headed into center field and hernandez, was in the game on a double play ball to get uh Music hernandez out, but um are they still counting? Those do you still get charged? A mound visit and then it kind of went away and the ground ball. Backhand, stop! Oh, what a plot you’ll be facing. A new pitcher thomas picked up a couple: strikeouts Applause, Music and there’s ball; four. Second, one joey wendell with a single and a mess. Applause. Now, willie adams, Applause right at the bottom, a little tap back over the mound, tough play, scoop and it’ll be with two outs: the rays have a run Music kevin and this one hits kirby side. Oh become the runner at first Applause. 95 on the out fly ball center field track. There’S some carry seven three two over well, you can see what he did with the philly Applause. Imagine you know edgar garcia, though you’re trying to just continue to pump him up. All those full counts round ball out at second back to bospinal Applause. Did he go? He check Applause, two balls choose two pitch Applause counts gon na go all the way out and the fastball foul back Applause. You see zenino going out there. Applause i’m in this one fly ball left down the line that ball is going toronto, the lead, who catches, interference and the home run by grinch and close to the body and then wrap that up on to guerrero fastball misses football.

Foil, junior will bat, which is Applause right now: Applause, better swing, nice adjustment there by austin and the fastball 95 away boy; that’s, a tough. This one that’s a strike one and two and the one two is fouled fastball, and this one a fastball and now we’ve gone and it’s down. We wanted no part from brandon. There was ends up losing yes, chops, it to short, double play, ball and there’s leading off, so the lefty faces the right hand down to third. He has what referencing it as discomfort. Let me adjust my seating there’s, a call there. You go Applause pressure, take the count to three and two three, two and johnson sends it deep into margaux to the tree. Joy’S gon na lead it off mark worked the front five steps in taking the first pitch wide troy. Looking for his first Applause strike, the count is going to go to 2 2, 3 2 and a ground ball headed up the middle gon na find its way into it. It didn’t matter look at that once you get it by jolice and he had enough steam on it. Yoshi, satsuga, Music Applause, Music Applause, just enough to is foul back Music that’s, a foul ball off his ground ball right side backhanded by guerrero, got ta, lead him. Dwight here’s, the 2 1 ground ball short, stop espional. Second, one: first, when you’re playing that many tight games, it comes down to a handful ground ball.

First, joy is going to make that play, walked and scored, and they sit down the left field side to wave and miss ground. Ball short stop. Even if you have to vacate the back Applause finer into right, wow will have to chase and unfortunately he extends the lead for the founding. The first pitch back for his strike roller to first runner’s going to go to third tyler glass. Now turning 27. blue james. All right, chop, that’s gon na, be tough deep short that’s been all he can ask for that. Chopper. Lord, look at that thing. Take off no chance for drew or that’s been all pinch hit for zanino, oh chopped. To short, this time has been all the second one phrase: order austin meadows, another good, take away Applause and there is bald boar inside.