The blue jays are rolling game two of four in tampa bay today and the lead off hitter is restored. I speak of cavan vigil and he continues just to be a force in recent games. His last nine games hitting well over 400 hitting for power drawing walks just getting on base well, the blue jays will get their second look at aaron schleger’s. He picked up a save against the blue. Jays up in buffalo would have caught that ball. Had it not hit something, and now bishop drives the ball to left center field, but it’ll be caught by yoshitsutsugo one down there’s a high chopper toward third wendell. Has it taps the glove once and has time to get grichik two down and with this six game, winning streak buck and the slider in under the hands of shaw, to get him as the blue jays go in order for the top of the first hunch in Ryu to the bound when we come back and to change wendell and yandi diaz out we’ll tell you about that. A little bit later, willie adamus moving up a spot as a result of the change into the fifth spot in the lineup he began. His american league career made his american league debut against his tampa ray’s ball club back on opening night about three signs before you found the one he wanted. He wanted to cut her in and he strikes out. Brasso hunter rethrow batting in the two spot lifts a high fly ball to center field, playable for gritchik coming in and over towards left center he’ll make the catch for out number two and a weak ground ball back towards the mound where you has it into.

First. In time and he gets the raise in order, including the dangerous lao, no score at the end of one at indiana, where he pitched in college swing and a miss got ta, say oscar on a slider away. One down for that sort of thing and a fastball will get him and tolez knew it. Six up six down for slaggers, thus far fastball up he’s, just gon na throw the four seamer and it’s hit fair down the right field line hernandez into foul territory. To pick it up and he will hold martinez to a long base hit to center field and gretchen hartley has to move to make the catch one down back to back change, ups and a ground ball to short panic in time to get margot and retire the Side ryu looks sharp early Music, 1 1 is swinging, the ground ball up the middle, and it is booted and guriel will be safe. That should be an air charge to lao on the play, as guriel is the first base runner for the night for the blue jays a ways away from that wow. That was a late call by the home plate empire. Sean barber, but panic is called out on strikes, starting to face the order for the second time, biggio pops one up on the right side and it’ll, be another scoreless inning for slaggers, and were you heading back out there in this scoreless game and he gets some Swinging two down and the second strike out of the night for ryu, really understand how you get the best out of a pitcher and reese maguire learning on the job right now with ryu one hopper to short backhanded by panic and onto first in time.

A good play for joe panic to retire, brasso and ryu gets him in order. Oh no, i didn’t. No, i haven’t found it i’m. Just asking i was gon na say i have no idea like no disrespect yeah. You haven’t played in the stack there. Five strikeouts too, and now a ground ball down to third another routine play and the blue jays go in order again, so we will go to the bottom of the fourth: were you back to work in a scoreless game? 3. 2 to renfro got him another good change up to strike him out, got ta, be a little extra tough for pearson he’s, a florida kid as loud hits a ground blizzio out in shallow right, two down pearson’s a florida. Kid grew up a raised. Man again has an idea what he wants to do upstairs good job and he strikes them out a great four innings so far for hunching ryu chucky martin into the ball game, taking over for aaron schleger’s, who was very good in his four innings of work wrong With that huh and he walks guerrero to begin the fifth inning so already encouraging signs for the blue jays after not doing anything and he missed inside the second walk given up by gil martin and for the first time tonight, there’s a runner in scoring position and A base into right field for panic guerrero had to wait to make sure it would get through.

He will be stopped at third, and the blue chase have the bases loaded with one out, and he got him on three pitches for the second down again, the 3 2 up and in for ball, four that’ll force in a run as the blue jays take the Lead well we’ve said this a lot: how about that two career grand slams for randall rolls over on a ground. Ball hits it to wendell at third, and the blue. Jays will leave them loaded, but they do get the one run of the bases. Loaded walk to. Take the lead there is a base hit into left field for adamus, as we check in with the routers mistakes the fielding suffered, but now the last week, or so they played much better and there’s a base head through the open left side, with a runner going On the play and the end result is first and third, with nobody out for the raise well, what a good at bat by joey, wendell and a weak round ball hit out to second to the bag. One on to first not in time, it’ll be a fielder’s choice and an rbi as adamus scores to tie the game again, a credit to the race for all of the pitches, they’re fouling off and there’s strike. Three called threw him a change up right at the knees, and he gets a big second out and a swing and a miss at a curveball to strike him out and end the inning a run, though, for the raise and it’s tied at one.

At the end of five off the sixth in a 1 1 tie against sean gilmartin and shaw drops one into center field for a lead off base hit what a nice swing by travis shaw. He stayed on that pitch and the ball jumped off his back i’ve. Seen before and a guy, they have had some success before against in ryan thompson. A broken back base hit into right field for hernandez didn’t hit it hard, but he finds a hole and it’s two men on with nobody out one and two on guerrero and he chops it to the right side. They’Ll get one and they’ll get two and guerrero is signaling to the dugout to have a look at it. He does this often so we’ll have to wait and see if the dugout feels it’s worth looking at, but Applause all four as part of the comeback in the sixth inning of the second game of the doubleheader first pitch swinging and a one hopper back to the Bound of the blue jays will leave a couple more men on they’ve now, stranded, six and the game is still tied. Pont was a ray both in 2018 and a little bit into 2019 as well before he came to the blue jays and a swing and a miss at a 96 mile an hour fastball one day, the only one who didn’t was anthony, kaye Music right on the Corner great pitch there from font back to back strikeouts hard, throwing rhino, making his 12th appearance of the season.

Look at the strikeouts 18 strikeouts in 10 and a third swallow back earlier in the year backhanded first long toss over the fairbanks by brasso, the 2 1, and he lines the ball to right field and down for a base hit and that on base percentage will Go up a little bit more he’s running swinging. A miss by grichik throw down goes into center field, as he gets a great break at first zanino. His throw tails on him and goes past. The lao into center field and grichik swings and misses, but the ball will get away biggio around third coming home and will be tagged out at the plate, tried to go two bases on the wild pitch and gets tagged out sliding into homes. So the side is retired and the game is still tied right there in his second inning of work right now, deep in the hole, panic, spins fires and can’t get him that’ll be an infield hit for martinez he’s two for three and a fly ball lifted down. The right field line hernandez crosses into foul territory and makes the catch behind the bullpen mounds a bit of a tricky play. A fly ball left center field. Guriel will make the catch. Martinez goes halfway and now retreats to the bag at first two down and he lost him all four and there will be two men on now for yoshi tsutsugo merryweather said there were so many emotions. He said it was the biggest adrenaline rush of his life strike.

Three called stayed with a fastball and he gets tsutsugo looking to strand a couple of runners here in the seventh bluejay saw curtis in buffalo in its second game of that sunday. Double header they’ll face shaw, hernandez, guerrero here and shaw lines: the ball to right field, but the catch will be made by brandon lau four man, outfield jr. He hits that one right through brandon lau into center field. Well, he hits some of the hardest ground balls in the big leagues and that one handcuffed, the second baseman, oh two to tellez Applause and that’s – that unassisted brasso at first base, and it is 1 1 going to the bottom of the eight and then a slider. Over the outside corner freezes him and he strikes him out and he missed inside of the knees to walk him. A one out base runner for tampa bay, nope change. How about that, and he got him swinging two down Applause to center field, grichik back he’s. There makes the catch and another good inning for meriwether to the top of the ninth tied at one. He’S got a good fastball and a very good change up a straight changeup that’s, very effective and it’s ball. Four good job by goriel to take a lead off walk here for the ninth inning and they got guriel picked off, got him in a rundown between first and second and the throw hits him and he gets back in safely.

Wow. The rays failed to execute on the rundown we’ve got to believe that it’s probably going to be kept on here with panic, we’ll see nope gon na let him swing and he hits it down to first there’s one and the tag at second for the double play. That’S, why you bunt, with two strikes most of the time the rays have a lot more interchangeable parts, platoon players, they always seem to have a guy or two they can bring off the bench. Beaks gets out of it. The blue jays do not score Applause inside ball. Four and he popped him up. Will it stay in play and can maguire find it, and the answer to both questions is yes, fastball. This one’s popped up again two down, even though it is so yeah, especially with the game on the line it’s about being on the offensive so far, a bouncer to short and the inning is over how about more baseball. The blue jays are going extra innings again. New pitcher in the ball game is anthony, bonda, he’s, pitching just for the second time this season ball. Four walked him on four pitches and grichick lifts a fly ball to right center field. Setting up to make the catch mar go. Espinal is going to tag and break for third and will be in there safely. Big play ground ball down to first, and they will turn another double play. Another 3 6 inning ending double play ends the threat and again the 1 2 and a ground ball to the right side.

Bisho stops it on to first for the out, but the runner, of course, will come to. Third bass is going to have to work that zunino had struck out three times and are they going to put him on yep they’re, going to walk them? Put the double play in order, and then they have brasso who’s a right handed hitter, but they’ve got kevin kiermeier on the bench and kiermeier is coming out of the dugout he’s going to hit first pitch slash to left for a base hit and the rays will Walk it off kevin kiermeier on the first pitch that he sees walks off the blue, jays it’s. The second time he’s walked off the blue jays this year and the jay’s six game.