My name is derek ray and joining me in the commentary. Position is the former arsenal and england fullback lee dixon, and very much looking forward to bringing you live action from mls it’s, the montreal impact and they take on toronto. Fc well i’m excited about this one great atmosphere in here everybody looking forward to this game, especially me, and you always difficult to predict in advance who might decide a game, but you could make a strong case for this man lee. What are you anticipating seeing from him? Well, the more you give this light, the ball, the better the team normally plays. He switches the ball. He links play from left to right up and down the pitch. He keeps possession a brilliant player. You can also go back to a 4 5 1 when you’re defending the lone striker will be supported by the three just behind him, especially the number 10, who will be given a free roll kyoto, and the cross is very much on well a sloppy clearance. What can the opposition do with this osorio? Has it delgado boswello on and on? He goes, and that was a very fine read and this situation could be dangerous. It is to be a throw in now. He must favor the cross superbly read and executed. Can they switch to an even higher gear possession one tied air others in the vicinity? Turning inside, where is he going to go? Storage rearguard action and the goalkeeper will see that as part of doing his job, it’ll be a corner and over comes the corner, real danger, tied air? Read it superbly to take back possession delgado well, they must exercise caution.

Standing off as they are, and space for the cross, promising sequence looks promising this firing it towards goal, and it is the opening goal of the contest. Well, it was always going to be a tight game, but now, all of a sudden one team ahead, things have got to change on both sides. Well, as we look at this again, what they always say focus on the ball, ensure you strike it cleanly. He’S done just that, what a finish a chance to revisit the goal. The opening goal of the game, then against targets making excellent progress with the ball at his feet, it’s with pozueno an important interception, not too fussy in clearing his lines. Romel, kyoto. I must say this looks promising that’s how to do it inside your own penalty area delgado into the advanced position well pass after pass. Maybe they can chisel an opportunity osorio. Has it delgado jonathan, osorio and threading it forward and he’s fired against the post. That is how to put in a challenge: he’s been a bit unlucky to concede the corner short corner. It is well, they have the ball once more and attempting the through ball. Piet he’s going forward well here. He has time to play us over and clears his lines. Gallardo boswello delgado altador gallardo a very good tackle space and time for the cross, and it was blocked that particular cross aware a chance, then for the respective managers to address their charges.

It is half time here. You’Ve certainly got to give this man high marks for his work up to this pointley. Well, derek he certainly was a good 45 minutes from the lad, obviously got the goal to give him the lead, but he’s looked very, very lively as well. The two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half altador osorio piazzi morrow, now morrow delgado osorio, very comfortable when in possession on and on. He goes well straight at the goalkeeper, then gonzales rather sitting ever deeper by no means on his own. Here and the cross smuggled away he’s using his strength to now, this might pay dividends. Well, that is how to run at defenders that’s plenty of know how, in the ball shielding department not to be in terms of the cross. There goal kick coming up tied out. The attack continues they’re, making considerable progress while still searching for the equalizer, but not passing it anxiously. Well that’s gone out and it is going to be a goal. Kick altador jonathan osorio altador. I just couldn’t, keep the ball. He’S got space. He had a decent reading of that ball in it looks promising possession changes, hands the interception there justin morrow osorio, has it piazzi given away and very deftly cut out, and it crossed the touch line so a throw in here, piet, very good reading of the game To win possession back osorio it’s with posuelo and it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes.

The switch of plane out almost weighing up the opposition, with a string of neat passes, showing patience as well as persistence in the build up a real opening. Now a very high degree of difficulty for any goalkeeper, sheer quality quality of the shot and certainly quality of the save corner, kick played in a glorious chance, not the easiest of situations for the keeper. Another goal from this corner would in all likelihood secure victory. So the corner played into the box not to be this time. Well, just listen to the crowd. They want a bit more. They know there’s still time to grab an equaliser, surely they’ll get another chance or two plenty of forward momentum here, but can they produce surely and it’s gone in well, as we can see it’s all about the technique that’s where the power comes from blistering shot? Well, let’s take another look at that girl. Shall we well they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change? Well, a second goal for them here and five minutes to go tremendous intuition to win it back the referees, letting it go as they keep the ball and they will be awarded a free kick for that. Read it superbly to take back possession altador omar gonzalez, boswello osorio. It is a decent looking attack here, magnificent challenge to win it back now the attacking options appear plentiful, it’s there for him it could be up for grabs, and now it is truly final.

The match is over well, as we run the rule over this man’s work positive after positively. Well, he played well scored a goal.