Obviously, there’ll be some uncertainty now for a couple days on kyle. How important is it to get this out of the way and get maybe two or three days off for the six guys? Who are your rotation? Now, well, we certainly could use a little bit of rest. These games are coming pretty quick. That was a that’s, probably a well the fast first round, for both teams really right, um a lot faster than normal. That first round usually goes pretty slow, it’s. Usually the slowest round of the of the whole thing um, so there’s, some, you know a lot of games here in the last week. Um be good to get everybody a couple, a couple of days off the feet and re energize and certainly find out. What’S what’s happening with our with our leader, kai, so it’s important. All right have you got it? Were we able to talk to alex or any of the medical people about kyle? That would give us some kind of update, um, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s uh only thing. I do know uh doug is it’s it’s, a arch of his foot that they’re looking at having mri so not the ankle, not the ankle. Thank you, yep good, to go next to michael grange from sportsnet, hey nick uh. You guys went 12 2 without kyle in the lineup, um, obviously different circumstances but uh. Why would that give you any confidence going into uh game? One? If you know worst case, he may not be available.

Well, um, michael. I think that uh, the one thing you know you got to do is i mean he certainly wants your best players out there right for it without question, but but you don’t have much choice. I think that’s one thing we’ve we’ve become accustomed to in this league. Not not only us but a lot of teams, but you know you got it. You got to go out there with with who’s healthy and available, and you got to think that there’s a a a good chance, you can figure out a way to win and that’s that’s. What we’ll do either either way, and i mean uh, you know – losing kyle at any point – has never been good for this team, but uh with the way fred is playing and as an example i mean is, does it give you a little bit of more comfort Knowing that you know where he is now, as opposed to ways might have been in other years in the playoffs um. Well, i think that um i mean i i i won’t, i won’t be very comfortable without kyle out there michael i i would say that i certainly a big engine for us um, but i, but i would say, um you know. I think that we play a a system or a style where lots of guys are involved right and it’s, not like um yeah we’re gon na miss all those great great things.

Kyle does if he doesn’t play, but somebody else has got to take shots and play defense and play tough and do the things that he does and make up for or or we do it by committee – that’s – probably a better way right so far. Thank you. Nick take care thanks, michael next, we go to josh lewinberg from tsm. Congratulations! Um! ‘ assists for the team without your starting point guard for most of the game without fred for most of the first half. What did you see in terms of the play making the ball handling that you liked from everybody else, and maybe particularly pascal who had the tennis yeah? I mean you know josh it’s about us making the right plays and, and i thought we were aggressive. We were certainly in attack mode, it was a. It was a real shootout. You know right from the start. The pace was, you know, like super fast, both ways you know there was going to be a lot of scoring. There was going to be a lot of numbers, you know scoring assists, etc and that and that kind of shootout type atmosphere um. But you know just we made a lot of shots and there was a lot of right plays made to get get to those shots and that’s how you rack up assist numbers thanks. Nick have a good night thanks josh. Next we have eric karine from the athletic. Hey nick uh, congratulations on the win um! You guys have been to the playoffs seven straight years.

The celtics have been there six straight years. I mean how crazy is that that this is the first time that match up is happening, given that and what is your first thought when you say i know you haven’t done the deep dive yet but what’s your first thought when thinking about their team. Well, i think it is a little surprising that we’ve never bumped into each other um this whole this whole run that’s. The first thing um. The second thing is, is, i think, they’re really good. They’Re super talented they’re, deep they’re, they’re very well coached. I think they’re playing great at the moment i mean they they put away a they put away a very talented, philly team with ease right with ease. There was, there was never a doubt really in that series, which way it was going to make maybe a little bit in one game. You know kind of kind of uh. I think that they handled us really really good in the bubble here so i’m hoping it’s a great series right, because i know they’re really good and and um we’re going to need to play great to to beat them uh. On a lighter note, did you talk to fred about leaving you hanging on that high five there after his three, not again they caught that again i mean i i did. He did leave me hanging, but he hit me on the shoulder so i’ll i’ll take them.

I’M sure they didn’t that part didn’t make the video the last time i was just saying that we went vertical i wasn’t asking for high fives. I want to clear that up with everybody all right thanks next, we have bruce arthur from the toronto star nick one of the things you talked about yesterday in the coach of the year conference. Press conference is just how of the things you were proud of how this team just plays hard every night. No matter what and i mean this isn’t, the first time you’ve had a guy go down, is in the first time you’ve played without one of your key. Seven players um, given how you’ve played all year, you talked about how the system works that way, but how much? How much would it hurt you without kyle, given the practice you’ve had playing without everybody? Well, it would hurt us a lot bruce i mean i i mean. All i can say is, is you i mean you guys know how big a big a cog he is to this whole thing. He he’s our most experienced toughest leader we got. I don’t want to speculate and answer a million questions on whether he’s playing or not until we, we know whether he’s playing or not we’ve got a few days for that um. I i would imagine they’ll boost this it’s gon na be a hell of an injury to keep him off the floor. I mean he’s gon na you know what i mean.

It’S it’s not gon na, be a little thing that he’s gon na he gon na try to figure out. I mean he played with a. I don’t know how many six fourteen or 16 straight playoff games last year with a totally messed up left thumb. You know running through the finals last year, so it’s kind of it’s going to take something pretty serious to keep him out. You guys know how tough he is on that subject. How did he talk his way back onto the court after the injury after the time out? Well, he was he. He said he was fine and then he went out there and had to move a little quicker and realized he wasn’t fine. You know a lot of times those injuries get get a shot of pain right when they happen, and then it subsides. I think he was hoping it was going to subside and uh did not Music. Thank you all right. Two more questions for coach. First one’s going to stephen long from sportsnet, hey coach congrats on the series when uh your team says that uh, like uh, like a record for bench, points scored in the nba like like a hundred. I just i just want to know like like given given how well the bench performed tonight and and like how well like norman and serge played like how. How big is that for, for you entering the boston series? Well, stephen, you know why they, you know why.

They were, they were fresh because i haven’t because i haven’t played them all in the first three games, so they were, they were fresh and ready to go um. You know i’m running a pretty short rotation here, as you know, and it’s not it’s, not um it’s, not because i don’t you know those guys. We all know we’ve seen a play from chris to rondae to matt to terence. You know obviously surgeon norm. I just i just you know, i say this before the game to the tnt guys, the seven guys i’m playing are are wanting to all play more so it’s just it’s just hard to kind of manage it all sometimes, and we love and know our seven. We we knew our eight for sure right with pat, because those guys have all been with us for, for you know my my tenure, all the other guys are new and we we’ve still just kind of. I think i tried somebody different every night in this. This series, i think it was rondae and then it was matt. Then it was terrance and not sure who it was tonight, but um they all did a good job tonight. Now they work hard. It was nice to see them play hard and have some success. Thanks a lot coach, you’re welcome and last question goes to gary washburn from the boston glow who’s there in person hi gary, hey, what’s up nick okay, like surreal to get the coach of the year in the middle of the floor, no one there um, but then The next players will clap for you too, like it was like how surreal was that and interesting that the opposing team gave you a round of applause? Well, it was.

It was a little i i said to messiah’s like it’s just me and you that’s kind of kind of weird but uh. It did seem a bit weird um and i actually asked jq. I said i thought i received the award yesterday we’re doing a double a double uh presentation here, um, but it was. It was okay, you know it’s it’s, um everything’s a little different here, that’s for sure, and that that’s just another other story to tell 20 years from now for all of us. What can you take from the four games against boston? I mean you guys are banged up and you guys playing the second game of the season and then twice in a week in december, you’re banged up for some of those games. What can you take from those, though? Well, i think i think we you know there is. There is plenty to take uh. You know i don’t think you can make any judgments on that. I think both teams um are playing pretty well. I think both teams play similarly there’s some fight there’s, some competitors. There’S some there’s, some scoring there’s some there’s, certainly some defense, both sides of the ball um. I think it’s going to be a hell of a series and and um only thing we can take from the other ones. Is you know what did we do and how did it work and how were the match ups and things like that? Probably all right! Thank you for your time.

Coach thanks.