You know as a as a bench unit and uh providing energy bringing that spark, whether it’s, making shots or getting stopped defensively uh. Tonight we were able to show that i think we had both um offense and defense rolling. You know that’s really good for us. You know continue to build confidence, continue to uh, go out there and perform and help help those guys um in the starting unit. You know when they’re coming off the floor. I think we’ve done a great job all year with that and um it’s gon na be really needed. You know going into the series uh next next round against boston it’s, going to take all of us being able to go in there and it might not just be scoring. You know it might be getting defensive, stops and uh, letting the game come to you and flow to you tonight, um. You know we were able to do both and you you’ve kind of got it going a little bit over these past or these past two games. Here like like what what is it about uh about these past few games, there, it seems, like things, have clicked click, for you perfectly. I mean i’ve, definitely a lot of time, just uh watching and watching film uh, seeing where i can make an impact. I said that a couple times already but that’s the truth. You know um, you know confident in the work that i put in you know, go out there and be aggressive.

The team wants me to attack and find scenes and defense to get into the pain, create, plays whether that’s finishing or are kicking it out to the guys out in three point line, and you know we’re able to do that and i think that’s. This is my play style, but uh, you know, my main focus is just trying to go out there and help the team any way possible, like i said it might not just be hitting shots, and things like that it might be getting rebounds getting defensive, plays things That don’t show up on the on the stat sheet on a nice new basis, but it’s all about winning for me and uh, just as quickly like i would be remiss if i didn’t ask about your mask uh. Is that uh? Is that, like from your own, your own line yeah this? Is this uh the mask? I have t shirts and um i’ve been waiting to wear the mask um, but uh yeah it’s part of my uh black live matter line um that i dropped um. So this is going to be coming out as well. Thanks a lot norm i’m going to go to josh lewenberg from tsm. Next, congratulations uh! Obviously there are a lot of numbers that stand out from tonight. Team records nba records, but the ‘ assists in most of the game. You didn’t have your starting point guard for most of the first half you didn’t have fred.

How are you guys able to do that and move the ball so well without a traditional point guard on the floor, i feel like i feel, like i’m, like a broken record when saying this, but i think we just have such great confidence in each and every One of us that step on the floor, you know and uh we work the offense. I don’t think it really matters who’s in the game. I think you guys seen that all year, long that we’re able to execute and make plays and continue to win. You know no matter what it looks like. I think we’ve always had a fighting spirit, and once you have that and everybody collectively um is playing for one purpose, which is the win uh don’t matter, who’s scoring or what it is. Who has it going that night? You know we continue to work and continue to flow and trust one another we’re able to play like that. You know so we can have. You know guys in some sort of trouble or uh. You know knock on wood. You know injury whatever, but um uh we’re still able to play, play our brand of basketball and continue to execute the game in years past. You guys have taken some time to get through the first round and in a few cases the team you end up playing in the second round has had time to to sit and wait. Why is it so important? Why was it so important for you guys to get through this one quickly, especially with boston now having swept as well um? It was very important, you know um.

I said before uh before the game uh, you know we’re focused on what we need to do. You know and how we need to come out how we need to play on a nightly basis. Um. You know and uh not looking too much at what other teams are doing, but how? How are we gon na play? You know we’re gon na play our brandon basketball and uh, go out there and and make winning, plays and win the game, but it’s good for us, the the the close them out. We knew that they were gon na, come uh and give everything they have. You know they’re a young team and they got nothing to lose. You know and when guys are playing with freedom. Things like that uh. You know you’re here with run rule for letting the game slip out, but i thought we did a great job of continuing to apply pressure and take their punches and and their threes and uh whatever they do at us and execute uh down the stretch and uh Make plays, and so now we’re able to get a rest and focus on the next series thanks norm have a good night going next to mike ganter from the toronto sun and arm congrats um. The 100 bench points i mean that’s, a record that stood for well. Quite a while but it’s not just a playoff record but but like a league record. How crazy is that number to you? What was the record before 94 86 by dallas was the uh the season record and i think 94 was or was the postseason record and 94 by golden state.

Wow um, i mean, i think, it’s it’s cool neat. You know to have your name etched in the record books. I think um uh. You know i don’t think we. I didn’t know that until uh the post game, uh interview um but uh – i don’t – know it’s cool. I i guess i mean my main focus: is winning uh, no matter how we do it, you know by 30 or or a point i just crap out winning so it’s a cool little record to have but i’m not gon na harp on everything about it. You know on to the next uh fred you’re, already down fred he’s got the three early fouls and then obviously kyle goes out. You got a few fouls on you and then terence gets a few. How conscious were you guys of the foul issues at that point? In the game, um very conscious, you know, but at that point you know we’re, just thinking about uh uh, trying to anticipate a little better uh move our feet. A little more uh not be as steps or too uh late on rotation, and things like that. Uh employ a little more practice, but uh still be aggressive in what we want to do defensively, and i thought we were able to do that. Uh pretty well, you know, especially my friend, went out and even when i picked up a couple, fouls um just to be able to stay in the game and uh be physical and not have a drop off playing two passive, not trying to pick up extra fouls.

We were able to do that and move our feet a little more and not pick up any more ticket attacks thanks norm. Next we have eric karine from the athletic hey norm, congrats on the win and the performance um before this season. Your your numbers have been far better as a starter than coming off the bench this year. It really seems like it doesn’t matter at all uh at this point. Does it matter at all to you and what uh has there been anything you figured out about getting into the game when you do come off the bench um uh at this point, uh it never really mattered. You know i look at every situation and how i can be effective, uh, whether that’s starting or coming off the bench. You know i’ve tried to really build uh habits that you’re not going to have any drop off. When you put me in there um building consistency and a lot of it is just mentality and focusing on what the game is asking you to do, you know every game is different and the flow and the pace and what you have to execute and i think I’Ve done a great job of really uh, focusing in on what’s happening and going there going out there and giving what the game needs. You know um that’s what i attested to the hard work off the court and staying ready for any situation. I think i’ve been able to do a great job with that.

A lot of it’s just mentality thanks norm have a good night. Three more for you norm. First one’s going to michael grange from sportsnet hey norm um. If uh kyle’s ankle is a little wor. A little bit worse than than than we know um. How would that affect you guys going into boston um? You couldn’t go in game one for you example: it’s gon na be uh a tough. You know: he’s uh he’s, our leader. You know he’s our focal point. Uh, when we’re out there on and off the court uh, you know so it’s gon na take uh more efforts of the guys uh knowing that they’re getting the opportunity uh to go out there and play you know. Hopefully, with these days off, he’s able to uh recover and uh get back out there and play because we’re going to need him uh. But you know, like we always said, it’s going to be next man up pulling for everybody pulling for one another and um. Hopefully we can get kyle back, hopefully not even out you know, and um we’re going to be able to go in there 100 full force. I appreciate norm. Thank you great game. Next we’re going to gary washburn from the boston globe. Um you guys have played boston. Obviously, since you’ve been there a lot, um intense games, never in the playoffs, though what’s that going to be like to face them. And what are those games like because it just seems like you guys, there’s some feelings there and you guys play each other.

Really really. Tough uh, i think it’s gon na be fun. I mean i think, uh, you know you saw the games uh when we played them on christmas and then we went down there. You know it’s it’s, always back and forth. You know they. They beat us uh. My double digit is going to come back. You know, i think, uh with the evenly matched team. You know we match up really well um it’s gon na be about the guys who play harder limit. Um the mistakes and uh go out there and execute you know. I think uh it’s gon na be a fun series and i’m kind of bummed that you know we’re not gon na have the fans. You know that intensity down there at 3d garden and what our fans bring uh at scotiabank. You know, i think, that’s a added element that is going to be missed, but uh. You know we got two teams that are very deep. You know very talented and it’s going to take uh everybody on our end. You know to pull this one out and go in there and do what we have to do and final questions going to aaron rose from, hey, norma congrats on the sweep. You guys battled injuries a lot of the year and i’m wondering if you think that prepares you for a night like this, where kyle goes down um having to do that so many times this season.

Oh yeah, definitely you know it’s. I think we’ve literally probably faced every situation that you can possibly facing a season uh within a team. You know – and i think uh uh when things like that uh unexpected happen. You know you’re able to refocus and and figure it out along the way and we’ve done a great job with that um all year long so it’s a situation we’ve seen before so i mean we’re, not rattled. We know we have to do and we know the focus. You know we know that we have to go out there and execute it doesn’t matter, who’s on or off the floor. We have a game plan, we have a goal in mind and uh, no matter what happens that next minute mentality has been really big for us and we’re going to continue to have that uh. You know that, together with that chemistry and um continue to play basketball. No matter who’s on the floor.