Obviously now we’re looking ahead, i mean what did you learn about them? You had three pretty good games personally and maybe one bad game in the bubble um, but the team didn’t do so well against them. So what? What do you think of that? Matchup? One thing we learned about the boston we know they are. They are a great team, you know they’re playing one of the best basketball right now and they have confidence on them and uh. You know uh, we we know it’s, not gon na be easier. You know we have to come to play. You know our best basketball against them. Do you think people um? Obviously everyone talks about jaylen brown and jason tatum and kemba, but do you think maybe their big men are a little underrated like they’ve, been pretty good for them this year as well? Yes, they have. You i watch one game, uh they’ll be good. We get these guys, be playing uh very good. You know. Maybe they already get a lot of talk. You know, but uh they are a great team. You know everybody when they come, they come in. They play hard. You know they play as a team. You know they have good bench, so we need to come in too and to play basketball man. Okay, thank you. You’Re welcome uh next we’ll go to bruce arthur from the toronto start serge uh, terrific game uh after this season, like you guys, had guys get hurt all year.

You guys finished with the best winning percentage of any raptors team in history. Um tonight you lose kyle and you do what you do norm does what he does. This whole team does what it does. What is it about this raptors team we’ve talked about it all year that allows you to keep that allows you to keep going in moments. Like that, when you lose guys man one thing about us, we know we have a lot of guys. You know can play you know. We don’t really worry about who’s gon na start 30 or 40 every night, and we know we don’t we’re, not that type of team. Well, we are one guy gon na score, 30 or 489. You know so we just come and i try to play a basketball and move the ball and the rover is hot. You know we’re gon na go with him, you know and that’s that’s. Why we we are always. You know we are always there, even when we have guys down one thing nick talked about in the coaching of the year press conference yesterday is the thing he was most proud of beyond, as a coach of the raptors is. Is that effort that you guys put in every night that you guys try to win every single night, which sounds like something everyone does, but it isn’t uh? What is it that produces that? Because we know the secret the secrets of winning in this league? You have to come to play a whore every night to play as a team, and you know to defend you know to play hard on both hands and floor.

You know you know to run to you know play for your teammates. You know that we know that’s. Why we won last year and then that’s why we’re going to try to go again to win this year? Thank you, serge. Is there any other questions for surge in english? I can ask you: okay, yeah bruce. If you have another one feel free uh serge. This is kind of an obvious one, but kyle is so important to so much of what you do, the earliest. This next series with boston it sounds like can start is thursday. We don’t know what kyle’s status is yet, but can you just speak to the importance of kyle in making sure that this rash seems at best you said that you know what he said. I don’t really have to say a lot. You always say that he’s very important for us he’s, our mother, you know, hopefully he can be ready for the first game. You know because uh we needed him big time, man. We need him big time. Just the last question. We saw all those videos of you in your your apartment working, but how often do you touch a ball during the pandemic during those months uh? I just tried. I did whatever i can um i was you know. I had a ball in my cup in my condo too, you know and uh a soon day. You know we got okay to go practice.

You know i was in a gym. You know working hard, you know just try to stay ready man, you look comfortable. Thank you, serge uh. We will now shift to mike from le express toronto. Go ahead. Mike performance, important Music Music go back to mike ganta from the toronto sun. Go ahead mike hey serge i’m! Sorry, if you’ve already been asked this i’m kind of bouncing from one room to the next, so i didn’t hear the first part of your interview, but sir or um nick said the other day that this is by far the best he’s ever seen. You shooting the basketball um. Is it that way for you and and why do you think it is like at this point in your career, yeah man? If you ask you know all my teammates or my coaches, they know i spend a lot of time in the gym man yep. You know i spend a lot of time in the gym and when i walk my shirt, i work i’m only focused on the details. You know i don’t really. You know i just changed the way i used to work. You know before i used to come and shoot a lot of shoots. A lot of shots now focus. I focus more on the details. You know game shots. I think that’s that’s. Why and is nick great, is this the best that you’ve ever been shooting the basketball? Yes all right! I appreciate that thanks, sir.