Here he comes slithering into the paid off balance and he’s, headed to the free, throw line – one 37 of them in the fourth quarter in overtime, to get a win and, as we know, boston’s a very good defensive team and they were throwing everybody at him. And it didn’t matter, the wahoo cabaret, three won’t go and then nba’s reigning, most improved player and he’s probably shown the same improvements due to this incredible looking nets for their first five from the field, they’ve opened up a six point lead straight away three under accolades. He wants to win basketball games as much as possible, but he did acknowledge that it makes hilarity just a bit guys stephanie. I wonder if growing up, charis levert ever dreamed of one day making the all bubble team but uh what a story he’s been seating, extends and goes glass, so tough on that box, especially with that face up maneuver, but so that gruesome leg injury stand that he Overcame misses on a little floater here, it’s then tapped out temple on an open three and the rebound cleared by lowry. There was a time that people wondered. You know what kind of player he’d be when he came back, he’s playing at an all star level. What a move? It really is: his health he’s four years in the league he’s missed 105 games that’s. The question missed 27 games this year. If he can stay healthy, he’s going to be a very good player, but that’s still very much in question lowry.

On a three raptors hit, five straight shots offensive rebound that is van fleet. Take a two point: lead seven straight points johnson. This is a deep three splash well jack vaughn would like them to 51 in game. Three drive by van fleet he’ll, reset Applause here comes lowry. The drive well that’s the problem, though, with brooklyn they’re switching a lot, so jared allen has actually done a good job on the guards he had just switched out on van bleet. The problem is, then, when the ball came back to lowry and he drove jared allen’s out at the three point line and not in there to protect the rim so that’s, where you’re switching becomes a problem. Alan almost everything, there’s tyler johnson, up the floor, weaving his way through traffic, wanted some drive and kick multiple times. Nobody’S holding the ball they’re moving their spacing is good, and this is how they get up those 51 threes 36 and in the playoffs more like 40 plus minutes, and then ibaka is going to play a lot. He’Ll play more than gasol. Does norman powell’s gon na play? He just hits a three there. Craps he’s gon na keep these better guys on the floor. It allows him to stay in rhythm and these guys are the best condition team in the nba you watch them. They play big minutes. They play fast lead the league in fast break points and they defend they’re. The second best defense in the league they’re the first and fast break points they play the biggest minutes.

You do that. One way you do it with elite conditioning good, looking shot by temple that won’t go so a four point lead for the raptors as we come up on the final 60 seconds of this opening quarter. That’S shooting after a strong start has gone cold, have thought about it. Here it comes down to paint little floater nets wanted to travel. No whistle bach has played very very well in this series averaging almost 17 game he’s made five of his 11 threes. Hasn’T missed a free, throw, i know, he’s a great presence at the rim, defensively moosa again so three point game: what a shot and what a finish. One, because i don’t like the quality of shot you get on the first one. But if you can get that shot on it, two for one squirrel i’ll, take it the raptors with 21 points in the paint they’re shooting 61 six seconds to shoot a little bit shorter saved by musa. Raptors push the other way with siako powell from three effects. He cleans it up. That’S a gun down the stretch, a dunk and an offensive rebound put back igozo standing impressed with what we’ve seen from brooklyn so far they’re down seven. Well, their pace is great. They haven’t been able to guard effectively at all. You know they’re trying to play a little bigger on siakam, so they’re playing small luau cavaro on serge ibaka down low, just really mismatched trying to stay big on siakam, but that puts him mismatched in other places, tough fadeaway over the top of luau cabarro.

So much to his offensive game. We know that now, suddenly the raptors have extended to an 11 point lead, but a shoot 61 from the floor. I don’t know what jack vaughn’s options are to be quite honest, as we watch leverk hit. Another three certainly brooklyn’s offense, has been good enough against the number two defense in the league. They’Re gon na have to find some way to limit the raptors, and i don’t know if he has people on his roster capable of doing that. Quite honestly, putin kudutu skates. Ten point game brooklyn at this end, he’s hit six of 17 from three level contact and he’ll step back to the first, the business at hand. Here. Can they finish strongly down 3 0 to the defending champs laverge steps into a top three contestant and he’s got everything going 18 for the verde i’ve seen this show before, like i said in boston against another great defense, i saw him get 37 in the last 17 minutes when he gets it going when his shot is going reversed him in spot duty in brooklyn over the last couple of years, where he’ll come down and initiate offense, but as a primary ball handler on virtually every possession. We really haven’t seen that until we came here, he looks very, very comfortable in that role, not that time for lebert only his third missed shot in nine attempts. Still no official word on kai lowry who left this game early Applause, i should have said late in the first quarter.

A little bit of an angle. Injury is there to clean it up. Jacques vaughan wants a timeout and in boston, that’ll, be a big advantage. The nba fans already starting to dream about that series old matchup that would be – and it looks like we’ll – certainly have it soon. In a couple of days, three pointer won’t go a rare miss for the raptors in the quarter, little drive and kick tickle outside to who continues his offensive onslaught. 22 for levert and brooklyn johnson fight we’ve got chris chiosa on sergio powell dropping a hammer. I don’t know exactly what brooklyn was trying to do there big question with the nets. How long is jared allen gon na go without a shot? He didn’t have one in game three right through the second quarter, and he doesn’t have one and the raptors bench continues to put on a show right now. He’S now becoming a thing at this point, amazing for alan and they feed the big fella johnson triples around davis and then tonight again doing it defensively off the dribble timeout brooklyn and he made the most of it. He got it in the basket and brooklyn now going zone again trying to slow down the raptors and take away their size advantage. Brooklyn had played decided to play small against the centers of toronto. Toronto’S centers are 10 for 10. they’ve. Each hit three haven’t missed there and they have 24 points already unbelievable start.

The wahoo three pointer from the corner, won’t go and he’s. Now all of his first three you’re. Looking for his first points. If you just joined us, kyle lowry left this game late. First quarter left ankle injury and will not return for the raptors nothing further than that, and now raptors fans can just hope for the best. The baca’s little leaner won’t go into the corner. Here’S temple hot head earlier and brooklyn again punching back well. Nick nurse won’t be happy with that one intro ananobi up top so much athleticism on this raptors team temple thought about it. Hasn’T had it till this point: it’s saved nicely done by allen, shot clock, didn’t, reset alan, a leader got it again and now we’re just going to jared allen on every possession. It took him like five and a half quarters to get a shot, and now he gets two on two possessions but again ibaka in low they’re playing if you’ve just joined a seven of eight from the field, making eight of nine 17 incredible stat lines for the Raptor zapaka, looking for more outside driving, kick it’s intercepted. This is a foot race wins it against. Gazolin goes to the left hand, pretty finished by levert and he’s got 24 points, both teams playing a lot of zone now Applause. It is target practice for serge ibaka. He’S got 19 off the bench, i mean they have some things that some people will be able to exploit.

They are very small in the backcourt. Those two guys are very good. Very tough are used to playing against bigger people, but they’re still going to give away size every night, terence davis, on an open three Applause. First year, kid out of mississippi Music, well that’s. What he’s done here since he’s come into uh the bubble that’s his 35th? Three coming in here in 12 games, so you know making three a game. He has shot at over 40 percent quick answer for ciaco johnson bottled up by ciaco on the baseline under a minute to play shot clock at eight, the road not that time rebound by powell. That was stephanie. Thank you very much just hope for the best.