This sweet offensive start levert off the handoff from allen. Here he comes slithering into the paid off balance and he’s, headed to the free, throw line – one 37 of them in the fourth quarter in overtime, to get a win and, as we know, boston’s a very good defensive team and they were throwing everybody at him. And it didn’t matter, nba’s reigning most improved player and he’s probably shown the same approval to this incredibly looking nets for their first five from the field. They’Ve opened up a six point lead accolades. He wants to win basketball games as much as possible, but he did acknowledge that it manipulated just a bit guys stephanie. I wonder if growing up, charis laverne ever dreamed of one day making the all bubble team, what a story he’s been seating, extends and goes glass. So tough on that box, especially with that face up maneuver, but so that gruesome leg injury stand that he overcame lever, misses on a little floater. Here. It’S then tapped out temple on an open three and the rebound cleared by lowry. But there was a time that people wondered. You know what kind of player he’d be when he came back he’s playing at an all star level. What a move by anna! It really is. His health he’s four years in the league he’s missed 105 games, uh that’s. The question missed 27 games this year. If he can stay healthy, he’s going to be a very good player but that’s still very much in question.

Here’S seattle faces up tough matchup here against levert double team lowry on a three raptors hidden hit five straight shots offensive rebound that is van fleet. Take a two point: lead seven straight points johnson. This is a deep three splash well jack vaughn would like them to 51 in game. Three drive by van bleet he’ll reset here comes larry. The drive well that’s. The problem, though, with brooklyn they’re switching a lot so jared allen has actually done a good job on the guards he had just switched out on van bleet. The problem is, then, when the ball came back to lowry and he drove jared allen’s out at the three point line and not in there to protect the rim so that’s, where you’re switching becomes a problem. Alan almost everything, there’s tyler johnson, up the floor, weaving his way through traffic wanted some contact call well in miami. They really really liked you there and then he got released earlier they’ve given new life here to play in these bubble games with brooklyn and he’s, making the most of it stephanie ready, working the sidelines for us rest of our tnt crew. Here in orlando, who has been very active, it’s been great for lebert here, also because he’s proving that he can be a primary ball angler he’s been their point guard throughout their time. Here they’ve started chioza a couple of games, but for the most part, it’s been karis, laverde handling the ball all the time and he’s proven he can play and play very effectively double teamed underneath and a crowd trying to thread the needle to allen.

They turn it over here comes ciaco started by johnson calls it up and that’ll, be your raptors turnover nick nurse realizes that they’re going to give up a number of three point: attempts they’re going to try to contest them hard and they’ve done a great job of That being the best three point, percentage defense in the league is difficult. What a start by karis levert in the nets. He’S got 11 points on four of six shooting ciaco has the answer for the raptors, how about the shooting so far brooklyn 57 and the raptors? Even better at 60., we’re so blown as the virgin of 100 first place. Folks it’s really interesting with nick nurse too, because people focus on his ability to use and willingness to use a lot of different defenses. They will go 11. well. The one thing brooklyn’s got they’ve got hard playing guys and they have a lot to play for tyler johnson released earlier in the year really playing for his career here chris chioza, on the floor, playing to prove that he belongs in the nba jared allen. Fighting to try to beat inserted deandre jordan into the starting lineup karis leverk, wanting to prove that he can be a primary ball handler. So he’s got a lot of guys that have a lot to play for out here and i think that’s really helped them in overachieving wants to push a little hesitation maneuver. They find johnson chioza wide open and gaza fouled here as leverk his departure in the offseason.

You thought they take a step back, but unbelievably look to be in prime position to make another deep postseason run again. They’Re definitely contenders here in the east. That second round series against boston is one everybody’s looking forward to yeah. He is sort of limping now he’s telling him now that he does need to come out. He thought he was okay, they didn’t even treat him at the time out, but he just tried to signal to their bench. Norman powell has checked and he gets right to work and you can see larry’s still waving over towards the bench and i think they may have to take some foul yeah. He took a foul to get out and he’s gon na head right to the locker. A closer look in the locker room, hey clearly the way he said it that time out, he clearly didn’t say anything to anybody on the coaching staff he wanted to stay in the game. Then he got in there and just figured out he couldn’t. Do it. Gary temple knifing his way through the defense, serge ibaka has checked into the game for the raptors. This has matt thomas and terence davis, who misses on a little flick at the rim. Brooklyn was in zone that time they’ve been playing. Some of that one two two zone and they’ve done a great job on this end on the offense, spreading the floor out and doing a lot of drive and kick multiple times nobody’s holding the ball they’re moving their spacing is good, and this is how they get Up those 51 threes 36 and in the playoffs more like 40 plus minutes and then ibaka is going to play a lot he’ll play more than gasol.

Does norman powell’s going to play? He just hits a three there crap he’s, going to keep his better guys on the floor. It allows him to stay in rhythm and these guys are the best condition team in the nba you watch them. They play big minutes. They play fast lead the league in fast break points and they defend they’re. The second best defense in the league they’re the first and fast break points they play the biggest minutes. You do that. One way you do it with elite conditioning good, looking shot by temple that won’t go so a four point lead for the raptors as we come up on the final 60 seconds of this opening quarter. That’S shooting after a strong start has gone cold. Robots have thought about it here. He comes down the paint. Little floater nets wanted to travel. No whistle bach has played very very well in this series. Averaging almost 17 games made five of his 11 threes. Hasn’T missed a free, throw, i know, he’s a great presence at the rim, defensively musa again so three point game: what a shot and what a finish. One, because i don’t like the quality of shot you get on the first one.