Not just in this playoff series mismatch allen extended out, vanvleet takes and makes the three. So here is tyler johnson who was coming off the bench. Johnson pops connects a three point line better. However, toronto was able to find some driving lanes. Lowry catch and shoot he’s got it a three keeping gasol extended just enough. Five straight double doubles for allen: levert pump, fake nice touch got a piece to throw off the timing. Siakam got off to a hot start in game. Two over luau cavaro it’s pample shot it well. The other day misses on that three ball. Nice ball movement, though, by the net pull up van vleet bangs in another lavert head and shoulder fake lost. It lowry got a piece down the floor van vliet all the way, and he lays it in Applause and toronto – can bring this lead to double figures. Kick gasol book it it’s a three charis le verde picked up by anna nobi johnson ball, fake levert lets it fly and there’s the three allen: four to shoot: levert in trouble over and look out ciaco with a two handed kiosa screen from allen, drive and kick Shot clock winding down cutter temple teardrop goes down. Nice 27 shooting two of seven from three point lane and a turnover by the raptors had just nine in game. Two anderson isn’t shy and he can’s a triple uh kuruz is in lebert one on one with an inoby wow law cabaret come to watch the baseline excellent cut there by tlc norm powell, a thorn in the nets.

Oh, he bounced off luau cavaro, trying to follow his own shot, creating space and he finishes around. The rim. Nets are now down by nine flick it to the outside. Cooch doesn’t take the three. Instead, he attacks the rim for two. I think toronto was looking for a call. They basically stopped for a moment and the nets take over anderson, no look to kuru it’s, a blind pass. Toronto was capitalized on, but after the early onslaught in that first quarter they haven’t had too many book. It first chioza makes its move on david’s. Oh ankle, breaker ciao gets into it quickly. Anderson holding his ground, kick ball fake davis for three bottom okay, doesn’t go! Is that the name of the camera yeah rail cam? Have you liked the railcar uh? What are you gon na say no and the uncontested rebound for terence davis get it in early ibaka and inoby dives to the right we’ll get some of that. So it’s just different looks from different players. As you see pal face. Guarding Applause looks you just got to get them to go down. Pal back in ibaka sticks it from the challenges, allen and loses the challenge. The wubble cabaro shovels to the corner, levert from down accelerates levert to the rim. Couldn’T finish: it allen cleans the glass, the jumper doesn’t go levert offensive forward and sticks with the play with a well earned bucket lever on the pursuit just powering that through and for the nets nice job staying with the possession ivanka a three take it at the Throw plenty of time on the shot clock powell kaboom a three does not have a field goal.

Attempt Applause, levert, pull up yes and that’s. Where has been evident? 44, 31 raptors out of the timeout shot clock winding down van fleet, never out there’s that they don’t get sped up and that’s exactly what you see and a steal lowry comes away with. It find the open man c ockham now toronto has extended to a 17 point, lead allen and gasol get into it. No call and the jumper goes and toronto will settle in here with just under three minutes to play. First, half ciaco makes his move. He gets the angle and he banks it in trouble and that’s a big part of what the toronto defense forces you to do. Their three point: defense corner three bullseye for tyler, johnson and mrs whammy: he’s, even watching the game, they’re very comfortable. Yes, watching the games and putting the hecks on the opponents tyler johnson ‘. We are under 30 seconds to play. First half siakam aggressive count: it cut law cabaret, kick lover, got a three karis love, vert Applause van vleet tosses it up and goes down Applause. Gaza. Bumps into tyler johnson pass is stolen temple with a three temple now and johnson drills, it fred weaves his way out of traffic pascal and that one and uh he just has to just has to get that confidence and not compute he’s down but that’s with his First round and under nine minutes to go here in the third game, three action looking for mark and a great decision there, lowry banks it in just the three you want to take advantage of those opportunities.

Applause finds pascal over top allen’s hit luau cabaret and ananobi. There batted around allen back up top tyler johnson, a three that’s good van fleet finds an open pascal wide open. Three is good off the miss here’s pascal van fleet, rattles it in from trailer Applause, Music Applause, garrett, temple allen sets a screen and just rolls from it deep three good and tyler johnson yeah threw up. He couldn’t believe it. Oh great second effort right there castle. Now sends it over to pascal here’s ibaka backing in on temple. A great look i’ll tell you what there’s been some great Applause, tyler johnson look at elmo to the other and that’s what’s been great about it. Raptors lead 76, 62 chioza deep three game number. Four. On friday, night at 6, 00 p.m. Eastern. Well, you talked about sean marks at brooklyn norm. Nice way to go with the games in a bubble uh. Prior to this right there, the restart three pointer from fred van. You were literally for a 10 o’clock practice. You could get on the elevator at 9.50. Go downstairs into the ball, i guess you’d say the kiddie pool yeah the blow up hole and you’re in there jumping ice in it and trying to keep your legs fresh. There’S. No question about that and like the raptors is keeping them at distance right. Just you know where you are brooklyn and nice move by terence davis in the paint yeah terrance davis does a nice job of staying ready.

You know he understands that. You know it might be two minutes, it might be, you know 15 minutes and you might not play whatever the case. Is you just have to be ready on the drive and a good job off the back of the rim. Cut off musa by lowry. Carrot swings. It three pointer doesn’t, go or does it it does. It looks like it was gon na roll off of the rim and out, but it shooters bounce. It totally just continued to hang around the rim and fall in for chioza, of course, worth two thousand shot. Music Applause, who’s tremendously talented, has been on fire and really negate a lot of what he wants to do, just by playing straight up deep and davis, with a rebound davis from southaven to mississippi there’s chioza from memphis tennessee. They are very close to one another. Each other before just got ta be careful, see. Terence davis came down dribbling with the right hand, almost like he’s gon na pass it with that explosiveness finding eight and nine, and i think you know that with rondae hollis, jefferson, healthy he’s, certainly in the mix and terence davis. Is this what terence davis said it made a difference? It had an impact, and i said nick nick nurse just has a great feel for this roster Applause. The other thing about this first round, unlike years past first rounds, typically get stretched out most dominant big in the game right and what the celtics don’t have that big inside presence, nice move by enemy, stolen away, great anticipation by og.

Oh, my with the rev the clippers time, not only in san diego, but in buffalo as well. Oh, how about the dish by gaza and fred van batta? What a dish Applause! Then the delay! Oh yeah! You know what i’m gon na thomas is out there with about miller chris boucher, terence davis and gasol. Getting a little bit of run. He’S played 20 minutes, gasol Applause wire to wire in game, one game: two. Obviously they trailed by ten came back and won the game. Malcolm miller done the raptors. They got to the glass right and, and a lot of that has to do with brooklyn just having jared allen as good thomas out by matt, thomas yeah, and when these guys come into the game. It’S not like okay we’re in the game, we’re gon na we’re gon na close this out, we’re just gon na run up and down four get some shots up. They come in and they play hard Applause. They understand if they want to. If they want nick nurse to give him a sniff, you know when the game is on the line they better be defended. Raptors have 35 assists 45 made field goals, that’s a new franchise mark, as stanley johnson gets to the rim. 35 assists.