Hopefully i can come back to this and we’ll be right and let’s say 90 of them. That would be crazy, so um make sure to leave a like on this video. So more people see it comment what you want me to do next subscribe if you’re new turn on post notifications, we’ll get right into it. We’Ll start on the eastern conference. The weaker conference up here, milwaukee versus orlando, mo bamba’s out it’s gon na be easy sweep. I mean giannis, he i don’t know how many brain cells he has left. First of all, he just went up to mo wagner former laker and his head button him like hello. He probably lost even more brain cells from that too, so yeah there’s that he also kind of sold the suns. By doing that, i feel bad second match up. This is a fun one. Miami indiana tj warren tj, warren versus jimmy b, buckets or no jimmy g buckets. The g stands for, gets it’s going to be and a decent series tj’s going to go off a couple games: miami they’re, gon na win this series, they’ll i’ll, give the pacers two games miami and six miami and six. So now we go down the celtics and the sixers. This is, it would have been a good series, but ben simmons, ah ben simmons. He got injured. Joel embiid is back though so they’ll make it a series. I guess they could but they’re, not looking too great.

They were looking great in the first couple games when they had simmons and beat everyone, but it’s not i mean honestly, one i’ll give them two games. I’Ll, give philadelphia two games four to two to boston. Now we go down toronto and the nets toronto’s been looking. Amazing i’m, not even gon na lie, so how many games do we give brooklyn a game here, i’m gon na give brooklyn one game i feel like toronto would just like they would they wouldn’t sweep they they’d. Let brooklyn have a game. Maybe orlando would get a game. I don’t know we’re gon na flip over to the western conference we’re gon na start down here the clippers and the mavericks. Now some of you know if you’re in my stream or i might have said it in previous videos – i’m a lakers fan i’m gon na try not to bias, but i don’t know i really like. I actually think the mavericks could pull this off, but since people would get mad, this would go to seven. I think it would for sure go to seven and then there’s no home court advantage in the bubble, so i’ll just give it to the clippers because they have kawhi in game. Seven and luca and kristoffs don’t have playoff experience at all that’s. The only reason now we go here that’s they have the old logos and this i actually like a lot of the old logos, not this one though, and toronto’s okay.

So we got the nuggets and the jazz. This can be a nugget it’s easily. Maybe maybe utah could make this a series with go bear guarding. I i want to see i’m, not we’re, going to make these educated guests we’re going to look up, uh jazz, vs nuggets. I want to see what bear what they’re doing yeah well let’s see the the basketball reference. So we need to go to basketball reference because i’m actually i’m interested, not basketball reference. Okay, i’m interested in like what they okay let’s, go to nuggets. Um yeah, here denver nuggets let’s go down; okay, they played them two times in three games. They lost a close one and two close ones: okay and then here they lost, so they had three close games that they lost i’m gon na give utah two games in this series. Just because i believe that gobert he can stop booster bitch for a bit mitchell. Can go off for a gamer too, you know we’ll see here we got the rockets and the thunder now russell westbrook is actually going to miss part of the beginning of the series. So it’s going to be interesting, like cp3, has been going off. Shea galinari stephen adams, andre roberson’s, hidden threes for them and the rockets i feel like this is gon na be a good series and i truly believe i i actually believe okc is gon na pull this off. I think they’re gon na have it in them.

In seven games, no, not six! How do i change that? Seven games they’re gon na pull off well, i mean not technically upset actually i’m gon na check on my phone real quick, but i think uh let’s see, i think it would be upset. I think rockets might have went to five, but we’ll just check real quick um let’s check it out. We got oh actually, the they’re tied, but okc has a tiebreaker they’re both playing right. Now, though, our uh okc is playing now against the clippers third quarter. 70. To 60 it can change, but they’re they’re, the underdog let’s be real i’m going to give it to okc. Now up here, i’m a lakers fan, i run a lakers page. I see the disrespect every day. Oh portland’s, your biggest threat, five games. Five five i’ll explain the blazers here. You know what let me just show you. The i’ll show you the stats. Oh no. What did i do? Okay, i’m gon na show you the stats portland. I spelled it wrong. Um portland trailblazers let’s go to their their bubble. Games let’s see what they did: let’s go: um 8 or 7 31. Yes, the first game. They allowed 135 points right here in overtime, but that’s still a lot. 128 102. Okay, decent defensive game. Let’S, see. I bet: okay, westbrook hardin! Oh they didn’t do that! Well: okay, 102, 115, 100, er yeah, 115, 122. Without what without kawhi um 121 without, i don’t think anyone, no just without uh ben simmons, 130 133 to the nets they cannot defend.

They have no one to stop lebron. No one stopped ad lakers have tons of players to switch onto dame cj, has a broken back it’s an easy, easy win for the lakers here and i think they could even sweep if dame doesn’t go off for a game. So we’ll go back right here. The bucks first, the heat i don’t – know why it doesn’t say their things. I don’t know it doesn’t matter the bucks and the heat i mean the heat. I believe they could pull off this. I think this series is gon na go to six or seven, and i don’t, like honestly, i don’t know if the books are like really playing as well as they have been and they’ve been like they’ve been healthy, too they’ve had everyone playing and they just haven’t Been clicking and miami’s, oh, they have a lot of defenders. We’Ll go back to that toronto and boston. Here i i think toronto they’ve been playing amazing, but they’re gon na go back to their losing ways here. Boston’S gon na take in seven games. Seven i’m. Still thinking about this, i don’t know because you know i don’t pre plan my videos, okay, so on to the clippers and nuggets. I believe the nuggets could give the clippers another seven game series here, because jokic seven foot guy he’s mo he’s mobile now, if you’re watching the bubble, that game is playing point guard. He had a bunch of turnovers but obviously he’s not playing point guard.

Now. I think the nuggets they they don’t have anyone really to lock up kawhi or pg. I mean michael porter, jr and jeremy grant, but they’re, not really i mean jeremy grant. Could i i don’t know i haven’t watched that many nuggets games, but we’re gon na give this to the clippers in six games now on to the two match. Ups, these are big, but this one’s pretty easy. I say the lakers win this one in i say five games. I it will be easy, like a regular season, they dominated them. I know okc took one in the bubble, but that was before lakers actually started like focusing up getting ready for the playoffs it’s going to be a one two here here. The two seat already lost to the celtics and i don’t know we’re gon na. Do some research here you know what i’m gon na go bucks first, heat we’re gon na see these are the games, heat wins in overtime, heat dominates them let’s. Just make sure everyone looks like they played here, yep yep, how about for miami um they had. Okay. I think i know my decision. Yes, the bucks did beat them here, but they did not have their best player and it was a close game. The whole time. Actually. No, no, i remember this. The heat were up by 20, something and then they just if they had jimmy, they were gon na win that game as well.

So we’re going the miami heat in seven games to upset the milwaukee bucks and ruin giannis. Yes, gon na stay here on the east, miami and boston either. One of these teams in the finals would be amazing, but there can only be one. This is a seven game series, i believe – and oh my god, i don’t it’s, really a toss up. That’S who’s playing better got jimmy kendrick nunn duncan robinson bam got oh, i feel bad derek jones. Jr today went down with the injury. I didn’t watch it, but i heard it was bad. Hopefully he can get healthy. The celtics kamba jaylen brown, tatum hayward. They have the experience and miami they’d be coming off. Oh that’s, a tough one. Now i know yeah i’m, a lakers fan, but lakers are winning the series it’s not even going to seven i’ll tell you that six games done the lakers they’ve shown their last two games versus the clippers they won. Lebron was clutch so clutch in those games and also um. His defense on kawhi and pg has been amazing. Also anthony davis is going to have a field day well, not day series. I guess field series i don’t, i don’t know first the clippers he’s going to destroy harold. He just needs to be more aggressive and then kawhi and pg won’t be able to drive, but that series it kind of takes away lakers, bigs, dwight and javale, but they adapted to the to that in the last two games and they haven’t really been um playing Them besides, like the beginning and like start of the second half but like if lakers now, kuzma, shooting 46 or 45 from three in the bubble, he’s been amazing, his defense has been amazing, gives them another player that they can put on kawhire pg.

I think the lakers will take this lebron in the playoffs it’s scary. Now we go over here, go back here. A boston lakers see because it’s going in seven, but i don’t know who it’s going to because imagine a boston, lakers rivalry but it’s in the bubble. That’S tough, then you got miami lakers, which you know that’s that’s fun too. Who will go on to play the lakers in the finals, boston? They have kemba with jimmy butler doesn’t have experience past the second round. Kemba has no experience past the first round, gordon hayward. I think he has like second round oh wait. I forgot what did they do last year? I think they lost in the second round right. Yeah, ah, bam is young. They he got a young team i’m going with the celtics in seven and now we got the the big rivalry. Lakers celtics, oh wait! What i can’t even choose how many games can? I can i say, like two hello? Well, i can’t change it i’d say the lakers would win this one in in six games and six, maybe five anthony davis, no one’s gon na be able to stop them. No one’s gon na be able to stop a.d jason tatum’s, not gon na be able to hold lebron. This is gon na go to the lakers that’s gon na. Do it if you enjoyed leave a like subscribe.