com here with another free play for you guys this time it is for monday august 17th and if you are new to the page, welcome we get daily sports betting advice daily sports picks every single day from from England, soccer all the way over to american hockey, everything in between um and if you are aren’t new to the family. Take them home, subscribe to the youtube channel, become a part of the family, one of the few handicappers that gives back every single day, whether it’s a free play, whether it’s, whatever it is, um free money today we’re giving out a free twenty dollars. If you guess the correct score: uh between toronto raptors and the brooklyn nets um. So if you are not on board it’s time to get on board period, um drop in the comment section right now: nets and um raptors. What will the final score be right now in the comment section um and earn yourself a chance to win a free twenty dollars, and i i’ve hold my word on everything you know as soon as someone wins, i send them the money right away, so uh it’s A great opportunity to win free money, uh it’s like if you made a 20 bet and you want it and you get the the cash immediately so again, please hit the thumbs up. Today’S light meter target is going to be 100 likes uh and i think, starting this week with our eight and three free play run here.

Um we’re gon na start pushing up the light meter a little bit by a little bit by a little bit. So if you tune in every day, please do me a big favor help out the google analytics and everything for me just hit the like button in the video it’s right under the video it’s a little thumbs up. Please hit the thumbs up. If you appreciate all the hard work, i do for you guys all right, let’s get to it here great day. Overall, we uh, we told you, it was going to be a very low volume day. We said one. Maybe two hockey plays um and we only stuck with the one and we gave you as a free play as well. It was a four unit, winner, um, very, very, very slow, sunday uh. We didn’t want any major league baseball action at all uh over here with team jimmy. So when i went to capitals and islanders under first period, we’re actually going to go under full game as well. Both games very high, scoring total goes from five and a half to five very contrarian, better huge public all over the uh, the over for the full game. Uh. We would have went 2 0 in that game, but we we we held and stuck to our guns. There uh and had the one big free one free play winner and premium play winner on the same play um, but the great thing about it is.

We have jimbo special that goes off. A lot of people been asking about a full hockey package um going into the rest of the playoffs, and we finally have one it’s: 199 it’s all access, nhl pass it’s called jimbo’s special jimbo special it’s, going to be nhl all access package 199. Every single thing. I release in hockey whether it’s a red alert doesn’t matter there are 50 dollar plays. You know we’re gon na have some of them going into the nhl playoffs here um into the into the rest of the playoffs um, but it’s going to be 1.99 every single thing i release in hockey, no matter what you get it for 199 period, we’re on An eight no nhl run uh we’re up a ton of units, we’re dominating fire on ice end of story um. Our big play for monday is going to be in hockey as well, so be on a lookout for that, but um yeah, so that’s. The big special promo i want to run 199 gets everything i released for the rest of the nhl. If you want a day package and major league baseball, we’re gon na we’re gon na be picking up in sports this week, we do have nba nba playoffs is here that’s right, our free play is in the nba um. So yeah i mean, i think, it’s great. You know we’re on a 14 4 premium play run, plus 4 900. uh we’re on an 8 0 nhl run um.

You know i. I could not be happier we’re on a 2 0 kbo run um and you know there’s, better there’s, never a better enough time to get on board uh than right now, um, with with the way things have been going, but that’s really. All i have for you guys in the video um and let’s talk about there’s, no kbo on mondays um unless there’s makeup games, but there’s no makeup game uh for this monday that’s. All i have for you guys, if you appreciate it, hit the thumbs up in the video go subscribe to all the other handicappers ghost picks jack goes pick. Bryce, um and ghost picks benny go to their channels, follow them um and show them all the same. Love that you show me again, like meter today is 100 likes it’s right in the bottom of the video it’s literally to subscribe. If you’re not subscribed, hit that subscribe button then hit the thumbs up. There let’s break 100 thumbs up and again. If you want to win a free 20 raptors nets in the comment section right now, guess the correct score, which we’ve had so many winners this month, uh – and i hope you guys win um and that’s all i have for you guys today, uh really another huge Play six unit play uh for monday on the ice you know and it’s just tough to to try to even want to put money somewhere else.

We do have an early. I believe it’s, the early game nba premium play, but you know it’s it’s, tough, with with these numbers that we’re pulling for the hockey it’s just been so tough to even want to bet on anything else. You know we’re pulling 80 to 90 on our charts for games that we’re literally cashing at ease so it’s tough to even want to put my money somewhere else, but we’re going to continue to dabble in uh nba. I think we’re on a nice little run in nba as well, so 2 0 nba run so all right, let’s get to it. Let’S get to the free play enough for everything. Um go go! Follow me on on instagram, as well ghost picks ats we’re, going to be giving some more free content out for you guys over on instagram for monday, so check that all out as well free play of the day we’re taking toronto, raptors minus five and a half In the first half against the brooklyn nets – um, you know i. I just think that this is gon na, be reality check for the nets right, uh you’re, going up against the top defense in the nba you’re, going up against, probably the the guys who may have been overlooked once they got rid of leonard um. You know defending champs toronto raptors have built, you know a name for themselves. Last year they really did and not only to do that, but when i got rid of leonard a lot of people, kind of put them in the in the shadows um, but their defense prevailed.

They’Re. A very good team it’s like watching some old school basketball um, and i think the nets are just going to struggle here. They’Ve been going playing a lot of scrimmage style games here in the bubble, uh with a lot of backup. You know people teams backups going in there, you know preparing for uh the playoffs and all – and you know here we go siacom – is going to be a problem. He is legitimately going to be a problem in this game. I don’t think the nets have any answer for him. You know levert great job 25 points in the bubble. Um raptors went seven and one in the bubble had one tough game against the celtics. I believe don’t quote me on that um, but at the end of the day i love the toronto raptors. Here i love a minus nine um but i’m taking them. First, half minus five and a half as your free play of the day. Official free play of the day toronto, raptors and um uh minus five and a half in the first half uh against the brooklyn nets, and that game goes off at. Let me get the time for you on that game as well. That game goes off at 4 p.m. Eastern time is your free play of the day total set at 221 and a half so again in the comment section below right now. Guess the correct score of the game: you’ll win a free 25 like meter target today is 100 likes.

I truly appreciate everyone who tunes into me daily, um and then also yeah so hit the like button and then 199 all access, every red alert. Anything i put out that is involved with our fire on ice hockey package it’s called jimbo special it’s 199 on the front page of the website and on the front page of my own personal uh, paid uh page on the website team. Jimmy you’ll see everything there. So don’t forget to check out the blog plays that we release every single day on the website. More write, ups, more free content: all you got to do is become a member of the website. Log in with facebook, doesn’t matter very easy to work and navigate i’ll, see all you guys in the winner’s circle again monday on the ice. Six unit play good luck.