Canada’S team and check out bodog’s betting guide bulldog make a play on the road, shall we say: there’s the starting lineups karis levert has been sensational, which had the second best record in the entire league together beautifully and played some really nice team, basketball, kyle lowry connects And there’s the first goal: good job, not fouling, as he throws his body running the lane. Brooklyn doing the same thing, racing up the floor temple tries again and it’s short. This time lowry tries to throw a touchdown and he does count it and the foul season of the season, without leonard gasol, left open and connects on the jumper team leader cal lowry. If he thinks ciaco is ready for the moment, he said, i think he’s ready we’re going to find out, even if he ain’t we’re going to make it, and you know what the translation of taking a charge is. I want to win carrots fumbled it a bit. Almost was deflected they fight hard to stay in front of the ball and that’s. What a lot of nba teams don’t have right now, ciaco wide open, three pointer is good and the lead the huawei cabaret nails the jumper. He is shot extreme by the way harris has stayed in the game with the two fouls there. He is fires away and hits the three pointer. He has become a piece that can fit around any player or any player, so duran and irving come back next year.

If they’re able to resign him, passing ability has gotten so much better and jack vaughn credits, brett assistant, coach, brett, marie the action and obviously shots to the groin, as norman powell’s recovered, to make the three they play their guys big minutes. This is a tough tough team ibaka from outside knocks down the three point chosen. One of those players has really taken advantage of his opportunity with them being short handed luabo cabaret. Another bucket can keep that pace throughout the course of a game. He got the stamp of approval too, from kevin durant who said he can play in this league. Is of this senior citizen thinking he’s going to walk home to show his toughness instead of going to an in an ambulance. My goodness, thank you, cassidy toronto, showing just how good they are right from the get go. Tyler johnson on the fake now pulls up jumpers, good johnson. Another right back to ibaka reposts has a clear advantage. Instead gets it inside hollis, jefferson, canada, ibaka right there on the following. She owes a nice feed inside and hall able to convert lowry way outside it’s. Another three it’s, really impressive, just the skill level. Now, third, foul on powell, seven seasons, ibaka banks, it all sergey vodka and double van fleet from outside nails, the three pointer long run and the understanding that this thing is hard and you have to be in the right position. He said from then into now i’m.

A different van fleet that’s a three another look and they just keep pushing and pushing vanvleet the euro step. Ananovi that’s, a three pointer, oh gianninobi, who’s, got to be thrilled with being out there on the floor in playoff time as garrett temple drives and finishes. Even off of make the raptors really racing up the floor in a layup Music – and this has just been a bludgeoning legending here in the first half van bleet, six for six fred, now playing five perimeter players. The wawa cabaret knocks down the three, but not because of the comes up short that time ball batted around levert, pushing joel harris in step, knocks down the three pointer, but he has not lost that that energy on the defensive end, the wallow cabaret these four for Five, both teams wanting to push the pace good feet inside reverse, gorgeous pass there from harris knocked away as brooklyn brings it up again brooklyn one of the surprises here in the nba bubble. Nice start the first possession the alaska ciacom cassidy very aggressive right there. The i don’t think he should say that too, would that be great, hey guys, it’s gon na be a short series, so let’s get into his right hand, but why shouldn’t he say: it’s gon na be a long series. I don’t understand that no, he should i’m just saying brooklyn’s come out with a little fight in him here to start the third garrett temple rattles that one in tempo from downtown going in the playoffs a bunch of times.

I never was in a series, and i didn’t believe we were going to win Music that’s. A three fred fan we’re over matched here: okay, but there were times when you, you were overmatched because of injuries and all that you still felt you’re going to compete at your highest level. You have to have a belief that defies logic. Garrett temple on the drive count it at a one temple player is missing. Larry gets inside trying to draw some contact temple again drives layup rolls in of the ball. You know they had 10 early turnovers. If you take care of the ball, don’t foul, you at least give yourself a chance, joe harris on another sliver. It’S inside adjust bank shot, no good jared allen right. There blocked by ibaka, knocked out of bounds and it’s toronto ball. Third quarter to get themselves back in the game, levert fakes drives, takes some contact, count it and won jamal crawford, called him the best kept secret in the nba and is impressed with how much he’s a student of the game and charis also told me. Kyrie irving called him after here in this third quarter, levert allen. I don’t think he was expecting that pass. Luamo cabarro again, a three pointer Applause. Music van fleet drives hard and banks at home fred van fleet five seconds remaining luabo cabaret trying to get a shot off throws it ahead. Allen puts up the jumper and banks it in at the bus 22 of 23, from the free throw line as tyler johnson knocks down enough Music van fleet gets inside, misses c pocket couple of fakes, shot won’t go fight, gets it again puts it up, knocks it Down nine again van fleet nice little fake, knocks down the three Music well defended that time, that’s a three, because teams are gon na help off of him, the deeper they go in the playoffs.

The wobble cabaret continues his fine shooting what a surge here in the nba bubble for the wobble cabaret. Oh man, fleet, again baseline here’s davis, splits the defense banks at home out of foul the strength. The nets came all the way back cut it to eight at one point: that’s jared allen: oh jared allen, with the baca right on top of energy to get back into it van fleet kicks it out lowry wide open with a chance for a three point play Jared allen hits a pair it’s back to 14. ibaka kicks it out and an obi good look, and there again you see this 19 point game three and a half to play sergey baka thick case. Certainly kyle lowry misses his two boys and all the players missing their families. Norman powell throws up a three and puts it in that’s. The 24th espn would have done that for that for us right yeah. Yes, that would have been nice just 129 105. Under two minutes remaining game, one best of seven wednesday, the series are all every other Music Applause day. Boy, nice, mississippi, shot pretty well from three point range: justin anderson, martin, that’s, a three to be their most points.