He is the best player in the nba giannis antonio combo is the best player in the nba lebron and kawhi, and all these guys aren’t a part of that conversation because of they’re, just elite players, they’re god’s here and they’re, not they’re. Above that conversation, they’re playing for legacy and positions of history, so that’s they’re eliminated from the conversation janis johnson clinton is the best player in the nba, the best all around play in nba as well offensively and defensively as all around player he’s, the best in nba For him to to possibly win a back to back, mvp is incredible: he’s. Definitely a self made player in a land of clicks and posses guys who are hot by association in the know in the mix because of who they know and who they mix around. With this, guy came out of nowhere standing on his own two feet: ten toes down and went at everybody embodied everybody. Everybody got that work, don’t, think they didn’t. The understanding of kunpo is, is a special player it’s hard to create your own lane in the land of groups and clicks and gangs, and all that type of shit being affiliated with something kind of validates. Your ability in some people’s eyes, it’s kind of tougher. When you have to deal with the group it’s, not like he’s just dealing with one player, he’s dealing with the whole group and he’s bust everybody’s ass, he gave everybody 30 and 15 rebounds seven assists.

He gave everybody that work and made a name for himself. He doesn’t even have a commercial he don’t even have commercials like that like like, when has the best play in the nba not had a ton of commercials out not had a major shoot campaign. I don’t see any posters like you hear about his shoe coming out, but you don’t see any posters everywhere like they did with lebron giant billboard in times square, like none of that shit for jonas. This guy came out of nowhere and stood tall against everybody and is the best player in the nba and did it on his own terms, stayed in his own lane, it’s it’s. Definitely i definitely appreciate watching it like i used to be pissed off that this guy’s. So standoffish, not with you, know, ingratiating himself into groups and getting to know different people like some people come to work and don’t really fuck with their co workers. Sometimes they just want to go, do their job and go home and that’s regarding something that cooper wants to do, do his job and go home, fucking parties and hanging out with y’all going out for drinks. I won’t do my job and go back to my family. He also proved that a strong family structure, the mother and father dynamic, is still impactful like even with zion. They tried to force his step pops out the picture and make it seem like his mother. Did it all by herself, and we both know she did they like to push that single mother rhetoric, and then they try to capitalize off of the fan base who are living in a single family home because they think you know most african americans or black people In general, don’t grow up with a father around which is far from the truth.

It just proves that we all come from different walks of life and you can still be productive. You can still be cool in your own way. You don’t have to be on front street tap dancing and getting the crowd into. You know like everyone’s, not going to be someone who draws a crowd to what they do. They’Re, not popping, but they’re, still efficient and effective young santa is efficient and effective. He doesn’t need the crowds oohs and eyes and affection all the time he doesn’t have to be seen all the time he just goes. Does his job and go home. You got to respect that and that’s. Why he’s the best player in the nba, because he cares about the work more than the reaction to the work he grew on me. I definitely respect him. You know there’s something the criminal deserves the mvp. I wanted lebron to win it. I just don’t see that happening unless some type of miracle occurs. I just felt like lebron winning. The mvp would be a great business decision with the story with the lakers and not making the playoffs and and going from zero to 100 and being able to be the number one seed in the west and clinch. The the regular season title like all that stuff makes for great tv stories, selling points for merchandise and other products attached to lebron james and the lakers, like i just felt like it was a 20 billion dollar hustle and no one’s going to turn down 20 billion Dollars just to do the right thing by naming santa claus mvp, even though he deserves it more, i just felt like lebron was the better business decision that’s, why i picked them and now with the pandemic, and the way things are, that shit is out the window And the mess the best man is going to win and i’m, giving it to yana santa cumpo, because we, the story and the whole capitalized opportunity that the nba would have is pretty much lost, they’re just trying to salvage whatever they can to keep the sport going.

Because they couldn’t not have a playoffs, because that should have been a disaster going into next season. They were there. They had to compete with football baseball hockey all over again and now they’re forcing college sports into the spring, which is going to make it even tougher. For the nba to get attention, i love the nba, but they can’t compete with fucking college football fuck that we talking about april and may, or even or even yeah april may and fucking ohio state michigan in the in the warm weather, let alone the freezing cold. Michigan state michigan, usc ucla, usc fucking, notre dame in great weather in the springtime that is, a college football fans, dream and i’m a big college football fan. I get to watch these dudes play in great under perfect conditions. Oh fuck it’s going to be tough. For me to watch fucking, kyrie irving and all these niggas when i can watch some college, kids play football and ball out that love for the game can be duplicated anyway. But the fact remains that younger something like boy is the best player in the nba. He deserves the mvp and possibly the defensive player here i’m proud of him man. This is he’s a professional, and i respect his level of professionalism and execution.