Listen, you get your shot now baby. You got your shot. Just you got your shot to shut down tj warren. Oh he he ain’t the same tj one you remember from before. Oh, you were talking big boy shit to a minute ago when he was averaging 19 points, a game yeah, you listen and he ain’t the same. Tj tj is different right now: he’s putting up 35 a game and he’s smelling himself he’s feeling himself he’s ready for it and they’re gon na feed him and he loves to be fed senior buckets. Jimmy butler, your defensive prowess and ability will be on display. Sir, all the things you exercise when you were playing with mr tom thibodeau in chicago will be called upon. When you got a guard tj warren, i want to see it. You shut him down. You’Re the big dog. You shut him down that’s what don’t, not that we did it as a team, because we know y’all gon na play that zone that’s several cubes like zone that that unlv and me but type zone he can shoot y’all out that zone baby. Yes, sir, that boy get hot but you’re gon na have to guard a man to man, mino amano. You have to listen, shut him down, while y’all going home shut him down. Listen, it might get to the point where, if you don’t stop tj warren you’ll be looked at differently. Even if you win the series, if he comes off and puts up 35 a game, we go, listen, i’ma! Look at you differently! We gon na look at you differently.

Even if you win this series, he smoked y’all, we’re gon na say he just need a better team. You better get to him, get you him and get him out the way one man can’t run through y’all we’re gon na look at y’all differently. If you run through y’all, because then that means there’s weaknesses and a superstar superstar power can supersede your team’s ability to win the game don’t, let him shoot you out that zone don’t. Let him shoot you out that zone. Listen. You know what’s going to give them confidence. If you light you all up, it’s going to give other teams, confidence and other teams are going to believe that they can beat y’all and you don’t want that confidence. You want teams to have a fear of that zone and what y’all can do with that zone? You’Re alone you take up space, you don’t, give up shots, and but teams just listen this this this bubble is a aau bubble. Niggas are shooting for three niggas, just putting up 50 55 threes, a game. Listen, niggas, niggas are trying to shoot y’all out that thing jimmy you got to shut him down, and then you got to put up 26 and six. You listen let’s, not let’s, not forget that you still got to put up 26 and six while shutting him down in order for y’all to get past them and keep things the way it’s supposed to be. I believe y’all gon na win in six, maybe even five but you’re not gon na sweep them.

You got ta shut down. Tj warren you’ll win it y’all are winning don’t. Let that nigga give you all 35 a night, because then i think it’s going to look at you differently, it’s, going to change the nigga’s going to start that one y’all i’m nba show don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe miami is going to win This series, in six five, if they jump out to a two game, lead and um jimmy butler, is gon na – have to show it she’ll improve just like tj warren is gon na, have to show and prove i like them. They don’t like each other. They talking that shit. I wan na see the battle i’m nba chef don’t forget to hit that like button, the nba first round, the east and the west is going to be beautiful. Shit.