This is to make sure he he gets off to a good start. You know you play a miami team with the way they play their intensity. It’S important and it’s rebounded by goran dragon season, the same two starting lineups that started last monday in the win. Miami is a three point: shooting team it’s going to be really important. Applause duncan robinson hits the three did just 95. good hands by oladipo butler puts it up and in though often keep bradley’s going for this. Miami team has made free, throws aaron holiday in the starting lineup bounces in terrific, pass to turner the shot clock down to four spins and lost him and robinson to adebayo game per game, leading to 21 opponents points. Warren pulls up his three perfect, the regular season. He’S off to a nice start with five, as he says i just like the hoop and he’s looking to do. Oh boy, miles got beat badly now, brogden gets inside, looks for holiday, beats dragon Applause, Music Applause inside with a left hand high up off the glass experience, and you can see jimmy butler making move as soon as as tina’s played well this year against the pacers Butler inside missed it rebounded by brockton Applause and the pacers have their first league patriots, but free throws are at a premium in the playoffs Applause yeah. He sure did. This is game. One eastern conference first round and tyler hero three point: shot no good and oladipo.

The rebound and we have a loose ball foul it’s against miami and jay crowder well: i’m, not liking this with victor samson, the rebound. When what do you see with the pacers right now from the rebound being thrown from the outside to the corner? Applause? His last 14 down in orlando and the pacers lead by seven hero answers somebody long on him or as big as he is to try to slow him down good opportunity. I think right there for aaron holland pacers by six with a 31 point. First quarter warren picks up the loose ball. He’S gon na drive it right into the lane, edmund sumner and jakar. Sampson challenge here with this group is: where do you get your offense from ball again, but mcdermott with 23. skip pass derrick jones for three well that’s. That’S, a 47 of those in the regular season, just a 28 percent three point: shooter Applause collect a small lineup with the quickness to have to guard particularly olynyk, because you got to be able to recover to him because that’s what he’ll do by as many as Eight miami had an early six point lead now: hero down the lane in traffic with a left hand, coming off the bench and would be active and and be able to make plays now they lob it up and dunked by iguodala and we’re tied, but surely could Use it and right now, they’re without victor oladipo as holiday, launches and hits the three green and draggage missed it.

Sampson the rebound is trying to increase right through a job draggage to a cutting. Olynyk iguodala has his second dawn. Jimmy butler comes back in Applause. Hero jumps it out and a three by draggage, you noted as well. His wife is expecting, but from a physical standpoint, he’s he’s going to be out a little bit. Nice move by turn with the left hand, sure Music pacers needed that, because it was nine straight. Miami points and scoring on the kentucky – oh, my goodness, skip pass justin holiday for a third three. What did that? Work out die back in the first quarter and he is questionable to return back cut butler dunks. It yeah because there was a back screen of eight from the field for tj he’s guarding robinson now, brockton’s guarding baller. They went into a week – Applause, Music, Applause, Music. This is what miami can do. They can use either butler or crowder great, read more against back. The other way down four miami. Six of 16 three point range nice job by t.j, ward, gwen. This is only game one. We have seen bodies go to the mat. Well, you know that’s the nature of these games, the ball again with adebayo. Oh, that thought he traveled and turner blocked the shot nice job just recognized it. I think, and now warren four three got it in a smart play out of buy a great defense, though edmund sumner he’s solid. There shot clock down to four drag long.

Three: miami by five look at the screen: oh god, 132 blocks he’s guarding adebayo robinson. He got fouled on the jump, shot now turner and a bad pass. He got put in a tough spot, though he got thrown the ball by crowder. They are, you know, it’s a man to man, but they’re, really playing zone principles. No doubt yeah no doubt about it that foul on the three point shot, they were just acknowledging that it was a three point shot and now tj warren did really well in the first half they really did and he’s going to need to play well uh here In the second half as well, this guy just can’t get it up softly. He’S got 19 points, skip pass, crowder three top three, orlando, all month, long eighth year at a marquette holiday steps inside the three point line, he’s got 11. to keep a body on the bio yeah, trying to make him a jump, shooter Applause Music because he was Defended very well intensity as hard as you have to play to play against them, really starts to weigh you out thanks very good Applause, so yeah he was what fifth sixth grade. I would say: brockton sumner’s going to drive on hero, put it up and in it was the right thing to do. Brogden against duncan robinson five point: miami league gets around him with a left hand and the good news is he can find mcdermott, because i still think the pictures got to get mcdermott in the game.

Applause, mcconnell it’s, a one point game, found a way to get that’s still one of the things you’ve got to do now they started here. You start in the second heat of the fourth quarter. We got to get mcdermott into some kind of way. Derek jones jr starts it with an alley. Oop, dunk and he’ll bring it up the floor. I think mcdermott for three, yes that’s, the big racers have tied it at 83 or eighth time. Dragon got the roll and they’re now together, mcconnell with the two holidays, mcdermott and samson, and on the baseline count of two on mcdermott mcconnell mid range, samson, playoff game. Oh, he threw that learner was looking to find out where, on the bio was and didn’t go, get the ball. He did the only thing he could do there and hero hits. The jumper 18 points. Eight assists in 31 minutes long rebound no block out and it leads to a layup four point: heat lead now, mcdermott with a left hand out to holiday. Jimmy butler is back in here’s. The man to man match up butler and warren dragach for three. Well, you can’t ship ears, dragon just had a big game, they’re looking to get it to him, because he’s the one that’s been making plays nine to three is the miami run warren for three 22 points: a bottle up: hero Applause on the baseline playing well in Their first career playoff game hero, one of those warren dragach – is a playoff veteran.

Warren 22 points today tries to draw the foul butler the steal, offense way out there that’s the defense of the heat. Well, they also got length because you can see right now, brockton what a terrific pass at the label to react effectively with very short notice. Now butler takes a rare three and drains it brogden, but they called the jump ball. Fortunately, for the pacers, because when tj got brought in 18 to lead the pacers really trying to guard butler closely butler knocked down solving this half court miami defense, because they can switch a lot of things. Iguodala just switched there with jimmy Applause, Music butler inside the final 90 seconds, they’re in control, to take a one game to none lead as butler has it blocked by butler, who has hit two big threes in this fourth quarter he had dragons should have been a One two punch and two more for butler time lead at 56.52 was just one. After three quarters. We were tied three times: that’s blocked by iguodala, so miami takes game one, but it’s gon na be really an emotional part.