He played, but he he sat out because of his knee he wasn’t 100. He couldn’t run all the time, so jason tatum and marcus smart and brown and hayward they got busy. They had something to prove this team like toronto is bigger than one player. They are a team i like teams that are not built as one unit as opposed to one player. Nobody thought they would be the number three cds. Some were thinking: five, maybe six tatum’s jayson tatum superstar leap brown, solid play after he got his nine figure deal. You know normally they just don’t show up for work after they get paid over 140 million. You know what i’m just saying: i’m, just saying: marcus, smart, solid leadership and defensive presence, walker’s ability to fit in and not try to lead too much. Just let it come to him boston, the first time in 36 years they got three players that average 20 points a game, that’s big boston, to keep it a buck; there’s two teams that are one player away, miami and boston, even toronto from winning it all. No matter who comes out the west, these four teams milwaukee not even milwaukee, these three teams – boston, toronto: oh fuck, what’s, my other team, boston, toronto, miami, those three teams are one player away from winning it all, no matter who comes out of the west, anthony davis. As much as i like to see him in a laker uniform does not fit in, he is not a laker, he will never be a laker.

He just wants to fit in. He doesn’t want to be a star and that’s, not good enough for him being a laker. He has to be a star. He has to dominate he’s, not built like that. He wants to play one game. He wants to take nights off. He wants to relax, he he wants to cruise, like he did in kentucky where he won the title: anthony davis with the boston celtics, anthony davis, with the miami heat anthony davis with the toronto raptors wins the title. They win a title also, the mar derozano miami wins the title, but anthony davis on the boston celtics. They win a title. That’S, a team that’s damn near impossible to beat the seven game series unless you get really hot from three because that’s a solid defensive and offensive team with him on there. He might win the mvp if he goes to boston. Just fool for thought: their lack of post scoring and defensive post presence makes them vulnerable to guys like joel and beave and all the other centers in the league, but they can get anthony davis who hasn’t signed his deal with the lakers who’s fucking sold his house In la i, don’t think he’s going to stay with the lakers, especially if they lose it’s going to be a hard sell, it’s going to be a hard sell. The number three seed in the east means a lot to boston because they earned it without the spotlight.

Being on one player, jason tatum leaked into the spotlight. Up until that point, they were looked at as a team now they’re trying to separate him from the team saying he’s the star, but everyone knew he was going to be the face of the boston celtics from the beginning of the season. I knew it. I knew it wasn’t going to be jaylen brown, especially after he got his money. Jason tatum is playing for that big contract if y’all don’t know he’s playing for a big contract. If you gave him 140, i need 200 he’s playing for 200 and i don’t think i don’t think danny ainge is going to give him 200. He might get 170. Some shit like that. I believe a good showing in the playoffs could land him a big time. Free agent this year and that big, that free agent will lead them to a tight run that they deserve boy. Listen. Their coach deserves a title, run a legit one, not the bullshit. When we hope you get that, i mean a legit showcasing his coaching ability. I watched him when he coached butler he’s, a great coach. I i would love to see him coach in the finals for boston to be the number three see like this dude coaches. Kyrie was a cancer to the fucking program, that’s the only fucking mishap they had when they pulled kyrie’s ass and let go of isaiah. I would have kept isaiah thomas and you still could have got kimball walker or you could have got somebody else, but this team is dope.

I like this team. I really really like this team. The boston celtics are legit number three and they deserve it. I’M.