I know one thing for sure that they are bigger than one player. They are more than just kawhi they’re, more than just brian casey, who used to coach them more than just demar derozan. This group of guys have been through a lot minus demar, derozan and kawhi leonard. This court has been together through the ups and downs of the brian casey era and that’s, where it was built now they’re in the nick nurse era, where they’re able to go forward and further. But there was a time when toronto couldn’t get past lebron and everybody who knows that, no matter how well they played in the regular season, they could not get past lebron, no matter what team lebron was on, they couldn’t get past them now. Lebron goes to the west and they win the title, but people always say you didn’t go through lebron to get it so the respect level isn’t as high, because you hired outside help you didn’t, do it with the core group. Brian casey gets traded because or fire because he couldn’t produce and get past lebron and demar derozan has traded for kawhi leonard because he wasn’t he couldn’t, deliver and get the team past. Lebron and lebron was a big part of the story and they didn’t go through lebron to get to the title, so the lack of respect people had, for their title run, it’s always going to be there it’s going to be a thing and also golden state fell.

Apart we’ve never seen a team have that many key players fall apart, one after the other at the worst possible time ever right before the playoffs in the playoffs one after the other major injuries, not an ankle, tweak or a hit pointer or something that they could Play through these were career, almost career, ending injuries, injuries that would take a year to rehab and even in kd spot kd’s uh situation, maybe two years to fucking rehab and get back to normal again, like we’ve, never seen that. So when people think of the championship, they’re, like yo golden state, almost forced the game, seven clay before his knee before before he pulled his acl – was about to drop 40.. He was smoking. Toronto. Toronto could do nothing with them and they couldn’t even do nothing with kd. Before kb really was out. There was no way they were going to be golden state. They were going to compete, but they fucking wasn’t going to beat golden state even with a third of their their fucking roster with one third of their roster. They almost got pushed to a game: seven they. If kd was still available and able to play, they would have fucking won, they would three p. They go to stay with a three p. Did they fucking ran right through toronto, but toronto won the title, but there’s not a lot of respect on the name when they won the title was like they got lucky.

They got kawhi whatever everyone was just short as all right. You won the title. It wasn’t, like hey, you won the title, good game, good, hey, good work, even though they had they were leading the league and scoring from the bench with 40 points, a game from the bench and got great star power from kyle lowry, who’s underrated, even not underrate. Kyle lowry it’s just something about his game, but he’s, so productive and such a fighter he’s so philly he’s a philly ball player. Then you got pascal seattle and baca. You know all these different guys who are playing vanvleet, who are balling, but we won’t give them the credit they deserve until after kauai left and now that kauai is gone, we see that, even though they were when they were winning without kawai anyway, but for them To go and win the title and then come back and be the number two seed after having players out with injury, shit, goddamn there’s, something in the water respect is given. Respect is deserved because they prove that they’re bigger than one player they’re a family. They play for each other and it’s rare that you see a team that won a title without with with a super with with the with a superstar playing with an experienced star player, to repeat without that star. I don’t know how many times this ever happened. I don’t even remember it ever happened. I think the bulls may have done it.

I think the bulls did it when mike left, but it still was tough. It was fucking rough to watch when chicago did it. This was not hard to watch when toronto did it. They would they made it look easy. They picked up right where they left off and everybody stepped up and played better. They have no championship hangover they’re. They are a threat to every team in the east, no one’s safe. If you have toronto in your bracket, if you have to face toronto now or later, you got a problem, a serious, serious problem, you’re dealing with a team you’re not dealing with one superstar and everyone follows their lead. No, you don’t know who’s gon na kill. You you’re just praying that it’s kyle lowry, because then it’s acceptable. All right, kyle got hot, but when van fleet gets hot and vodka gets hot pascal gets hot and the other guys got he’s like fuck. I was, i was expecting it, but i was hoping it wasn’t gon na happen now. We’Re. Definitely not gon na win this game because then the other guys catch up. Unlike other teams, when, when other players outside of the the spotlight players show up, they tend to fall back and cruise nah kyle lowry is coming back, is coming pascal’s coming back van fleets come they’re all coming once they smell blood, it’s hard to repeat any form Of success after losing a key piece like kawhi, like demar derozan, like fucking brian casey, nick nurse picked up and flew with this team kind of like steve kerr did, will go to the state they have.

They have proven that, no matter what toronto is a threat to the east and they’re bigger than whoever has the spotlight. That means a lot because some players, their egos won’t, allow them to accept the fact that they play behind or don’t get the spotlight like a player who they feel they perform and execute just as well as or better than there’s no drama. There’S no dissension success is loved and shared by all of them that core group, seattle, lowry, van vliet and baca and another player, and a few other players who were there through it all have stayed in power. Ivanka had a championship run with uh with the thunder. So he has an idea of what it takes, even though they didn’t win with okc. I wish they would have kept that tune together, but he’s proven that he could step into the spotlight and get you 20 and 10 if he wants to. If he has to toronto is a threat, a serious threat in the east milwaukee ain’t gon na just walk in there and walk out there’s going to be some battle scars if they go to toronto. Anybody that goes to toronto. If you win the series it’s going to seven and you ain’t gon na be the same you’re gon na be battle tested, but most likely you’re not going to win. They have the experience. They have the heart and they’re. Not they have nothing. They have something to prove to the world that we are bigger than just one player we’re, bigger than whoever you decide to put the medium spotlight on.

I think it’s important that they be spotlighted as a unit. I don’t think they should break them up and i think espn should interview them as a team like talk about them as a unit because that’s what basketball is it’s a team sport when you want to sell tickets and merchandise. Of course, you want to highlight a specific type of talent, that’ll bring you in more money, but when i look at college sports, i like to see teams. This is a team and i think i just like everybody else. We get away from what we love so much about sports that it’s a team sport college basketball is what made me love, nba, basketball, more because it’s more of a team concept. Of course, you got to have your superstars but it’s a team it’s more team than individual, because no one’s getting paid. I just believe that toronto is a great team. I think if you take giannis onto the kunpo off milwaukee and you let toronto and milwaukee go at it, they sweep milwaukee the star power of liana. Santana is the only thing that bridges the gap between toronto being number one in the east and milwaukee being dominated giannis onto the compo, is very important to that equation without giannis toronto is the best team in the east and they’re going to the finals again that’s. How good they are giannis giannis is the best giannis has to be the best player in the nba for milwaukee to beat toronto that’s.

How good toronto is – and i just realized that if giannis was any less than the best play in the nba, they won’t win. That’S the only edge that milwaukee has over toronto giannis the best player in nba outside of that that shit is null and void. It’S a sweet i’m, an nba chef.