We are tottenham tv here back here for a match review of our pre season friendly today against reading at the tottenham hotspot cedar, finish: 4 1 to tottenham um let’s run through the first half first um. You want to run us through who played was the lineup yeah? I think it was uh laurie’s in goal. Uh jedson started a right back davis left back. It was dire and toby uh center with hoybia and harvey white sitting, delhi, lucas and bergvine behind son, and we started the first half with real. With this real intensive pressure, a bit similar to the last friendly wasn’t. It yeah, which is really good to see and and jose, was talking about after the game how it’s something he’s they’ve really worked hard on in training the way they pressed the ball and i think they’ve definitely taken. Maybe elements of the way pochino presses because it was so intense. It was very high up the pitch and it was hounding um. The reigning defenders and it worked as well worked really well and lucas and bergvine really picked them. Sorry really putting the defenders under pressure and especially lucas, a number of times winning the ball back um inside the reading, half and um. It was uh really good to see, because you know back in the last season, we’re being very pragmatic and sitting very deep and it’s nice to see us go a bit push a bit further up the pitch.

Do you feel that we’re playing like that it’s like a sign of a meaning how to go on to into next season, then we’re gon na start like that next season really pressing or you think it’s going to be more of a pragmatic approach? Well, that’s, what we’ll? Just what jose was saying he was saying: they’ve worked very hard on that in training. As he said, it was really interesting to see it come out on the pitch and the way they built up their play, and i was really it was really positive, hoiber as well winning so many balls in the middle of the park. Um a bit of loose, looser passing today, but i thought um. He was kind of an all action display by him. Uh hoybell was also pretty impressive, but yeah. The lucas, uh, bergvine and sun linking up really well sharp sharply clinically and um, and the goals were flowed really well, though three nice goals, yeah freelance, at halftime. It was, i thought, the second goal, delhi uh that finish for was absolutely brilliant, lobbing, the keeper. After a nice little assist from lucas, but i want to talk about harvey white because i thought he was sensational in that middle of the park. Jose did say after the game how he’s not ready for premier league football. Yet do you think we see him in? Maybe europa league or carabao cup next season. I think so i think he’s going to make a few appearances, because he looks really calm and assured in that center part of the center midfield and he looked like a kind of guy who’s uh.

He had a bit of maturity in his game as well. He had good movement off the ball, i’m, not afraid to look forward for passes playing between the lines. Um play one touch passing as well um, and he was really impressive in that in that first half. So that’s one one to really look at for the future and also to say delhi as well. A fantastic first half display um, really, as you said, really nice goal, but not only that i thought his passing was crisper. He wasn’t wasting um his time on the ball like he does. Sometimes he just kind of gets tackled easily or tries to too many dribbles and get goes into corridors um. So i thought he was really impressive in the first half as well, and hopefully he can carry that form into the season, yeah and that’s exactly what jose and also eric dier, who actually missed the interview but that’s what he was saying after the game is, that Is the deli we like to see that’s the delhi that’s been missing these last two years and i think that’s exactly right. I thought probably on the on the scale of things. Delhi was probably our best player today. I’Ll probably give him a man the match and it was yeah. I agree with that as well. I thought he played really really well and also son um. I thought lovely finish scott. He got an assist for the own goal and lovely finish for the third goal.

As well really um clinical, so uh he’ll be happy with that. Jedison, though not as good at right back as he was against ipswich so um, he found his level in the last game yeah. Maybe he he might be a bit frustrated by that because he uh really people were putting him to really stake a claim for that right back slot, but it was kind of a step backwards. Today he wasn’t he wasn’t by no means a disaster, but he’s just half. He did give the way the ball a bit too easily. Yeah and he’s kind of the the main attacking outlet was down the down his side and, if you’re so sure, it’s like that. In the premier league at right back, he gets destroyed by anyone really you’d think so so it wasn’t great by him uh. So you guys so i’m, not sure. If he’s really going to be the answer, i i wasn’t never sure was gon na be the answer. Anyway, i thought bergwein had uh all right game in that first half uh putting himself about um, but apart from that hoybia i thought he was all right. He didn’t. I thought he played better in the last game than he did in this game, but still uh still a good performance. I thought maybe towards maybe second half. He was giving away the ball a bit, but let’s let’s talk about the second half. It was a bit of a boring contest again like it was against ipswich uh.

Any players come on that really stood out to you. Well, lamela scored a oh yeah too. Many ball rolls again for lamellar this time, whole um, keeping the ball too long. It was a nice free, kick, it was. It was right into the side netting, it was good finish, but um his cameo was a tad frustrating. I thought carter, yeah, carter’s cameo or his spurs game. His whole career, uh carter, vickers, was um. Frustrating um was okay, but he gave he gave away the penalty wasn’t really his fault, but um. He wasn’t he. I didn’t know that wasn’t that impressed with it let’s be honest. The only things he had to do. He pretty much did them wrong. He had a few sloppy sounds. He had. A few sloppy passes gave away the look, the penalty wasn’t really as full. Was it but um. I think in carter, vickers doesn’t, look good in these games in these pre seasons. Then he’s definitely not going to look in the premier league yeah there’s a few moments as well uh in the last game as well, where he wasn’t great so yeah. I don’t, i don’t, think he’s going to be supposed to be too much longer carter, because um but yeah second half was like kind of just disjointed uh, because you could bring on all the kids uh harvey devine came, oh alfie, alfie alfie divine came on. It. Looked okay for five minutes um! He did a few nice things.

Um bowden came on as well. He looked, he looked decent in the center, but it was hard to pick too many things in the second half jack clark. Didn’T get involved enough when he’s gay mark and dennis sirkin, really didn’t really get involved. Yeah obsession looked okay in bits and uh, not okay in other bits, but i think a decent cameo as well, but it was more just i think. Second, i was more getting minutes on the pitch, really it’s, all about fitness, that’s that’s. What first off really showed what we were about and where he showed what we have been training for, and it was and, as mourinho said, it was just. It was very interesting how we were performing and it wasn’t just sitting back and looking for the counters actually pressing and looking for the ball. So hopefully it can hoi, i think, having hoibie there’s a bit of a screen of the back four um and and uh. I think, with the with the fast players in attack, it can really add another dimension to our attack to our team when you’re looking forward to the friendly tomorrow against birmingham um, who you’re expecting to see. Obviously, apparently, harry kane finishes quarantined i’m, not sure if that’s confirmed today. So maybe he gets a look in tomorrow. Giola sells or davis i’ll be very surprised if kane plays. To be honest, i think you are probably going to have to wait until next week.

Hopefully i want to see geo and davinson yeah back in the team and fife as well. We’Ll get get a bit of bit minutes and maybe in one of the youngsters get a start. You know from the from the beginning see how they play when once they’re thrown in the deep end, so yeah and maybe aurier as well – probably start from the from the first minute. So i’m thinking it’ll be a lot a lot of changes, but hopefully um we’ll get to see a lot of the first team players all right there you have it. That is our match review for our second preseason uh against reading. Tomorrow we play birmingham, so we’ll catch up for our watch along tomorrow against birmingham, but i want to say thank you to all the viewers that streamed into our live watch long. We had a mental amount of viewers. I think it was like 900 to a thousand concurrent viewers at a time, so uh that actually blew us away for a pre season, friendly, yeah, really impressive guy. Thank you so much for your support.