We are tottenham tv here back here with another update video for you last night we brought you the news that what did we bring them? The news about dougherty about to sign um. You know i thought the kind of transformers were slowing down, but today they’ve really really picked up. Uh let’s talk about zaniolo from roma. First apparently we’ve had a 50 million bid rejected um romero are not keen on selling him this summer. This is from sky italia. Romano and correa de la sport, as well so yeah a few sources but and also apparently you know, um there was some tottenham representatives in italy at the roma training ground and apparently as well. Uh zaniaro’s agent has been talking uh to spurs that’s uh that’s from quite a few good sources. That’S been saying, but apparently rome have absolutely no interest in selling zaniaro so that one looks like it’s dead in the water. It looks like we’re not going to be getting him for around that ma. I can’t tell us any more than that, but it’s interesting, that if we i don’t know about how true it is, if we’re willing to splash that kind of cash, if we’re not getting san diego, maybe there’s money for someone else, maybe i know it’s very interesting. Maybe they’re uh using up the dybala money. Finally yeah, maybe i think that went on low cell. So, to be honest, maybe we could be seeing one one marquee signing this summer.

If we can look if we can get these other deals for good for good prices like dog, tea and uh and hoy beer, if we get so it looks like i’ve, got very good prices on them, then maybe that saves some funds for other places for other. For other players, because i think we probably expected more to spend more on hoy bien it’s, also worth noting that um apparently zaniolo’s agent is really was really trying to push this deal um. So maybe it could be one for the future, maybe next summer he’s still very young exactly, but i think if he has, i think his price is only going to go up. Unfortunately, i think the player is he’s been so good for romeo’s yeah he’s such a great player and it’s weird, because it’s not a position we’re crying out for, but obviously he would be a an upgrade on what we have. But he’s kind of like a verse tower attacking midfielder, so it’s interesting that we’re actually in for him. I think maybe you’ll just see it as one of those uh possible opportunities. Maybe maybe, but i think we probably see it as one of those opportunities out if he’s available he’s too good to turn down, maybe moving on now we’re going to talk about luis suarez. Now the link is from the transfer, exchange, show and they’ve said. Tottenham have now entered into negotiations with barcelona over the transfer of luis suarez over a two year contract yeah, i mean he’s, 33 years old, so i’ll take him to so um.

I can’t see a spurs doing that, especially on the wages he’s, probably going to command at least probably 150 200 grand a week and he’s uh. You know he’s on big wages of barcelona, even if they uh release him. So i can’t really see tottenham getting this deal done, although i still think he has a lot to contribute and i think he’d be a good member of the squad. I can’t see us outlaying big money for him, especially because he’s playing on the decline yeah. First of all, he’s a player on decline and also if he was to join, you would say he wouldn’t, be our starter, that’s pretty obvious, and would we really have someone that’s, not a starter on one of the biggest wages in the squad? I just can’t see that yeah i mean either i can’t like, especially especially because he’s 33, so he’s not going to have too many years ago for that wages, let’s, say 150 grand a week or something maybe i think it possibly, because he’s still got 20 goals And 12 assists last season or 21 goals, so i think he still has a lot in the locker to contribute, especially maybe for next year by, but he i think the financials of that deal is probably too much for someone like levy for a player. Who is most likely going to be sitting on the bench? I think levy, probably wouldn’t, sanction that i can’t see that happening even even in today.

Even in today you know the guy’s 32 years old, three, three years old and he’s still getting goals, he’s still yeah. He goes for fun yeah his record. This season speaks for itself and also, i know they lost eight to that game, but that goal he scored against buying was brilliant. The way he spun the defender inside outside and bang finish. So obviously the guy still has a lot of quality about him. He does, but i i think, he’s more likely to go to a team where he’ll be starting every week and maybe a team that can raise their profile by getting him on board and it’ll. Be more worth it to pay that wages and it spurs, i just can’t, see a two year: two year deal and big wages for a player like suarez. Unfortunately, all right let’s move on let’s talk about diego costa now, and these are reports from talksport the mirror and the daily star. So uh, i think, add a lot of salt into this one. Many pinches many pinches and they say: tottenham have been offered the chance to sign diego costa as a cut price as atletico want to get rid. I think it’s more. This this deal makes a bit more sense than the suarez deal in my opinion, because um, i i think, he’s mourinho knows him. Well, mourinho he’s mourinho’s dealt with him before um he’s 31, so he’s, not too old. He’S, like not 30, you know he’s, not 33.

He’S he looked like he was 40 years old. Now he must look like he’s, like 50 yeah. I know yeah yeah i’ve seen pictures of him when he was like in his teens and he still looked like he was like in his mid. 30S is unbelievable and there was a great video going around where mourinho was asked to describe. Think of the first word that comes to mind when he uh when he thinks of each player, and he comes to diego costelli and just goes out. That was funny but um. I think if we could get a tune out of costa he’d be a big, valuable member of the squad. I think he’s knows he knows how how it is to win trophies won. The league of let’s go and then won two premier leagues at chelsea um. Unfortunately, since he’s gone to flexco in his second sin, it hasn’t really gone great win the league he won. The league of let’s go really yeah we’re in 2014. I remember when they won the league um, so yeah he was her main striker then so he know he knows. He knows how he’s he’s a leader in the change room as well. He’S a he’s, a fighter he’s a battler. He he might ruffle a few feathers. Yeah, he definitely will, but he could be a good character to have around, but the thing is yeah. He hasn’t been great since he’s gone back to atletico in in the three seasons.

He’S been back, atletico he’s got 17 goals in 74 games, so it’s, not the best of records um playing there so that’s. Why he’s available for a cut price fee? But mourinho knows him well and if he thinks he’s worth taking a punt on him and thinks he can get a tune out of him and get the best out of him, then i think he’s worth having around and no there’s no better um striker to bring In then we’re not going to get a better player than diego costa really are we i mean when you put him against higuain? Who would you rather oh? I think i trust about think costa just about i think about what about diego costa against someone who’s suited to well. We know the cost that is suited to the premier league, but what about? If you put them up against someone like calum wilson, i think or millick i think millick because he’s younger. So i think he he’ll have more like more to give and i think he’ll be hungrier, but i think costa, just i think, just because jose knows costa knows his character and he we could do like a character like costume in amongst the squad. Maybe i mean this shit: housery will be yeah and he low. He loves the goal against arsenal as well. Not that not that we’re short strikers who love a goal against arsenal, but um he he loved. He like he.

He loves to torment arsenal, which is a great thing i think jose exactly, and i think he i don’t know. I just think that um signing someone like costa will will do, will do well for the squad and, i think um. He adds competition up front as well he’ll. I reckon he would push harry kane if, if he came – and i think if mourinho believes they can get him back playing, then i think it’s, a no brainer for sure i mean i said a few weeks ago that i think we should look at diego costa Because of his links with mourinho suited to the premier league uh can be a target man in the europa league and come on in the premier league in the cups and stuff like that. So i think he could play with harry kane, maybe sometimes as well yeah. I mean i thought it would be a brilliant, a brilliant signing i’m. Just after hearing those stats of him athletically the last three years. It just worries me a bit yeah. He hasn’t me that’s the truth. He hasn’t been great, but you somewhat argue. Obviously, beyond his tactics on what not or mourinho’s mourinho’s, not the most attacking manager anyway, but we, but we know that he’s uh done well under mourinho previously, but then again he has done well on the simiony previously. So if simiony can’t get a tune out of him, could mourinho maybe ruino back himself it’s a difficult one.

He has looked the truth of the matter. Is he hasn’t been great since he moved up let’s go goal scoring wise, so maybe it’s a case of his uh? He he is a bit past it, but if roundo is confident uh if mourinho can um looks, gets costa and speaks to him and thinks i can get the best out of him again, i’m, all for it yeah. I agree with that. Uh let’s move on to the last link of the show, and it is sergio reguleon of real madrid. Obviously he spent last season on loan at sevilla, winning the europa league and actually having a really good season, and this link is actually interesting because it’s from marker, which is a real madrid publication and they say spurs – would spurs – would have to spend around 20 million To sign the player and face competition from manchester united into milan and juventus, and it it looks like we are interested in him and it’s actually more interesting because uh there were some tweets dug up about from regular back in 2013, saying how much he loves. Tottenham yeah, which is interesting, um, so clearly he’s a you know: he’s no he’s, no stranger to spurs. He had a great season. Last season you saw in the back end of europa league as well he’s, putting some great performances against uh united. I got an assist. I think for for uh, one of the goals and chelsea were heavily linked with him.

Before uh chillwell signed yeah. I thought he was actually and everton as well. Also, i think, very heavily linked. I thought he was going to go, but he didn’t end up making the move um. I think he would be a good player to have a left back. There’S been a lot of talk that he’s happy with with davidson circa there’s, not been a lot of talk of of us really signing a left back, but i do think, if there’s an opportunity to upgrade a left back, then we should take it personally and i Think um regular, definitely would be that i mean he has a lot of potential, so he’s, quite young, as well yeah and for a decent price. I’Ll definitely be i’ll, definitely be ahead of that. The only thing is he’s, quite an attacking left back so whether uh he would play him and doughty in the same team, um i’m, not so sure about it to be seen. Yeah i’m, not so sure, if that’s what he wants, but i think he’s a he. Would be a really good option, it would be an upgrade left back and i’d. I think it’s one. We should definitely be looking at. You know if we were to have him and dhokhti in the same team. It could potentially be at three at the back with them being wing backs. Yeah i mean that could work. That would probably mean you have to start another centre back yeah.

I think yeah um yeah, maybe maybe, but i think um i think – comes at a good price. I i’d be all for it. I think he’d be a really good signing. We should definitely be looking. I i don’t think i don’t think we will end up signing him. I mean it’s interesting with at real madrid at the moment, because they seem to have all these young up and coming players. Ragoulian hakimi, um sabios and they don’t want to keep any of them. It’S very strange yeah, this part of this bit like chelsea um it’s part of their um. Their plan is to kind of loan players out and, if they’re good enough, like these players enough, so did it a bit in the premier league towards the back end of the season. Wasn’T good enough. Do you think so? I thought he upped his game after lockdown. Anyway, um i played a couple of good games, but he really hasn’t shown anything. He was much better at betting. Well, ghoulian was one of the best left backs in the europa league. This season, uh hakimi, was one of the best right backs in europe. This season for dortmund, i don’t, know why they didn’t keep hakeem. That was a strange one um, so look it’s a very weird one, with real madrid, but anyway um. That is the end of the transfer show. I just want to key mark a few dates for next week.

Europa league qualifying draw is on monday night and obviously, on tuesday will be um.