We are tottenham tv here back here for a brand new video for you a bit of a different one as well. We’Ve never done this kind of video, but as we’ve got the season fast approaching, i think it’s, three weeks till the start of the premier league, we are going to talk about centre back pairings and who we think the best centre back pairings for tottenham are and We’Re also going to talk about the top 10 centre backs in the premier league um let’s start off with the top centre back pairings for tottenham. Obviously, we’ve got toby advan eric dyer davidson sanchez, jaffa, tanganga and juan fife and myself uh to start centre back for tottenham uh what’d you make out of the centre back pairings and who do you think our best centre back pairing are um. I think we’re quite lucky in a way that we’ve got good centre back options. I think a lot of clubs would kill for some of the centre backs. You’Ve got i mean you look at the lot down the road they’ll tell you that they’ve got great centre backs, but in reality they’re absolutely terrible. Do you think that with them not down the road it’s a bit better, now, obviously gabrielle signing and have you ever seen him play i’ve, never seen him play? I think celiba’s team finished 17th in legion and there’s a compilation of gabrielle’s horrendous, double performances against chelsea i’ve, seen that which is quite funny i’ve seen that.

But the thing is you can’t really mark a player down because they can decide the league two player and they’ll tell you he’s the best player yeah. I agree with that. They’Re they’re completely up their own asses, but what i’m saying is you can’t really compare? Um judge a player on where what team they played for and where they finished in the league. No, i think nathan ackee’s a brilliant player. They just got relegated as well. No, i i agree with that, but i also think that no one’s ever seen him playing for 30 million quid it could end up. Just being i mean, i remember they when they spent 40 on scottrand mustafi, i was told he’s the best defender in europe and socrates soccer yeah it’s just so they can sign him, we’ll, probably and hopefully he’ll end up being another mess, but we’ll see let’s hope. So we can cross our fingers in terms of our center backs uh. I think yeah we’ve we’re lucky to have. I think, one of the best in the league in toby, one of the one of the most um bright young defenders in tanganga and sanchez. Two good young defenders with a lot of potential and obviously eric dier, whose best position, i think, is obviously centre back and can be a good centre back if he develops some consistency, so i think we’re quite lucky in a way that we’ve got some good centre Backs in terms of toby i’ll definitely put him in the top kind of four centre backs in the premier league as it stands in terms of tanganga.

Do you think jose sees him as a centre back or a full back? I think he’s got to be a centre back, but i think it’s good that he can but it’s it’s an asset to have to have a centre back. Who can be versatile and play a full back? Look as billacueta can player sends back right back and left back. Maybe tanganga can do that as well. So it’s, like i said, it’s a good option, it’s good options to have. I think, a big problem that we have in terms of our center back options. Is we don’t? Have someone that’s completely comfortable on the left hand, side of the defense? None of them are left fitted really exactly when we had vertonghen who had been a mainstay there for a long time. We really need to bring someone in that that can play. On that left hand, only ben davis, you would say, and he’s not a center back. So no, i agree and i think, in terms of centre back pairings you will. I think i think i said before to you: um off camera, the uh, the center back pairings. If you’re playing someone like olivier giroux or a target man, a big target man, you would probably go dire and toby, whereas, if you’re playing a aubameyang or an aguero, someone with pace, someone who can turn you you’d, probably go um sanchez and toby so but yeah. We need it, i would do you think we we need.

A left sided defender, left footed center back isn’t and when i say need i mean uh neat. I really like our right back. I don’t think we need it as much as our right back, but i definitely think it’s. I definitely think it’s in our in our top three priorities i wouldn’t say it’s our top priority. I would say our top two priorities are right back in sub striker and then i would go for this yeah, but you could also maybe ask an attacking midfielder. Maybe you could do, but you know we’ve still got delhi there. We still got la celso, um and we’ve got lamela as well, so i i don’t think it’s completely urgent, but we don’t have a defender that can play on that left hand side. I know sanchez feels in there who knows who’s out there, that you can go and get the plays on the left that’s an interesting one. I thought nathan ackee was the guy for me uh, i just i’m, not sure i’m, not sure, but the price doesn’t really matter at this stage. I think we just need to get someone in i’m, not sure who, who that player is to be honest, ben white. Could be ben white we’re very much linked with him, but they want over 30 million for him, but look when we’re talking about the centre back periods? You said that against the pacey striker you’re, looking at sanchez and toby against uh tall players against physical players, you’re talking about dia and toby, but who do you think, will play more over the course of a season together on the jose you probably it’s, tough.

They both played a similar amount of games towards the end of the season after the restart and then obviously had his band. It was interesting. You wouldn’t be surprised if it was dire. Would you yeah, i wouldn’t be because i think jose’s got some some sort of thing for eric dyer, but when you look at it, sanchez has improved big time since jose has come in. I think – or this has definitely been his best jose as his john terry. Maybe that should be toby english leader, but the way the way i see it is that eric dier, i think, davinson sanchez is a better player than eric guyer. I really believe that, and i think, when you look at the scope of what these two players can achieve, i think davidson sanchez can be a world class defender. He’S got all the attributes he’s just he just lacks a bit in kind of concentration, sometimes yeah. I think when we play when you play the smaller sides, his concentration drops and then, when you play the bigger size, he’s so concentrated on not letting players like aguero have a sniff um. You can really see the player he can become against. Yeah he’s got like yeah, i agree: he’s got all the talent, he’s he’s, big he’s physical he’s, fast he’s, good on the ball um good in the air. I guess we’ve seen him play a right back as well, so it’s it’s, a colombian international, an ix academy, prosperous prospect, what’s the one where you’ve grown actually yeah.

He was only at iax about a year or two yeah, but i think we’re lucky to have if um one of them got injured, hopefully not, but if one of them was to miss a few games with injury to have someone, one of them come in and Replace the other, i think, is a good option and i think we’ve also seen them play together. Do you put juan foyth in any part of this conversation, it’s a difficult one, because on one side, he’s again he’s one he’s, so much potential he’s, so good on the ball. We saw on saturday with the assist um and you want to give him a chance, and you want to keep him. But then, on the other hand, you’re like we need to sign other players and strengthen other players by selling players to raise funds, and he comes under that category of selling him to raise funds to sign a striker or a right back or another centre. Back and it’s, yeah and it’s a shame that we don’t have an endless pit of money at the club, because he is somebody that has he’s wanted by some top clubs, and i think i i’m, i think if he went somewhere else, he would be a great Success and it would be a mistake to let him go yeah, maybe i think unfortunately he’s getting him out on loan yeah under pochettino. You could really see there was lightly on the tunnel he’s a good defender.

He just needs to mature and then it kind of stagnated a bit for him, but last season i i feel that it wasn’t that jose didn’t like him. I just felt that he was stifled a lot through injury and we just needed the point. So it was kind of like we can’t really risk playing him at centerback. You know what i mean it could be an option at right back. I i think he could. He should get a sort of a chance as a defensive midfielder. Maybe i think he could be a really good defense. I can see that for sure he’s very it’s, very rare – you see a defensive player so good on the ball, um it’s sort of so creative in a way mm, hmm yeah, he’s, very confident as well as for such a young young player. So i would, i would be disappointed if we did let fourth go. Yeah i’ve said that all along i really would be disappointed, but in terms of like the top 10 centre backs in the premier league, i think there’s a massive lack of big top central banks. Quality centre backs in the premier league because the the top clubs well, most clubs in the league, are looking abroad for centre backs and it’s, not the other. The abroad clubs aren’t coming to the premier league and looking at centre, backs, i think, you’d have van dyke, fantastic joe gomez, toby joe gomez, maybe toby, and then who’s number five could be argued.

I said mcguire in the last video, but thinking about it i don’t know i don’t know if it is mcguire um i mean it’s. Really i mean, then you really think about it. Not really for me. Maybe joel matip um harry maguire, siyonchu tarkowski yeah, jane james tarkowski. I would would you put me in the top five cause that’s but that’s, something. I think that that sums it up that’s mad when you think you’ve got a burnt. No disrespect apparently sends a half as you’re in the top five in the premier league and either chelsea rudiger any of the arsenal center backs. No, no, no, no it’s like where where’d you go that’s. We can name five lindelof, i don’t know i’m, not not from jamala sells. These are average players it’s like where’d, you go with it. I mean the top four is connor at sheffield united connor cody. I think connor cody could get a shot when he bully connie. Cody could get a shout connie, cody connie, cody um, but yeah it’s, very interesting there’s, a massive laugh and in fact some people actually say ben white could be in there and he hasn’t even played a premier league game. Yet yeah yeah i mean. Where is he at ben white, brighton he’s at brighton, so they don’t want to get rid of him. For 20 30 years, michael keaton average crap he’s ravaged yeah yerry mina Music. I mean we could say jack stevens.

Well i mean she might as well listen. I know everybody have there’s, no, it might yeah. I agree, there’s, a real lack of premier league top top premier league davis and sanchez, and i think, there’s a reason why the premier league can also be quite. We saw this season. I think there wasn’t much points difference from fourth or fifth to about ninth tenth and that’s, because no one can bloody, defend yeah it’s, very true. No one can defend it was there was every team makes defensive errors other than i mean sheffield united even met a couple it’s just that john eagan is a good player as well. Chef united but john eagan of formerly of uh gillingham yeah, but it’s like it’s mental in it it’s mad cause, like you, can name the top end godfrey like he’s, not even a premier league defender, exactly who else went down. Bournemouth nathan, aka yeah nathan, lackey gets in there. I think that’s, the top five craig cathcart that’s, the five, no no that’s the five it’s um yeah aka laporte toby. No, i think gomez is better than mcguire just because 75 million doesn’t make it, but i do think he’s good maguire. I think he gets a lot of unfair. I think he gets a lot of unfair criticism because there’s a lot of pressure on you when you go to arguably the biggest club in the world, without a doubt, the biggest club in england for 80 million pounds to be their club captain in the first season.

I don’t think oligarch is the right manager for them either and also yeah. I just think there’s a lot of pressure on him. I think he’s done. Okay, he’s had mistakes, but all defenders make mistakes and i think he is an england defender as well, and i i probably would put him i think, he’s a good defender good on the ball good in the air. I think if he he’s also got rubbish defenders alongside him, i think i think victor lindelof’s terrible he’s got you know. Vindeloff has actually had a much better season this year than previous, but look him in the semi final of europa league losing young like that and it’s basic defending it’s it’s, just basic defending you said: it’s, a europa league it’s, a european semi final and you’re, defending Like that yeah i mean, if i’m, if you’re, harry, mcguire and et cetera, you’re looking you turn around and go. What are you doing? That’S your man? Well, you saw bruno fernandez, probably getting into him after that, so i think i think maguire gets a little unfair. Obviously, stevie b he can’t handle he can’t handle, but steven berlin took him for a walk, but other than that i think mcguire gets it. I mean, aside from what’s, happened to him on holiday as well he’s, a good defender, i think, he’s a good defender all right. So are we going to name a top 10? Can we even name it? I think we can name a10.

I think we can name. Ten premier league defenders for me, the top so that’s the top five will go. I think we should put maguire in for gomez, not because i think joe gomez will be one of the best defenders in europe, but right, but just i just think if you’re spurs and you had the opportunity to take one for free who would you take gomez? Do you think for one season, i’d take money, i’ll still i’ll still take gomez. I really think gomez is better than mcguire. I think he could caught out a little bit towards the end of the season. I think maguire gets caught out a lot toward uh because of his pace. Yeah um and, i think, they’re very different defenders. They are very different and i think they’re both you would want them to partnership i’m, not saying i’m, not saying i put mcguire in there. Not because i don’t think joe gomez is good, i think joe gomez is a fantastic defender. He’S won the premier league champions league he’s, pocketed defenders, he’s an england defender he’ll go on to be an england defender for many years to come. I just think. Maybe i would just have maguire for the reason leadership. The reason yeah, but the reason outside gomez is because he can play on the left hand, side of the defense and him again. Toby partnership would be absolutely brilliant. He plays on the right for liverpool, though gomez on the left.

That’S true, but also you talk, but you say, then you say we need a left sided defender van dijk and gomez are both right, footed, yeah and then you go to city. Aka and laporte are both left footed yeah. You go to rudiger’s right fitted. I think and who’s, and so is christensen um, so it’s, actually not common in the premier league at the moment, to have a right, footed center to have it’s just that, because we’ve been so used to tonight. Of course, and also when you have a left, sided defender, it’s those balls inside on the on the left foot, whereas, if you’re on your right, if you’re a right, footed defender player in the left, you’ve got it’s, always cutting back onto your right. So then, send it um, but in terms of a top ten you’d have those five and hour or six years tarkowskowski um cionchu, maybe i don’t think he’s great it’s, difficult arms are difficult, it’s, really massive, difficult, tyrone minks, i don’t know scott dan running out play. I think we should just leave it there. Let me know in the comment section below who your top 10 premier league defenders are. The the quality of defenders from what ten years ago is just completely, i think, from from jose mourinho. Six or seven down in the premier league had a chelsea side that conceded something like 15 goals in a season: yeah i’m, pretty sure, spurs, conceded 15 and three games.

Um yeah, i mean you continued seven to buy and three to brighton and then sorry, yeah, that’s, really ten and two yeah, whatever barter conceding eight in one game as well, so uh, but even though you beat up. But then you look across europe as well. There’S at the top clubs, the barcelona’s okay, even bayern munich don’t, have an out and out quality center back. I know they’re the best team by a country mile in europe i mean even you, wouldn’t, take your own boat. No, but they were. They were there to be sort of to take the game to them last night, but alaba’s don’t give them a call. Their back. Four is amazing. Kimmich is amazing to backs he’s about to sign for chelsea, which means he’ll go to arsenal when his contract’s done um, but barcelona pk, i think’s finished longley’s, not good enough yeah, and then you go then bayern munich don’t have an out and out center half that’s Good enough burton’s, coming to the end, nicholas sulla, all right, psg, thiago, silva and he’s, going to chelsea, chelsea, kim pembe, all right and then real madrid sergio ramos. What about mark he’s moved into midfield but he’s a quality centre back as well yeah yeah! But this i’m just saying there’s a lack of top at the top club. I mean when you look at real madrid, roger ramos and veronica. Sergio ramos is one of the best defenders of all time but moran against man, city yeah.

But you would say that yeah before that man city game, you would have called him one of the best defenders in the world, true um and in italy. If you go to the italian center, the italian league center back, i mean juventus, got delayed who’s not been not good. He’S, close they’ve conceded more goals than i know that a lot of clubs you can you can’t do class. He is. How often do you watch dilip play not very often, so how are you basically? I see i see a lot of highlights. I don’t watch full 19.. Anyone can look good in highlights, though yeah it’d be interesting. If anyone who is watching this has seen some of these top players play more regular than we have in consideration yeah, but you know what you say: sergio ramos is the best one of the best and bonucci you’re talking about sergio ramos. He makes his fair share of mistakes at the back, but he also has won every trophy about 50 times yeah. But you know you could say the same about the lit and fight. I have a special soft spot for soft spot for ramos, just because he’s just an unbelievable footballer, he is, he scored more goals. He scored more goals than after strikers that’s. True, he scored. He takes penalties as well, but you know defenders mistakes are often polarized like the goalkeepers. No, i know but also i’m. Not. But my point is that these so yuve, okay, even he is a good defender.

Okay, but bonucci and kealini have went into their 30s so who are they going to sign to replace him? They aren’t i’m, trying to think of young up and coming defense center centre backs that are going to be world. Beaters yeah arsenal fans will be in the comments: oh saliva, oh gabrielle, i’ll off yeah, right yeah, but yeah. I can’t. I can’t. Think of that too many to be honest, it’s sort of it feels like a dying dying breed. You might be right there anyway. Let me know in the comment section below who are your or your top 10 defenders in the premier league centre back and who could we get exactly? Let me know some up and coming centre backs that are going to be world beaters and also, let me know who your best tottenham center back paragon.