We are tottenham tv here back here with another update video to bring to you today. We have got some very, very interesting news. Sim. Do you want to start with the good news or the bad news? The good news, the very, very good news it looks like widely reported now various sources that tottenham have completed the deal for matt dougherty or matt dougherty out people complaining again, we’re not pronouncing his name right, no relation to gary david uh, he’s, the irish pedo or Different, the different, the right back, pele um, yeah matt dodge he looks like he’s on his way to spurs for a cut price deal about 15 million plus, add ons, you didn’t believe it when you first, i didn’t believe it. I honestly didn’t believe i thought wolves would see us as direct rivals for uh, maybe a top four spot next season or whatever top wherever six, where we’re gon na be challenging for next season um. So i thought they’ll definitely push the bow out a bit and demand a bit more money, but it looks like they’re willing to accept 15 million, which makes me a bit skeptical in a way um. But you got, you got to say: he’s been one of the best of full backs or right backs, especially right wing backs in the in the past. Couple seasons and he’s been very impressive, gets a high number of goals and assists his chance. Creation’S really good.

Apparently, he’s won more headers as well than any other full back last year, he’s just called a header against arsenal last season didn’t, i think a couple seasons ago: yeah. He scored against us at the new stadium last season. So i think it’s something to be excited about it’s, definitely upgraded aurier um, one big difference to aurier. Is he didn’t concede one penalty last season, so that’s a big upgrade and i think it’s he’s. Definitely someone to be happy about. I don’t think he sets the world alive, but he’s. Definitely a good writer. I think he’s a solid option. I think he’s on the budget that we have. I don’t even get anyone better than him and he’s definitely better than all the other options. We were linked with look you’re talking about someone, who’s been second best to trent, alexander arnold, so bartra alexander arnold he’s been the most creative right back in the premier league in the last two seasons. The guy has been absolutely sensational. I’Ve said it in previous videos. He’S, someone that you know you want to stick in your fpl team. Every single week gets assists, gets goals. I think he’s got eight goals over the past two seasons and i think he’s got over 10 assists in the past two seasons over the past two years. As well, so i think you know you’re talking about a player who knows the premier league who’s done it at the top end of the premier league as well, not when you’re, comparing it to someone like max aaron’s.

You know you take dougherty every single day of the week. I agree um and i think all the arsenal fans are very salty over social media at the moment about us signing dorothy they’re like oh, why are you getting so excited about um about an average player and they’re tall and bellaring like much better than dougherty and They’Re, like what kind of planet are you living on? First of all, bellerin has hardly played over the last two seasons, because injury ravaged and second of all, doherty has been the second best, like i said, uh right back in the premier league out of every single team in the past yeah. He has been in terms of attacking stats, but apparently there is question marks over his defensively, apparently because he plays right wing back there’s, not as much emphasis on him going back the other way as there is going forward and i’ve seen it with other players. And i i call it marcus, lonzo itis, uh i’ve questioned why i’ve coined it, because why are you getting in cars? No? No! Not because of that, but i think the thing is marcus alonso. When chelsea won the league a couple years ago, he was absolutely sensational. He was phenomenal, he was one of the best left backs in the league and the people was calling him uh. You know a really really amazing player. You know he was getting goals after goal. How many goals did he get? I see he doesn’t believe in my goals and assists right as well yeah, exactly and as soon as he um moved to left back.

He got found out and i’m i’m just that’s the only thing with the jose back four. You know he likes to play his lopsided uh. You know yeah ben davis uh, coming into a back. He defends with a four it doesn’t defend with the fight, does defend with the four uh there’s going to be more uh right back jobs and and the thing i would question about, matt dougherty is matt dot, whatever matt doherty as well. Is that a lot if you look at a lot of his goals that he scored a lot of them have been like back a couple. Late runs at the back post like tappings kind of stuff and that that’s very similar to how alonzo got a lot of his goals. And will he get the attacking freedom as much as that that he did at wolves? Will he get as much attacking freedom or got as much attacking freedom as he wanted? No, no, he did, but he he aurier was allowed to attack the byline and get crosses in and stuff. He wasn’t, like in the box a lot as much as tahati was yeah it’s, because he’s not as good in the box as dokatay, is, and you know, mourinho he’s going to play to play his strengths. He’S not going to just say this is my sister like poche used to do saying this is my system you fit into it or or whatever mourinho taylor makes things to his players and taylor makes his opponents, so i i can see only good things coming from This dockety transfer the the good thing about him: he’s a lot more dependable he’s, not he’s, not much of a he’s, not much of a hazard as someone like aurier he’s, not going to give you a giveaway or penalties and he’s not going to he’s, not he’s, Not going to you know be as much of a liability as orio was um, i just there’s.

I think there are a couple question marks that they will be answered early in the season. I’M. Look i’m excited by the signing i’m excited by how how um good he was fools and he was really effective going forward. I think there are a couple question marks um on that on the other side, but i think he will answer your questions. Don’T. You worry. I hope so i hope so and i think he has been one of the most effective fallbacks in the league of the past couple years. There’S, absolutely no doubt about that, and well else, i want to say you’re questioning his defending what better manager is there to improve your defending other than jose mourinho that’s. True that’s, true and he’s be six foot as well he’s big tall tall lad. He wins a lot ahead, as i said before, so i think defensively he can be coached right and hopefully, once he gets used to the system that we play, he can be again as effective for wolves as he was for as effective for us as he was For wolves yeah exactly so that is many sources, and also one and one other thing. I’Ll add good. Really good price you’ve got to say that 15 million and if you get a ring rid of oreo for around the same or even make a bit of profit on it and then you’ve got to say, you’ve got to say uh props, to levy where i look.

I know you’ve got any signing at the moment. We make it’s going to look underwhelming when you’ve got like harvard’s and chilwell, and werner and z shine for chelsea. So looking at their window, you anything. We do you think. Oh it’s, you know, we’re, not we’ve, got ambition ourselves, but i think um you got to see where we are with we’re trying to sign players on a budget. Clearly, after covid, everyone can see that we’ve been well documented and i think on the budget that we’re on we couldn’t have done much better than getting hoibio and dirty for the price. We’Ve got you’re talking about two premier league uh players. Upgrades one was a captain in their side and one is one of the best right backs by the stats in the last two years in the premier league um you’re, talking about spending hardly any three million plus cardboard competitors for hoyabi and 15 million for matt doherty, Who fills gaps in the squad that we desperately need so so even deserves credit for that, and i think i think mourinho has definitely had an influence on that, because he’s always talked about um. When you get to the trans window, you have to target your weaknesses with precision and accuracy and he’s always praised um liverpool for doing that, and he’s praised his previous chelsea side for doing that and he’s doing out the guinness buzz and he’s good we’re getting him In early we’re, not waiting till the end exactly, i think this window has has a bit of a different feel to it under jose mourinho, usually uh we’re linked with players in the press, and it goes on until, like literally the end of the window and then We’Re fighting the last week to get our targets in now.

Nobody uh even spoke about doherty last week coming to smoke a couple days ago. There were no reports of it whatsoever, the joe hart thing as well. Nobody knew anything about the joe hart, suddenly uh there’s. No talk about it. It’S, like we’re interested in the next day, it’s done pretty much and we’ve never seen that spurs, really yeah uh, so it’s all good signs. I know the hoiby egg deal was kind of ours that was classic spurs, but uh the other two, but at least it’s done early. You know we saw another five weeks of the window and who knows well, maybe if we could get a certain something um done. If we get these done early, maybe we can focus on getting like a good bargain or something you know, someone something a good opportunity i mean later on in the window madness last day of the window, but uh yeah, so alistair gold has said this is pretty Much done and romano said, this is pretty much done, um, so yeah, it looks like it looks like this is literally uh going to be and they want it to happen before he goes on international break as well, and actually what i want to mention is i Don’T understand why he’s only had nine caps for ireland – he hardly he only got picked. I think last year for the first time or the year before. Is that true yeah? Well, i think he never really became a star player before um a couple seasons ago when he, when wolves got promoted, he’s always been kind of uh in the championship.

Yeah he’s, so clearly a lay blue man. So this is the thing is: is he a player who fits into a system or is he a good player in his own right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but um, you know, he’s actually scored a couple goals for ireland already in his nine caps, so he’s proving his worth at international level. Already um yeah. This guy seems by seems to be a lady bloomer, but it doesn’t matter as long as he’s good enough now that’s what matters yeah, let’s, move on to more reports from uh, romano and he’s, talking about serge aurier and he’s. Talking about how ac milan and spurs are still locked in talks with serge aurier um. Do you believe this is one that’s going to happen? Yeah yeah, well, dan kilpatrick was talking about uh. He was reporting for the standard and he’s quite reliable and he was saying tottenham operating on a one in one out kind of basis. At the moment. Um and – and it looks like he said that the signing of the hote is going to allow aurier to finally get his move to 80 million um, it looks like tottenham are still demanding 25 million, but i think with the signing now of d, for i think 15 million or whatnot. I think that will allow us to um, maybe lower it a bit, maybe lower our asking price for a seeing as we’ve gotten one in the door.

I think this will happen. It will happen. I think, although um the ac milan sporting director actually was quoted yesterday talking about aurier, saying that um it’s a deal he’s a fantastic player and he’s it’s a deal that um at the moment is not a priority but he’s a fantastic player. I think it’s a bit of brimmingship from him um, i think it’ll get done. I can’t see us keeping both of them. Unfortunately, as much as i’d love it, i don’t think we will keep both of them yeah all right, so orienta ac milan looked like it looks like it is going to happen. Let’S move on to mike mcgrath of the telegraph he’s talking about gazzaniga and he said: fulham have started to begin talks with tottenham over a transfer of gazzaniga that’s one i’m, not really that happy about it’s an interesting one um i think for gazzaniga. I think he sees an opportunity to be number one at fulham, another london club he doesn’t doesn’t have to move too much in terms of uh where he lives or what not, i think, it’s a good move for him for in terms of us he’s. I think he’s, a party he’s, a real good, really good number two, so it’ll be a bit annoying to leave him, but if we get a good fee for him, but if we get between five and 10 million for him, then we just you know: we’ve got Joe hardy now i know he’s not great, but i think he’ll i don’t think mourinho is going to have too many worries about him being number two, so i think gazzaniga has done his bit as our backup and if he sees an opportunity to be number one, I don’t blame him really yeah.

Look. I give him my blessing if he’s gon na go be number one at fulham. Look. I really do give him my blessing because he has been a great servant for spurs over the years, but when you’re looking at joe hart as your number two, it just doesn’t fill you with confidence. If anything happens to laurice and and already mourinho has already said that he’s gon na be rotating the keepers in this really busy period well, yeah well, he’s gon na be in the europa league and cups. Probably i can, i can’t see laurie’s being dropped for no, not in the premier league but i’m saying when these games are coming thick and fast with carabao cup, europa league and premier league yeah, but that’s the thing with joe hart that’s. What uh, mourinho um joe, has been saying what he loves about mourinho is he gets into the psychology of the players and if you can get joe harter somewhere near his best, then we can. Then we can’t know it’s a big ask. Listen. It is a big ask, but you never know, maybe joe jose will have full belief in him and you’ve got back jose’s judgment and look. I would rather gaza stays and be he’s not be number two, but it’ll make if he’s gon na be number one and we’ll get a good fee if it and if it can give us more funds later in the window, it makes sense yeah.

It does make sense, unfortunately, all right let’s move on to some bad news now. This is uh reports coming out of france from the lequip and they have stated that tongki has tested positive for kovid19, along with paul pogba as well. Actually, i must mention uh paul pogba has been released from the french squad and they’ve released a few um replacements yeah just what we needed yeah. I wish him better. Obviously, hopefully, he’s asymptomatic and he’s, okay, um, apparently he’s gon na have to go into a two week: isolation now, which is probably going to hamper his preseason uh, training or and whatnot, which is uh, not probably the last thing he wanted at least he’ll have access To deliveroo yeah, exactly um he’ll probably be happy about that, but it’s a bit annoying um it’s a bit it’s, probably probably a from his point of view as well. He probably wanted to get into preseason and prove his worth um. I don’t know if it’s gon na affect any transfer plans or whatnot, but um him being in isolation for two weeks is definitely not uh great for four parties, i would say yeah and also what i want to mention. There was a report yesterday from mohamed bought of rmc sport, and he says tongi remains antonio conte’s priority this summer in to have had several talks with spurs chairman daniel levy, who does not want to let go of this player inter will return with another attempt to Sign him, i think it sounds like um mourinho would rather cash in and sign someone else and levy is refusing to budge on on releasing a player who broke a transfer record, for i think levy really wanted to work.

I think levy believes in him, but i think mourinho kind of maybe maybe he’s a clash of personalities or something i guess we’ll have to wait and see. But i believe in his quality and i want him to stay. But if it, if him and mourinho are really not going to get on, then maybe it’s best for everyone to separate yeah we’ve seen it before how these kind of relationships with mourinho can really go sour. I really don’t want it to get to that stage, but you’ve also seen it with other players how it starts off rocky with jose mourinho and then ends up being one of the best. You know look at eden hazard, for example. You know it went rocky with them and then he turned out to be one of chelsea’s best ever players. So you got there’s two ways. You can look at it and it all depends on the character of the player at the end of the day, that’s. What it depends on, if you don’t sing to mourinho’s hymn sheet, then i’m, sorry, then you got ta go. Do you think possibly um that there is gon na be one centimeter leaving because we have a lot or do you think that we know when you look at it? Winks elso can play as number 10 and and drop back so he’s a bit versatile um. Apart from that’s the soco and then judson and judson, where jetson’s yeah so that’s, what five six that’s it yeah but six going into next season, yeah.

But it depends what formation we play, though yeah but yeah. If we play four three three or four two three one, it can make a big difference. Yeah, first of all, i think we’re going to be playing a lot of different formations throughout the season. You know how jose taylor makes his lineups and formations for the um opposition, but i don’t think we’ve got too many. Midfielders we’ve got so many games to play this season. Europa league fa cup carabao cup, premier league, you know it’s going to be a long hard slog of a season and i think everyone is going to get their minutes this season. I really do. Okay, i hope yeah, so um well, conte. Staying as well is a big thing because it means that we can get yeah. Potentially we can get screenier, he might become available if we do get scrinya. What centre back? Do you see leaving the club as it would be one voice, probably or maybe we’ll play it back free with the authority on the yeah, but then that limits the sentiments even more there’s, so many possibilities i i would love screaming. I would love it and actually toby back to the next time, that’s up there in the league best in europe. Well, i think, definitely best in the league. I think all one of the best in the league. I think one of the best in league, but i also think one of the best in europe, i think so for sure all right.

Well, there you have it. That is the news today, matt doherty looks like it’s going to be over the line in the next few days. Aurier uh looks like he’s going to be out the door. Um gazzaniga, as well, looks like he could be at the undone belly testing positive for covid and also links remain with inter milan.