We are tottenham tv here back here with another update video to bring to you. Today we have got some concrete or some semi concrete information from alice. The gold of football london has just come out and apparently spurs are going in for matt doherty and the fee. That reporting is around 12 13 million um what’d you make out of this um good signing. I think it could be if it could get over the line. Yeah, i think it was. It was a cheap fee reported something between 12 and 15 million 28 good age for a right back. I think second to trent, alexander arnold and chance has created last two seasons ticks homegrown box six foot good going forward. Hopefully i think he’s, quite good, defending wolves don’t seem to concede that many goals um can play in multiple positions. I don’t see anything wrong with this up with this signing yeah. The one thing i i want to point out is that he usually plays right wing back for for wolves and obviously for us it’ll be a right back, but it could be a more of a right wing back. Well, allah, oreo don’t come anywhere near our box. You know what i mean but uh, i hope it’s not because we’re going to need a right. We want the defense jose, wants to play the flat back for not with someone 60 yards up on the right hand, side away from the goal because they can’t defend.

So i think it sort of suits it suits um, jose to bring him in obviously, wolves signing maitland niles for 20 million, so it makes sense they could be yeah. They could be willing to. Let him go. It makes sense. Over 10 years there may be a fresh challenge. New start. A lot of people are questioning that uh. Why are they even getting rid of matt dougherty if they’re bringing in maine’s liaison, mainly, you know who knows the names of these gooners, but mainly maitland niles um people are questioning why they want to get rid of matt dougherty, because he’s been such a good right Back in the last three four years for them in the premier league um, but maybe he just wants a new challenge. Yeah you, you don’t, know what they’ve what he’s spoken with with nuno about, like like he said ten years at a club, is a long time. Um, we saw yann leave after nine years with us, so it might, it might just be a fresh just the idea of a fresh start, obviously there’s. There is a lot that appeals to players that spurs the training ground, the stadium, jose um, european football, harry kane, etc. So so there’s a lot that appeals and i think it could be a good signing and i think, it’s a bit of a less of a risk in signing a right back from europe, uh, obviously you’re zeki, celix um, who else will be linked with yeah? All these players, even max aren’t, only played in the premier league one year it’s just this someone with experience someone with good leadership, qualities and good leadership skills.

I i think it would be a very good signing david yeah, david ornstein of the athletic reported last week that tottenham are going to be going for an experience right back. I mean this if you want an experience right back 28 years of age, premier league experience, probably one of the best right backs in the premier league over the course last two three years when you think of premier league right, back’s last couple of seasons who have Stood out, you’d go trent, carl walker, maybe at city and that’s about it. Kieran trippier had an okay season with us, but other than that yeah matt doherty is really one that stands out so i’m could be a very good signing. I mean there’s one that will get us excited because, like i said, we’ve been won the best right backs in the premier league since wolves come into the premier league, so it’s one to get us excited and, like you said like when you compare him to ones That we can get in europe the other ones, that we were linked with castano yakichelig these, but those don’t really fill you with the utmost confidence, yeah and it’s a risk as well. So i think this is low risk. It really is so yeah i’m happy. If this one was to happen. Yeah i’m happy. If this one was to happen, yeah definitely uh. Let me know in the comment section below what do you think about matt, doherty and they’re, talking about potential 12 30 million feet and as well they’re talking about aurier leaving for 15 20 million.

So what piece of business exactly and hopefully put that money towards a different position, a striker or a center back or whatever, exactly all right, let’s move on and yesterday there were some reports claiming that andrea pierlo and juventus made a bid for giovanni la celso um. But daniel levy and jose mourinho have completely pushed that one back he’s, definitely a player that is going to be staying at tottenham um. What do you make out of that and what does that say about giovanni he’s, a pooler yeah? I think, obviously, like i said best midfielder in the world in charge of the biggest italian club uh if they want him he’s, obviously, obviously it’s, not just us, i think he’s, a great player, i think he’s the best is yet to come from geo, because people Talk about the lack of goals, the lack of assist but he’s just amazing – and i think you said before, with the with having a defensive midfielder behind him, it could give him more freedom and i’m happy we’ve rejected it. I’M, not surprised. We projected it spent a lot of money on him and good decision around to keep him uh when, when you look at uh well, when you look at twitter a lot of spurs fans, talk about giovanni to sales and put him down for the number of assists And goals basically gold contributions in total he gets. Are you expecting a bigger year from yeah and he’s? Also kind of one thing that i think is underrated about him is his versatility.

He can play as a as an eight is a six out wide on the right you can play. He can play in so many positions and he works his socks off. I i think, we’re quite lucky to have him. I think he’s really a real talent. He works so hard for the team breaks it up. Thank you. I think we’re going to see the best of him this year. I really do all right. Uh, let’s, move on to gareth southgate and the england call up the upcoming international break. Obviously, three england tottenham england players called up to the england squad is eric. Dyer harry kane and harry winks, um eric dier back in the england squad. Yeah um does he deserve it? Has he worked yeah? Absolutely. I think uh good performances at center back when he came in after the restart. Apart from the ban, um gareth southgate in his presser said: he’s versatile in tournaments. He’D versatility can do a job in midfield he’s happy that he’s gon na be tied down as a centre back and yeah. I think i’m happy for eric dier and i think he’ll it’ll do well. I think, it’s a good option for him to have with it. I think there’s, a lack of english, of good english centre backs available to gary southgate at the moment, um and with dele alli missing out. Does he need to take a lesson from eric dier um, because obviously eric dier was bang out of form yeah savage with injuries uh, but he’s worked hard.

He’S got himself back into the england side. Is that a lesson dele alli could yeah? I think i think delhi’s hamstring injuries haven’t helped him in terms of getting into the england squad, but i think obviously, like you said, it’s a lesson that work hard score goals. Um be successful when you’re with your club and you’ll get a call up i’m sure daley will know that i’m sure he’ll play for england again. He could consider it as just a blip – and i guess we’ll have to see, but i think i think he’ll play for england again and it is hopefully we see the best of delhi now knowing they will want to get back in that england team. So when you look at delhi um, a lot of fans say that he doesn’t fit into a jose mourinho system. Do you do i mean when he came into spurs jose? He was the best player. He was delhi, he was jose’s pet yeah. I still think he is jose’s pet, i think, depends on the formation we play, but i think he will have a big role to play and i think, even if he’s not starting, imagine if being able to bring a player like him off the bench. But if we are to go with the 433, you know delhi’s best formation is. Do you say that but i’m just saying for argument’s sake, we are to go with this four three three.

Maybe he doesn’t fail in formation, but i think does he have to work? Even harder to get into england yeah i’m i’m still talking, he’s gon na be at 433, though i’m, really not i’d. Love it to be a four three three with tan guy lasalle stonehold here, but i think i don’t think it will be, and i think if it was going to be a 4 3 3, surely you’d go with it in the friendlies yeah i mean there’s only Been one friendly gone, but i think i think it’s a bit different talking about oh we’re gon na go four three three we’re gon na go four two three one, because jose picks his team as to our opponents. You know what i mean it’s not like. We have a formation and we’re gon na stick with that every game, even if it is four three three i think daley can play a role in that midfield and on the left, maybe on the left hand, side of the three and and push forward allowing the Other two to maybe drop back so jose knows what he’s doing jose knows: uh moving on to the last news story in this video we’re talking about the amazon documentary and they obviously it comes out the first three episodes on monday everyone’s very excited for this one. Um and they are doing some crazy marketing ploys. Obviously in tottenham they put up a graffiti mural of harry kane and who’s at human sign in delhi alley.

Absolutely brilliant. Mural we’ll bring the picture up now uh, but what they’ve done in chelsea in stamford bridge two miles down the road from stamford bridge they’ve, put up um a hoarding and it says what’s your x or something along those lines. We’Ll put the picture up there is that a bit of shit housery from amazon yeah. We have a one in the thing. I’D love. I love, i think it’d be great. If we had won something, we can all and we can sit there and laugh and all your ex gone and won trophies with your rivals but isn’t wondering anything yet, which is why i’m like it just makes us look a bit silly. I think, but it’s a good banter. It winds them up a bit but i’m excited for the dodge. Do you really think it winds them up when they’re spending 90 million, when they’ve won european trophies and premier league they’re getting they’re spending, they spent over 100 million on the two best products in germany? At the moment, hacking zx is probably going to be ridiculous. Uh thiago silva’s, a good signing but we’ll, see we’ll, see a lot of um people on twitter said. The balance of chelsea squad might not be great with all these new signings they’re signing defenders as well now chill well looks like he’s, going there. 50 million spencer. Well, yeah it’s, like 50 million for ben chill or 12 million for matt doherty, is 50 million.

I thought he went really off the boil last season towards the end um, but look we’re, not chelsea fans. I don’t really care yeah, so um but i’m. Looking forward to the documentary in on next week, what are you most looking forward to in the doc, seeing how how what it’s like to work under jose he’s one of the greatest managers ever no matter what anyone says so seeing how he works, seeing what happened With potch should be good, it’s great to watch our own club on on as a documentary instead of someone else’s club, yeah, it’s, just a shame, we don’t have anything to show for it in the dark. Well, what we will have is to see the the way jose mourinho handles himself with the spurs squad. The way he does his motivational talks. The way we kind of drill, this winner’s mentality or supposed winners mentality into the squad. Exactly i, for one, are really excited to see it. Uh we’ll be doing reviews of that for every episode to check that out, uh but that’s it. That is your news update. Today we spoke about the potential signing of matt dougherty uh, pushing back juventus bid for giovanni lasalle, so gareth southgate’s, england squad and obviously the amazon documentary which we just spoke about.