The only way i would add high hopes is if i was smoking a spliff while thinking about tottenham bro i’m telling you it’s peak, we got this new stadium. We’Re losing out on hella money, fam it’s like getting a ferrari on finance and then the whip just gets stolen blood. You know then wait there. What do you do? Music, jeez expressions back with another video make sure you smash a like and what’s in the news. Tottenham matt dougherty, fam, wall’s right back, uh, matt, dougherty, obviously, i’m, not gon na lie. He scored against us. But for me he attacks a lot in it. He does attack a lot bro. You get me he’s. A daredevil fan man like matt murdock, bro he’s, a daredevil, bro it’s, another right winger that we’re gon na have right back. Don’T get me wrong. You know what i mean he’s a good player. He was second to trent, alexander arnold, in creativity. Last season. You know what i mean, but i’m, not gon na lie. We need a defender that’s what we need in it. Man don’t need a right, footed, marcus, alonso i’m, not saying that’s what he is, but that is what we don’t need in it. We don’t want a man, that’s gon na get you creative, get, you assist, get you goals and then you can’t defend blood. You know then wait there. That is what we don’t want. Bro. You know what i’m saying fam nah.

I know he can attack big man. Ting bro he’s probably got hella birmingham, uh crime numbers from he’s, an attacker that’s what he is, but man need a guy that can defend in it. We need we need someone that’s solid at the back, like an ice cream truck bro. That is what we need in it. We’Ve already got oria doing that, but for me, oreo can go and i’ll take in this docker ebrav. You know what i mean if you can’t defend, maybe jose jo brav, jose mourinho’s, the one person that knows how to defend blood. You know what i mean: fam turn matt doherty into ma with t blood. You know what i mean that’s. What we need from we need a man that can defend so jose. You can work on this brother and hopefully do something, because 100 is better than aurier fam and, like i said i don’t want to be disrespectful orion. We thank you for everything. You’Ve done, especially with uh what happened with your brother and how you played through you know, i mean you’re, a trooper bro. You know what i mean but gee. I need you to be a vr trooper about virtual reality, brother out of haircuts i’m not going to lie brav you, diego cost us fam. You know then we’re there too many times too many times too many mistakes, bro too many pens giving away fam too many dumb looks on your face.

What did i do? You know what you did? Fam like big man, ting that’s, what it is in it. Like 15 million is a bargain in it, man might ridicule man and be like oh who’s, matt dougherty, he’s, a no mark, he’s, a side man just starting g. You man carry on you might carry on, because when the big names come over and then they flop, yeah it’s just the same thing in it, docket is paid for for wolves, he’s been in a premium he’s premier league proven in it. You know what i mean: yeah man’s, not gon na, do a uh a triple backflip or win or some assault, or nothing like that. You know what i mean, but what i will do is i will support the player fam and i want him to do well, because we pretty much haven’t had a right back fam. I told you bro our defense. Last season we had comedians in the backline fam aurier flipping eddie murphy, fam, uh, uh ben edgar, davis, davis, frankfurt. It was richard pryor, fam, vertonghen and toby blood. They thought they were chris rock fam and bro martin lawrence. You know what i mean from certain man: didn’t even make the actually no brav davidson sanchez you’re kevin hart blind i’m, telling you standby colombian kevin hart going to sleep like a ps4, so you see our defense. We had a bag of comedians in it last season. In it, so for me, we need to like we need to reinforce that.

We need to reinforce our defense, so we need to do it. Asap so i’ll. Take dr e yeah yeah he’s, a dead devil man like matt murdock. You love to push forward yeah. He thinks he’s a second striker at certain times and yeah he’s a poacher fan. You know what i mean, but you know i mean the mourinho. The one thing you can teach this guy is how to defend fam and what you teach him. How to defend. He’Ll. Be happy his wife and kids will definitely be happy because he can look after the yard farm he’s moving to north london ain’t the same thing as birmingham. You know, trust me, bro, he’s, definitely gon na need to know how to defend bro it’s a sticky one. Still down here, you know what i’m saying, but for me, i’m, not going to ridicule the signing 15 million i’ll take that fam gary barlow robbie williams, all of that rude boy, i’ll! Take it fam, because i’m telling you aurier, like i told you every time. Aurier touches the ball. I grab my bible, fam i’m, telling you the old testament and the new testament. I have to make sure i’ve got two bibles next to me. Every time aurier is playing fam, you know what i mean, and this guy can attack that’s good, because ben edgar davis davis, he can’t ben davis, gets a nosebleed when he sees the chalk on the halfway line. Fam, you know what i mean so, hopefully maybe moosa’s assault right now, i’m, not even assaulting.

Hopefully you know, i mean man like pierre emil, hoy baskets bruh. He can do some covering fam you get. He can be our comprehensive insurance plan. He can be covering the front like he can do that. Probably you know i mean the back line. He could cover the back line for man in it, that’s what it is in it. So for me, in regard to my docky, i know it’s that we’re in advanced talks and it hasn’t even been over the line yet so i’m, not even gon na celebrate or nothing like that, but yeah fam i’ll take a minute i’ll. Take him nothing to be tripoli or greatly excited about, but yeah, because i’m not gon na lie. I don’t really watch the wolves too tough like that, but every time walls play us they seem like a good team in it. You know i mean this guy scored against us as well fam, while my house was sitting in the sky studios stressed fam i’m, not gon na lie in it. So yeah man for 15 million, it seems like a bargain. Fam seems like a bargain fam. You know what i mean but yeah, like i said in it with regard to hopes. Bro you get me the joe hart and killed me fam, so it just is what it is now in it um in other news, ready to tango window bad boy, i’ve caught the c19 and i can’t be like well to be honest.

He ain’t done much running. So i had a feeling he might it might catch him family. Could you get me, barry ain’t, the fastest lad, but now i’m playing wrap. All jokes aside. I wish him the speedy recovery fan because yeah man i’m, not gon na lie brother it’s, some jolting in it like with the coveting people, could have all had it and not realize, but yeah him and pogba’s caught it. I watch both of them. You get me forget just just the fact that he’s tottenham pogba and uh ready to tango wind on bad boy and i’m fuming as well. Vlad because now he’s just going to be he’s going to he’s halloumi cheese, fam, he’s, coleslaw, he’s, potato salad, he’s going to be a side dish going to be put to the side and then mourinho is gon na, be like. Oh, he never had time to train with the team. He’S gon na get no minutes. Fam the man’s gon na get coke zero minutes. Fam flight mode football, yeah and mourinho is gon na, say ah it’s, because he never had a pre season bro. Now it pisses me off blood, because i want to see him integrated into the team fam. I want to see it ready to tangle integration. That is what i want to see from, but we ain’t going to see that bro, you get me he’s going to be in a hotel room. Isolating fam with i don’t know.

Bravo with the just eats delivery. You know i mean all of that. Somebody say probably somebody say: can you leave the flipping room and play some football fam? You know like that. Bro less of a room service brother, he better just yo brother. Let me not even ready to tangle with no bad boy. Man wishes you the best in your recovery fam. I hope you you, you know what i mean from. I hope it don’t take over. None of them think there and we need to see you on a pitch blad. Obviously, if you’re going to get sold, you know what i mean then there’s nothing. I can do about that. You know then we’re there celery sell settings fam. You know what i mean giovanni la celle, mate brav, there’s, nothing! I can do about that. If you’re going to get sold, but if you’re going to stay bro, i want you to stay, and i want you to show us the play that you’re going to be from that’s. What i want from i want you to show us the play that you’re going to be because for me, you’re still one of our best midfielders in it it’s still one of our best midfielders, so yeah man. I hope in that case aurier. I heard uh um a bid from milan got rejected. I think it was too low bro. You know what i mean fam that don’t get me wrong as much as i run.

Aurier man needs to be getting at least 15 million for that guy. Bravo, you get me bro, you can speak two languages, you can speak english and french. You can add that onto the cv, brow that’s, a usp, bro that’s, a unique selling, point. Add that to the wrath in it, you know them wait their fam and just get him out of here fam. Obviously i know they’re saying people be like oh yeah, i’d like him as a backup me personally, i’d like another right back, i’ll take dokie and aaron’s. Probably won’t happen in it, but if we’re not going to get a replacement right back, we may have to keep him but fam. When i see sergiori, i can’t take it fam. I don’t think i’ve got the heart to watch serge aurier in a tottenham shirt. Again. This season, i really don’t i’ve, had enough blood, you get me i’ve had enough fam, the line’s been drawn bro and i do not want to see him again. Man i’m telling you bro i’m, telling you fam, you know what i mean bro like i don’t want to see it brav, none of that brav and bro. Another thing that i’m reading and it better not be true blood. It better not be true paolo gaza, don’t say the rest, apparently fam fulham’s interested, and this is what i was telling you man bro. Oh joe he’s gon na be third choice: he’s not gon na play fam.

If we sell paolo guys, i don’t say the rest or we send him out on loan and we’ve got no heart in gold. Fam. You man, blood, don’t, tell me nothing. Fam. We got kit, kat fingers, full english breakfast. Kick cats fingers fam in gold. You know what i mean: man like stifler, nah, bro, nah, bro, nah fam. I don’t want to see joe heart broth. I don’t want to see him brav. I don’t care how i don’t care. If he’s got an eight pack don’t care, if he’s got a six pack, you know then we’re dead from i do not care blood. I do not care for them. The man could have brought the michael looked like a ufc fighter yeah, but i don’t care bro. You know them away their fam, this guy ain’t. What my need in gold blood i’m telling you fam. He is not what my needing goal bro nah, if i’m, not fam, i didn’t even expect him to be given a squad number. I just thought he was just going to be there for morale in it. You know them. Wait there that’s what i thought you man were telling me that oh he’s, a good man to having a changing room. He’S a good brother put alexa in the changing room. She’S a good person to have in in the changing rooms, bro alexa run that rhythm fam. You know them wait there blood lesser, joel, harper, i’m, not hearing any of that bro, not hearing any of that, but yeah man.

In regard to the transfer news, yeah brother it’s very slow, but what can i say like i said i ain’t got high hopes in it fam i really don’t like for me. Our defense is the main thing that we need to be sorting out in it. So i’ll, finally at least we’re addressing that in it that’s pretty much what i want to say. We got hoiberg the dm and then we’ve got a right back in it. For me, we need to bring in another defender, i’ll bring in another defender, fam i’m, telling you bro. When you see your team concede seven goals: blood, seven fam! You know i mean it really changes your outlook on things, brother, big man, ting bro. That was so embarrassing fam, so we need to get. We need to get the defense sorted and then yeah brav we’ll move in it, but as for matt, doherty or dokie, but i don’t even know how to say his name fam. You know like that. You make a comment below what do you think of this signing and how do you say his name is a dockety? Is it doa e? Is it woe? Is it matt murdock yeah daredevil like what is it blood? You know what i’m saying, let me know make sure you smash it like as well and yeah.