I hope you guys are all doing well now, as you can see from the top of this video. This is another episode of transfer talk. There’S been a few rumors flying around over the last few days. There’S been an interesting piece of breaking news regarding wolverhampton. Wanderers right back, matt, dougherty, um, apparently spurs do hold an interest in him. There’S also been a few rumors about um leicester, city’s, damari, grey and also um. Sergio riye’s move to ac milan seems to be off now forget all the details regarding all of those pieces of news um. If you want to see more content like this, such as transfer talk, anything um spurs related, please make sure to subscribe and also leave a like, because it shows me you guys enjoy these sorts of videos and yeah let’s get right into this video. So the first piece of news we are going to be speaking about is um matt, dougherty um from wolves. Of course, he’s been part of an influential wolf side that has been come up to the premier league and got straight into the europa league in their first season. They’Ve been a very good team over the last couple of years since um coming up from the championship. In the premier league, now, watson, alistair gold, who we all know, is a very reliable journalist, broke news regarding tottenham’s potential purse bit for um right backs this summer. Of course, we know right back is a position.

We are in desperate need of um and as and it says here um it says, tottenham hotspur are keen on bringing wolves right back matt dougherty um to north london. This summer football.london understands the 28 year old republic of ireland, international made 50 appearances for wolves last season, as they finished 7th and 7th in the premier league and reached the quarterfinals of the europa league. It also goes on to say that mourinho is understood to be a fan of docker t, who cannot only play as a right back, but can also play as a right wing back and a right side of midfielder and even a left back if needed. And then yeah, so doherty is only second to liverpool’s, trent alexander arnold, for creating chances in the premier league over the last um two years in the premier league. It also says: he’s: six foot has three years left on his deal: um scored seven times for wolves, set up five goals. Last season, so yeah, it looks like tottenham have turned their attention to wolverhampton. Wanderers matt, dougherty, um um. Now this was, of course broken by aleister gold as i’ve just read out um and i think doherty and personally i think he he would be a good signing. I think like yes, he’s 28, yes um he’s um getting on a bit, but i think yeah, it’s um. It would be a good signing, of course he’s homegrown he’s. I know he’s irish, but he’s been at wolfson before he was 21.

So i think that does mean he counts as homegrown. He also has good leadership, qualities and also yeah ticks a lot of boxes as it goes on to say, he’d um. According to this report, um, he could only be available for around 12 to 13 million pounds, which i think, if that’s, if that’s true, if alistair’s um saying that that is um true, then i think um yeah it’s a no brainer. If we’re going to be able to get them for that, much personally, i’m, not sure if wolves would sell them for that, much that little i’m, not 100 sure on that, but um um yeah very interesting there. If that’s true, because he’s been a one of wolves, key players over the last couple of years, um as it says there i’m only second to trent alexander arnold for like chances created um from a full back position in the premier league, so yeah dougherty. I think he’s, a good player i’ve, always thought he’s been a good player for wolves um when he scored against us this season i’m. Even so yeah um it’s. It does also say the deal could be a tough deal to get done, as i just said, um because um it says, wolf’s manager, nuno espio santo, is a massive fan of the um dubliner um, of course, from dublin or in ireland, but yeah um. I think if we can get this deal done, it does as i again it takes a lot of boxes.

Homegrown experience has leadership qualities, as it also said, he’s six foot um, so he um suits mourinho and suits the profile well of how he wants to play. Um um how he wants to impose his ideas on this tottenham squad, um, so yeah doherty has been linked. It seems as though tottenham have looked at um he’s, one of the latest right backs that tottenham are looking at, of course, others um timothy castanovatalanta, max aarons of norwich and zeki selik of lille um. Just three other targets, the name but um looks like matt. Dougherty is um added to this list of potential right backs that we could bring in so yeah um this deal again, as i said, it will be tough to get done as i’m, not 100 sure wolves would be keen on selling to a direct rival um in The premier league, but um, if, if this report is to be believed, which i’m personally i am, i trust this report because it’s by aleister gold, he’s, probably one of the most reliable um tottenham journalists that are out there, i mean he’s, a tier one, um ranked Tier one um by the spurs express so yeah um. If we were to get this deal done, i think it would be brilliant. I think dougherty would be a great player for us um good, solid right back. I know he plays as a wing back there’s been a bit of debate, whether um, if he moved into a flat four, which is what we tend to play, that he would struggle defensively but um from what i’m hearing he hasn’t he hasn’t been bad defensively um.

This season, of course, nowhere near as poor and mistake prone as sergioria is so yeah matt dougherty. Would you guys have him at tottenham i’d. Certainly take him if we can get this deal done for as little as 12 million. I think it would be great, but yeah. What do you guys make of this? Would you guys take dougherty at spurs? Please do let me know all of your thoughts in the comments down below so this next piece of news. Um is quite interesting because it does regard leicester, cities to maury gray and there’s been a bit of speculation over the last couple of days and regarding damari grey there’s been a report out from the football insider um who are stating that um spurs um are interested In damari grey and the leicester city winger, of course it does go on to say: mourinho has personally contacted him and that the winger is now keen on a move to spurs um, so yeah, damari gray. I mean. Is this really one that we um is a priority for us again? I go on to say it that we don’t wingers aren’t priorities for us, but again, even if it’s, a winger damari grey come on, like even leicester, fans, don’t, even rate him um. From what i’m hearing um yeah damari gray goes on the pricey, it says he’d be available in the region of 20 million pounds. Come on, nah come on i’m i’m, not i’m.

I don’t i’m, not keen on this deal. I don’t think demar. Yes again, as i go on saying, we were to sell lamella. This is one that i could see getting done um but come on the mari gray really like. What do you guys? Think, please do. Let me know, would you guys take damari grey, like the reason why i’m, just not keen is because he doesn’t start for leicester. I don’t think leicester fans rate him there’s. Only leicester fans i’m. Watching this, please do um. Give me some more details on damari grand the comments um, but yeah um, it’s, strange one that one um by it’s by the football insider. So maybe not the most reliable source there about spurs express, gave them a tier three um, so they’re, not the most reliable. But um yeah demariograph, these reports are to be believed. Would you guys take damari grey um? Please do let me know all of your thoughts in the comments down below now. The last piece of news we are going to speak about in this video is regarding sergio aurier. Now, of course, there’s been a lot of um movement around his um future at the club has been in quite a bit of doubt over these last few weeks and um. The latest news that has come out is that apparently ac milan um have pulled out of a deal to sign serge aurier um. It goes on to say, um.

Some reports in italy say that ac milan um are unwilling to match levy’s um asking price and there is a deemed too much um for them and they’re now, and they have now withdrawn their interest. So yeah um. What can you say typical typical levy? Really, if these reports are to be believed, um yeah – i i said this in my one of my previous videos that you’re not going to get um 23 million for oreo, which is what we paid for, which is what we’re asking for from ac milan you’re. Not going to get that come on like it’s just unrealistic it, the report does say ac milan and believe it is unrealistic but yeah. It is like. I said that we may have to take a loss on aurier if we um, if we are to sell him. This summer, you’re looking around um 18 to 19 million, if um would be a reasonable price for us to sell them out, but come on it’s typical levy, making other clubs and walk away um but yeah um anyway. Ac milan don’t seem to be the only club that have shown an interest over the last few days. Bayer leverkusen have now joined them in the race um to sign the ivorian fullback um it does. It says on sky sports um that um leverkusen do hold an interest now there’s been no official bid yet um. Of course it has been reported previously that monaco are another club interested in signing aurier um, but yeah um with leverkusen of course would leon.

Would this be a potential swap deal with leon bailey? Who knows, we only got ta hope so um leon bailey, of course, we’ve been linked with him um recently a winger that’s, a very talented player. But could there be a potential swap deal here who knows um but yeah um? That is the latest on oria um. It looks like ac milan have pulled out of a deal to sign him um. Unfortunately, i think i’m. I think that um i’m one that i feel like it’s time for him to move on and um. Yes, if we there’s yes, there’s been this argument. If he was to move on, we need to get two right backs in, but maybe maybe not now, because we still have to get one there’s, no doubt about it. We still have to get a right back, but i think with the performance jetson put in jetson fernandez, putting against ipswich yeah – maybe maybe maybe he could um be used there. Who knows? Maybe that prevents us from having to bring two in um and, of course, as i keep saying, we desperately need at least one in um yeah. Maybe of course it’s. You can only it’s only ipswich. There are league one side so it’s early days and for fernandez at right back, but we’ll have to see see how he gets on there if he plays in these potent in these um friendlies that are coming up over the weekend, that is going to be the End of the video today guys hope you didn’t enjoy this um transfer update um.

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