I didn’t expect to make it um in this transfer window or i don’t know it’s come a bit as a bit of a shock to us uh, but today we’re going to be talking about matt, doherty’s potential and it looks like pretty likely now move to tottenham Hotspur i’m, giving gon na be giving you my thoughts on it, uh how it’s come about and so on, as well um and just the end announce and obviously, if you’re, a spurs fan, giving my input on doc. What he’s like as a player and so on. As well as always guys, walls, fans and spurs fans, let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below it’s, always great to interact with both sets of fans to see what your thoughts are on the deal wall signs i could, i can sort of guess What you’re probably going to be saying to this um? So i believe it was broken a few days ago by football.london that spurs were interested in a move for doherty, a player that uh that mourinho had identified, that he wanted to add to his team uh with serge aurier and co. Looking to leave spurs um. When i saw the first article on it because it wasn’t such a reputable source, you could say i’ve not really come across football.london before i didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t i took it with a pinch of salt really, but then it materialized quite quickly.

Sky sports jumped on it, but a lot of them were quoting football.london um, the guardian jumped on it, the independent, the mirror and it sort of snowball effect, and when everyone starts jumping on it, like that, you start to sit down and think hang on something’s going On here and now, some of the biggest journalists have jumped on it, such as fabrizio romano, and it is now said that it’s in advanced talks and with some sources, even saying it’s, a good deal so uh. It may well be. You know, i’m recording today, thursday. The 27th it may be done on friday, 28th or, if not it may be doing on monday bank will, with it being bank holiday, possibly tuesday, um, but it’s a bit of a shock really um. I think for me the most disappointing point about this transfer is the fee that’s been banished about. I know when the the football london article first came about, they said about 12 million pounds and i think it was the most laughable thing about it. To be honest, i think that’s why i took the article of a pinch of salt um. For me, i would probably expect if we were to sell dock in the current market 20 to 25 million. At least um would be very, very happy with 25 million, as satisfied with 20 uh. Anything less i’d start to throw question marks over it to be honest, um doc’s, a good player um for me, he’s not irreplaceable.

I think this players out there that we can get it in um so i’m, not fully against him. Leaving the club, however number one is that he’s been an extremely loyal servant. He understands a club, he understands the system and the new, no he’s got very, very decent um goal contribution goals and assists over the last couple of years at the top level in the premier league have been very, very solid, even in the europa league in the Fa cup last season as well contributing quite a lot um, but the main dampener for me on this deal is the fee. I think i feel wolves can get a hell of a lot more money for my doherty and this i know with the coronavirus we weren’t too sure the way the market was going to go, but i genuinely think uh we can get a hell of a lot More money for him – and i saw a couple of articles today – it looks like it’s going to be in around 15 to 17 million, including add ons for this deal, so not quite the 20 million um that i think wolves were expected to ask for so it Looks like it’s gon na come under that, so for spurs fans. What can you expect from doc um going forward a very decent player, um links up well at times with wingers and forward players, decent crossover of the ball and just seems to be the right place and the right man at the right time really uh throughout his Wolves crew.

He was never known as like a prolific goal: scorer or gold contributor, but since nuno has come in and you know put him in this right wing back role in our five of the back system, it seemed to suit him quite well now going forward. He’S very, very decent at times, he’s, tracking, back and defensive work can be a little bit suspect and that’s. The one question mark could probably have over him for spurs fans and a mourinho sort of four of the back system. I think if you just planted, if it’s going to be old school mourinho, where you’re playing sort of no disrespect part of the buzz football, where you just having your fall at the back there, i think he could do an okay job. But i think if fans are expecting him to a similar sort of role as aurier sort of getting up and down the wing that there might be a couple of times this season, where he does get caught out. If he’s playing for spurs at the white hot lane or obviously playing the spurs away from home as well, the one thing i can’t quite get my head around at the moment is everyone’s reaction to this um. I know this is sort of unrelated to to the the actual doc move, but the amount of negativity on um, my timeline on social media, whether that be facebook, twitter on the talking walls, social medias as well um.

There is a lot of negativity, and i understand this is a move that is very hard to take for some fans. Matt doherty is sort of a marmite player. Really, i think you get a large selection of fans who think he’s unbelievable and there’s. Some fans that really don’t enjoy watching him. As a footballer and we’ve all got opinions. We’Ve all got those opinions on every player that plays awards. I believe some fact some players are going to like some fans are going to like some players and and some fans won’t um, but the the stuff i don’t get is people. You know uh, criticizing, fosun and nuno for this um. I understand the fee probably should be bigger um, but they are not. They are not gon na sell him without an adequate replacement um. If we could sell him and bring in millionaires for maybe one or two million pounds more, i can sort of understand it. If you’ve got your right wing back replacement, if they’re going to be playing maitlands there who’s english and about six or seven years younger. So straight away, you’ve gained six or seven years for about a million quid uh which for me isn’t too bad. Maybe the knowledge has probably got a bit more of pace and a bit more of an engine on it, which could probably suit nuno system a little bit more. Of course, us having a small squad has been quote infuriating over the last couple of transfer windows.

It’S not quite gone to plan. Last summer i felt the the transfers on paper were very, very strong and transfers. I would have been happy with, although they didn’t quite go to plan throughout the season, such as patrick atroni such as vallejo, i believe, probably 75 to 90 of fans would have been happy with those trans transfers before they played for wolves, but unfortunately, for one reason Or another they didn’t quite go to plan. I think this summer is quite important for wolves. Although they’ve left it a little bit late. I think fans have been quite quick to jump on it and judge fosun and nuno for what they’re doing yes, i understand it’s. Quite infuriating that we’ve not announced 10 players as soon as a transfer window was opened, but they’ve got a plan in terms of replacing players. I don’t think fosun have ever let us down. I remember a similar, similar um. You know um how i would a similar sort of um fan base and everyone was angry when barry douglas was set to be sold uh we brought in johnny otto who i know not a lot of fans would have known about and we’ve never looked back since. Really, to be honest, douglas has struggled to get into the league united side at times, and johnny has been mr consistent that’s. What he’s been branded as by many many fans throughout the last two seasons, he’s been very, very good in terms of cavalier and costa i’m.

Sure, a lot of fans would a lot of fans were disappointed with the sales of cavaliera and costa, especially kav, because you know we felt he was a useful depth option and eventually we got the likes of pedro netto and daniel pedence, who i know it took A while for pedence to be bedded into the team and obviously try already is coming to his own as well now, but they have been replaced. So i have full faith that fosun, nuno and walls are going to replace matt doherty. They are going to bring in replacements you likes of luke mathison as well. Who’S now obviously been training with the 23s when the first team comes back. I fully expect him to be training with the first team. He could be your backup option and we could bring a new right wing back to replace matt, doherty and i’m sure we’re gon na bring in three or four different players. Nuno wants to bolster the squad. He’S got a year left on his contract. If fossen don’t do that, there is going to be trouble and jeff. She and co know that. So i know that’s a bit of a tangent from the whole matt doherty thing, but i just wanted to get my two punts in there really about the whole situation, because there has been a lot of fans upset and moaning let’s judge judge it there’s two places. You can judge us number one when the season starts, looking at our squad and number two when the transfer window ends and if we haven’t brought in adequate replacements.

I think a big part of this is the stupid international break right at the start of the season, by the way, a horrendous time for an international break um. I don’t understand that at all and three quarters of our squad has gone, we’ve got a small squad right now, we’re gon na add four or five players into it: i’m sure um, but having that international break has not helped because people are looking at our team Without those players and and it isn’t, free or relating and but a massive tangent on today’s video but matt doherty looks like he’s going to be going to spurs he’s a mender’s agent now uh client. Sorry, he got mourinho who’s a mendez client. I look back to deals like moutinho for five million pounds. We know at the time and still is a huge, huge bargain. It was gon na and never for 50 million it was. There was going to become a time where we needed to own mendez a favor, and this could be that getting spurs a very, very good deal on one of our first team players, it’s upsetting for us, but in my opinion my doty is replaceable. The only upsetting thing for me is the fee. I believe we can get more money for matt doherty uh than what is reported. We it may be completely wrong, but um yeah. It looks like he’s going to go to spurs and best of luck to matt doty.

If he does that um i’m, looking back at some great memories, he’s got a screamer against fulham one of my more underrated wars, goals scoring in the fa cup. Semi final uh scoring a great free kick in stoke in the uh, the fa cup fi um fa cup a few years ago scoring the winner against manchester city, we’re, sort of the winner against newcastle. Some great memories in there for a player who’s been you know, marked ten years at the club recently, maybe it’s matt doherty’s decision. Maybe he thinks it’s time for a new change. Maybe he wanted to get to 10 years and then maybe move on because he’s at that stage in his career now any longer and he may not be able to you – know, move on and live his life and do the things he wants to do spurs are In europe, unfortunately, we aren’t now, and maybe he feels like he’s a europa league quality player, so uh yeah, it might be out, it might not be wall’s decision, it might be matt doherty’s decision, we don’t know as fans. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but uh best of luck for doc. I think it’d be a good signing for spurs um, but for wolves you know: hold tight there’s gon na be there’s gon na be signings coming in for sure and uh. Hopefully, you know i’ll be very happy to eat my words. If i do, if we do regret it, i’ll i’ll be the first to say that and um but yeah.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below guys, a bit of a tangent in today’s video, but uh, nonetheless be sure to hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you’re new.