Firstly, just a tiny bit of self promotion. Listen before you skip be slow down, because this is really really interesting. When your dream bike has now opened up to international entries, we don’t have every single country available just yet. If you want to check out which country is available and if it’s yours, you can now enter, follow the link down in the description, you’ll be able to find out if your country is now eligible for entry into our draw and if it is get yourself Bloody entered also over on the website, we’ve now added a ticker, so you see how many tickets we’ve actually sold. So you can get a good idea of your odds and i’ve got to say the odds are bloody, fantastic don’t forget draw closes on thursday at midnight. If you’ve not bought your tickets, now is the best opportunity, because, if you don’t do it now, you’ll forget all right. That’S, all i’m going to say on the matter follow the link down in the description. Do what you need to do and stick around for some more news, so, first up in the news, let’s talk about the national championships that took place over the weekend just gone now before anybody leaves any comments down below asking where the women’s are we’ll cover that, In another new show we’re just going to concentrate on the men’s today and first up let’s start with the news over in italy, where a few of the team ineos riders were pulled out of the national championships after one of them tested positive for curving 19.

. So team enos riders were pulled out of the italian national championship after leonardo basso tested positive for corona, so that means ghana, puccio moscon alongside four other staff. Members are now gon na have to isolate. For two weeks now, i don’t know the names of the staff members who are out there who now have to isolate for two weeks. Potentially some of those could have been going out to the tour de france starting next week. Obviously they can’t do that now and ineos were pretty lucky that none of these riders had actually been selected for the tour de france, because if they had that could have thrown all sorts of questions up in the air as to what was going to happen. If this was one of their strongest riders, in this i mean, if some there’s, a listen, crispy cycling new, show there’s loads of this and butts. But if basso had tested positive and one of those riders was a gc contender and he had to be, they had to be pulled out because of that you’d be so annoyed. Be very frustrated makes you wonder if they would have self isolated these riders, or they would have somehow created this story that they they’d not actually come into contact with each other to allow that rider to i don’t know, but yeah it’s it’s crap that these these Riders who are showing no symptoms like baso, showing no symptoms, however, he obviously contracted at some point and then tested positive for it, and then these other riders are – and this.

This is what i keep saying about. The tour de france it’s only going to take one rider or two riders and then potentially the whole thing is going to explode. Uh i’m still i’m still sat on the fence, the government, the asl, the sponsors, the riders, the teams – they all want it to go ahead and i think they’re just going to push through regardless, but it’s, still up in the air as to whether that this is A good thing or a bad thing that for the tour de france, however t minions riders were never going to win the national championship over in italy because they got pulled out. The winner of it was ntt pro cycling’s, giacomo nizolo, coming down to the final sprint. It was a group of 13 riders, all sprinting for victory and at one point it looked like david. A ballerini from dakota was going to take it, but then it seemed like he thought: he’d won because he just outsprinted sonny colbrelli. He started getting excited and looked like he was celebrating prior to the line and then nick zolo just nipped him to line over in spain. It was a solo victory from luis leon sanchez, the veteran of the world tour scene heading towards the finish it looked like jesus harada had done enough to secure the victory. However louis leon sanchez gritted his teeth, chased him down, managed to catch him within the last kilometer and it looked like harada was he’d gassed himself, but it looked like he was in the safe second position until the final corner, where he dropped his chain, meaning louis Leon sanchez claimed his first ever spanish road race title at the ripe old age of 36, meaning as old is, we can still bloody, do it and coming in second wasn’t jesus.

In the end, he came way down the pike walking his bike over the line, astana teammate of louis leon sanchez, gorka izzigari was 15 seconds down in second place over in the netherlands. Um, as you’d expect we’ve not heard much from him in recent weeks and months. However, matthew van der pol started to cook on gas just a little bit, he dominated the dutch national championships. He attacked out of a select group with 44k remaining and he just a just so loaded himself, all the way to the line and team young movisma with. I think they had like eight riders in this national championship match of van der pal only had like three for alex and fenix. I think i didn’t bloody need him. Anyway. Did he solo into victory and the top jumbo visma rider was in third place? That was teemo russon hopping over to scandinavia now and the danish and norwegian national championships were decided over the weekend. The county, quick steps, caspar asgren, took the danish title and uae team emirates rider sven eric vystrom took the norwegian title, meaning that we won’t see the national norwegian jersey anywhere in the world tour this coming year and then, finally, by far, what has to be the Best national championship race of the weekend was the french national championships. Arnold de mar took victory. He managed to fend off brian cookard and julian alla philippe in a three way: sprint, as what remained of the peloton was chasing them down quickly, and one rider that really stood out in the french championships was senecal.

He he was just lighting the race up and just smashing himself to bits in a bid to try and soften everybody up to allow julian alla philippe to try and take the victory and he’ll like alafly, potentially might do that on some of the steepest grades of The final climb he smashed it to bits, surged, clear and anna demar and brian cocard – were quick to chase on. It took quite a while for them to catch him, but eventually they caught him and it was always going to come down to a three man sprint. However, the amount of effort that demar had put in to chase down our philippe potentially might have held him back in the sprint, but ultimately it didn’t show in some serious form. Next, up and over the weekend, we saw the official la tour de france website, publish the official start list for this year’s tour de france and um there’s, just a few pointers. I want to pick up on here. First up in that rider list, of course, is the the defending champion of the tour de france this year, eagan banal and his team. However, what you’ll notice is there’s two substitute standby riders, whatever you want to call them salvatore puccio, who is definitely not going to be part of that team anymore, since he got quarantined for coming into contact with someone with um covid, but also tailgate, one writer. I wanted to speak about when the team was officially announced last time how good teo, gagan heart is and how good he potentially could be for this team, unfortunately not going to be making his tour debut, but i think teo could have been a real player in This team we’ve not really spoken about borah hansgrower, obviously they’re taking peters again who’s going for his eighth green jersey.

Now some some class riders in here you’ve actually got lennox kevin in there. Their gc rider a bit of an outside shot, but still anything can happen in the tour de france emmanuel buchmann, always there or thereabouts, just silently going about his business. Is this going to be the tour where he steps open and people know who he is now? Instead of just kind of floating around the back no surprise, i don’t think that mark cavendish hasn’t made the bahrain mclaren team they’re going to be running for mikhail lander, their gc contender again a bit of an outside shot, but with wild poles. Hey anything can happen. Having him as a uh as a super domestique seen what he’s done for team minions in the past, can he replicate it for mikael lander, i don’t know and then obviously, you’ve got the the sprinting sensation sonny carl brelli, going for those stage victories on those flatter Sprint stages great news here to see connor swift, making his tour de france debut. I remember speaking to this kid only a few years ago, when he just started out in cycling, and i i’m so i’m so proud to see him there at his first ever tour de france, he’s going to be riding and working for nairo, quintana we’re on bargails. In there as well it’s a pretty solid team, if, if narrow’s on form, that team could be right up there, ntt pro cycling, clearly going with a an eye on those flat stages with nitzolo, as their main rider you’ve, obviously got ryan gibbons in there is he Going to be able to last more than an hour we’ve seen him on the virtual tour de france uh back in the summer when he was um winning stages there is he gon na be able to win any stages here in the real life event? Who knows? Maybe so yeah no real surprise in terms of riders heading to the tour of france.

Just wanted to pick out a few of those names there that i thought was worth a mention that we’ve not actually spoke about in previous episodes of the uh. The new show now one team that was announced over the weekend was de koini quickstep now i’m, making a point of pointing these out, because this team is, although not necessarily working for for for gc contention, they look bloody, strong there isn’t, really one righty that you Look at here and go, i don’t think they could win a stage they’re all capable of being a stage winner at this year’s tour de france. Obviously you’ve got julian alaphilippe. You kind of think that alaphilippe’s targeting something like like stage four potentially one of the first well it’s classed as a hilly stage, but he’s got a cat one finish um. Potentially he could get up the road go on. One of his alaphilippe style attacks and put himself into the yellow jersey and potentially again like we saw last year, could hold on to it for quite some time. But i don’t know how the the gc contenders will react to that. I don’t know if they’ll be they’ll, not want him to get the yellow jersey at all, because everybody was thinking last year. Alaphilippe can take it he’s he’s, going to be there or thereabouts for quite a while, but eventually he’s going to he’s going to peter out and we’re going to destroy him, but he never really did now.

Other gc contenders expecting the same from alaphilippe. Are they going to mark him a little bit harder than they did last year, knowing that he could potentially hold on to it for, for a few more days, longer he’s kind of thinking that he’s not going to be taken into paris and he’s, not even said That he’s going for gc this is all about stage, wins for alaphilippe and and essentially doing what he does best. But as green danish national champion now you’ve got tim de clerk dressed bob jungles, uh morko, i mean i’m. Just naming all the riders here. Steve are all capable on their day with the right form of doing something. Really amazing. Then, obviously, you’ve got sam bennett. There who’s going to be chasing that green jersey down again there’s only four real sprint stages at this year’s tour de france. So i think it’s not necessarily going to come down to who’s the fastest sprinter for that points, jersey, it’s, going to be coming down to who can drag themselves over those mountains and be as consistent as possible through those intermediate sprints, as well as those finish line. Sprints can sam bennett do it he’s going to be fast at those sprints? I think he’s probably going to take a victory or two on those flat stages, but what’s he going to be able to do once. It gets really really hilly and um those those green jersey, hunters start struggling.

I don’t know i don’t know. I tell you what my prediction is: sam bennett is going to win on the champs elysees i’ve said it. What of it, but yeah that decorate quick step team looks super strong, super strong next up and here’s, where the road racing cycling fans will probably switch off. But before you do, if you’ve enjoyed everything that i’ve said prior to this hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button and i’ll see you on the next one. This is indoor news breaking news. This has only just been announced today that zwift and the uci have announced their dates for the first ever uci esports world championships. A press release dropped only a few hours ago over on the uci website and they are pleased to confirm the dates of the first uci cycling. Esports world championships will take place on the 8th and 9th of december 2020.. These 2020 uci cycling, esports world championships, will take place on zwift the global online training and racing platform for athletes and people who aren’t athletes. Don’T forget the world. The worlds follow last year’s announcement during the uci road race world championships over in yorkshire, of the partnership between the uci and zwift to develop and govern the new cycling discipline of cycling. Esports uci will allocate national federations with participation quotas that will be announced at a later stage, based on three criteria: the uci road rankings, as of june 2020, the number of riders registered in a registered testing pool and the number of eligible riders on the zwift platform.

Now i know someone out there will correct me on this, if i’m wrong but i’m hoping – and i think, i’m right in thinking that the the uci rankings will be based on the nationality rather than the individual rider. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a whitewash with world tour riders, and i don’t know about you, but i don’t want that. I don’t want to see the world tour riders competing for the road race world championships for the tour de france for love welter. For these classics, races and then just steamrolling on what has been a community that has built up over five years now and just steamroller these people out of it and not really give them an opportunity. Because there are some community riders over on zwift who are clearly clearly better than some world tour riders. But if it goes down on your individual uci ranking, they don’t really have a chance today to to get involved. But hopefully that’s not the case and they’re going to allow or it’s going to be. I don’t know how it’s going to work. I don’t know if a national federation would look to their their zwift community and say you know these like someone like cam jeffers, for instance. Listen you won’t mind me saying he’s, never going to win a world tour race, but put him on zwift and he’s able to compete with world tour riders and hopefully we’re going to see. Potentially you you want one or two world tour riders in that.

I think they’ll have to bring them in to bring in the fans, because otherwise people who won’t know who they’re cheering for, but hopefully out of that these fans are going to come in. You know machu vanderpool fans, remco, have nepal fans they’re going to come in and then they’re going to see these these new community riders and then they’re going to start getting behind them. But if it’s, just a whitewash with with uci world tour riders, it’s not going to be as fun as it. But let me know your thoughts on this one down below uh, obviously starting to head that way here in the uk and in europe that we’re going to be heading in indoors very soon, probably the next three months, maybe so all eyes are gon na turn from This this crammed world tour season that we’ve got into well we’re gon na want our fix of racing and we’re gon na get it in december. Now, with the the uci world championships, um are people coming round to the idea, a bit more of of indoor cycling? Being a little bit more legitimate, now we’ve seen the the virtual tour de france, or do we think it’s still um, just a bunch of people with salad spinners in a cadence center, just spinning away that’s spinning it’s been in a salad mixer or is it starting To become a bit more legitimate with the with the advent of of much more accurate calibrated, smart trainers and hopefully less people cheating, i don’t, know it’s been a while since i’ve dipped my toe into the indoor cycling world, but i will be back in there, but It’D be interesting to let me know those real cycling fans who just are just all about the outdoor cycling and then those indoor, cycling fans.

Are you looking forward to something like the indoor esports world championships, or could you not give her monkeys leave your comments down below and there we go just like that we’re over for another show. Now, before we go, i want you to do one thing i want you to head over to instagram and follow me over on instagram want to massage my ego, but two over the tour of france and in fact, starting from wednesday. If we can, i want to try and get more input from you guys, there’s, a few people troy for one who biker boy over on twitter who keep sending me information and listen. I know i don’t ever shout you out, but i really do appreciate you sending me the links and the the pictures and the photos and the videos and everything that you send me. So thank you, but i want more of you to do that. So if you see any funny clips or you see anything that you might want reporting in this new show follow me on instagram. Send me a message and send me the picture. The clip whatever it might be and we’ll try and feature it on the show and give you a bit more of a shout out. I want to try and get as much stuff from you guys to save me having to do it. I’M. Joking, i just i just think you’d enjoy it and it’d be fun to get more uh, more fun content out there.

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