First up, we have to start with the men’s national road race championships from france and let’s start by reliving the end of that spectacular race, tomorrow’s going for it as well head down, oh philippe. I think he’s running out of juice here and tomorrow’s going to show his strength. Can they come around and that’s the big question cockroach going in the center of the road he’s gon na finish? Second, i think oh and it’s going to be baffled plan delivered. That was supreme. How good was that arnold demar cool calm collected, i wonder where he gets that from no? No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No way! That, of course, was mark maddio group arm, fdj team manager, celebrating dimarz or nono’s third national title. Now, firstly, i love that video. Secondly, i love mark maddio and thirdly, i love the way in which dimar won his title, so he had 17 riders in his team to work for him and even then they were outnumbered. There were two world tour teams and a cluster of top tier pro continental teams. France has a unique looking national championships with a couple of the squads fielding 19 man teams, but back to the way that dimar won it. Now the pressure on your shoulders when you’ve got 16 teammates willing to sacrifice their own chances, for you must be immense i’d. Imagine to then get to the finale and see a rider like julian allah.

Philippe going on the attack must add to that pressure. Even more demarc could basically watch the gold medal and french trickle or jersey riding away from him, but he didn’t panic just as he’d done so successfully at the tour de valony last week he stayed calm and then, when the gap opened, he did not go into The red he rode at the pace that he knew he could sustain and with the help of brian cocka, he brought alaphilippe back, but the job was far from complete. By that point, the next group on the road were fast closing in, but dimar was the man with the responsibility on his shoulders of keeping the front group clear. So he had to ride at a pace which was fast enough to ensure they weren’t caught, but not so fast that he tied himself out too much to win the final sprint of the line and let’s not forget here that july and philippe and brian cocar are No slouches when it comes to sprinting, then when athlete went with 200 meters to go, dimar reacted immediately and given the form that he’s in right now, the result then was never really in doubt, and i don’t think i’ve ever seen. Dimar look better than he does right now in sprints, or indeed up the climbs too. I mean who could have imagined that when he was locked in a hotel room in abu dhabi, with raymond single down at the start of this year, so he now has three national elite titles in his palmares and so it’s.

Only john stablinski, who has more than that with four and he wouldn’t put it past him equaling or even surpassing that record at some point in his career, and you also wonder with the form he’s in whether maddie will make a last minute spot available for dimar. At the upcoming tour de france, now he’s already replaced nasa buwani in the french squad for the european championships on wednesday, but grupalma had always planned on putting everything into the overall classification with tebow pinot. However, it would be a real shame not to see demar on the start line. I mean he could even challenge for the green jersey against peters again with his current level. Tough call really that one for mario but moving on, we had an equally or perhaps even more popular winner in the women’s race here’s, the finale of that one, the french national title, audrey, cordon, rogo can’t, quite believe it. She has managed to fend off the might of fdj and the team of archaea brilliant stuff. If, at first you don’t, succeed, try, try and try again audrey cordon rago achieved her first top 10 at the french national road championships at her first time of trying. That was way back in 2009. Since then, she has come close on a number of occasions and then, finally, on saturday, her dream came true and the emotion as she crossed the finish line showed just how much it meant to her thoroughly thoroughly deserved, and i also loved the advice that pierre along Gave to her the previous evening, so apparently he said audrey you have to race with a cold head and a warm heart, a sentiment which she kept repeating to herself during the race on saturday, and it clearly worked world on audrey.

That was absolutely fantastic to see before we move on. Rago had missed out on the time trial by five seconds to juliet labu of team sunweb, whilst in the men’s event just six seconds separated last year’s winner, benjamin thoma of group, arma fdj from the new champion. Remy cavania of the kerning quickstep right we shall move over to italy now, which featured this cobbled climb towards the finish Music. That was people put zato’s course design, which i thought worked incredibly well now. The undulating nature of the overall course did see the group drastically reduced from the 140 so who took to the start, but try as they might. The climbers were unable to shake off some of the sprinters, and so it was a sprint finish of sorts which decided the race colbrelli of barry mclaren kicked first davide ballerini managed to get round him before the finish line, but so too did giacomo zolo, who took His second national title in what’s been arguably his best season to date, despite the lack of racing he ballerini and italian manager. Davide cassani are now in a car on route to brittany, ready for the european championships, which will take place on wednesday that is live on race pass. Of course, in fact, before we run through the rest of the national championships, i think i’ll run you through what we’ve got coming up for you this week on race pass so today, in fact, you’ll probably already be finished by the time this comes out, but we’ve Got the men’s and the women’s european individual time trail championships, but don’t forget that if you missed it live those races remain on the app on demand.

So you can watch them whenever you want, or indeed you can watch short highlights. If you prefer a shorter summary and then tomorrow, it is the grand prix plue, which is the next round of the women’s world tour and then the britann classic, which is the next round of the men’s, then on wednesday, it’s. The men’s european road race championships, thursday, is the women’s friday it’s the mixed relay and on saturday double bubble la course, and the tour de france and i honestly cannot bloody wait for it. Territory restrictions do apply to those races, so please double check what is available. Where you are, as ever, we will put a link in the description below, so you can check the calendar of races where you are. However, if you don’t have access to the live or on demand coverage, you will have access to shorter highlights, plus the weekly world of cycling show and a daily analysis show the guests on that are quite something so we’ve got bradley wiggins, who, of course, has won The tour before sean kelly four time, a green jersey winner at the tour and brian smith, the double national champion and they’ll all be giving us their insights on the breakaway i’m, going to be hosting that one in the absence of allah. But she will be bringing us more insight and interviews from the netherlands do not miss it. It’S going to be absolutely fantastic, and now speaking of the tour de france, i’ll be chatting to william fatheringham on the world of cycling this week about that race and we’ve.

Also got our big tour de france preview coming out tomorrow, right here on gsn racing and on race pass so stay tuned for that right, let’s get back to the national championships. Now there was no italian women’s road race, uh that’s, coming up later on this year, but former road race champion elisa longo borghini of trek segafredo took the women’s individual time trial. Whilst it was philippe o’ganner who successfully defended in the men’s over in spain now moby star are usually the big favorites there, but they had a drastically weakened squad. This year, they’d taken the decision to keep the tour de france team in france rather than risk crossing the border, and so it was a wide open race and it was yet another very dramatic finale. Jesus gerarda, twice a winner beforehand, went away on the final climb and looked to have it sewn up. That was until luis leon sanchez of astana gradually clawed his way back up to him with about one kilometer of the race remaining, and so we were all set for a big sprint finish between the two of them. But unfortunately, gerard’s gears had other ideas and he ended up crossing the line on foot in 15th place for sanchez, though that’s his first national elite title and he’s been waiting for it even longer than cordon rago. That was his 13th time of trying and he’ll. Now wear the spanish flag with pride at the upcoming tour de france in the women’s event, mavi garcia, backed up her recent stellar form by doubling up in spain.

She took the road race solo by two minutes and 11 seconds and won the time trial by a margin of not much less than that. The previous day, the men’s had been won very convincingly, i might add, by pelo bilbao, who will now go on to support mikhail lander for barring mclaren at the tour de france. Now the big news in the netherlands was that anime van fullerton’s winning streak finally came to an end. She hadn’t been beaten in any race that she’d started since the world time trial championships last september in harrogate, but that run was finally broken by anna van der bregen. On saturday, a strong break had gone clear just before the midway point of the race and without a team to support her and chase down that break. There was very little that fanflowton could do. Amazingly, though, that was the first time that vanderbregen has won her elite. National road title and she’ll now wear that jersey pretty much until the end of her career, because she recently announced that she’ll hang up her wheels after the tokyo olympics in the men’s race. There was no surprise really. It was a complete display of dominance from matty vanderpool. He attacked the league group with about 44 kilometers of the race remaining, never to be seen again. That is his second national elite road title in the last three years, as ever, there are a few too many national titles over the weekend to be able to run through every single one of them, but marcel nyson of alps in phoenix managed to get the better Of pascal ackermann to win the german national championships there, lisa brennar successfully defended her crown.

Christine mahrus took her 11th elite row title in a row up in luxembourg. Although bob jungle’s run of five came to an end in the men’s, he was outdone by young kevin geniates, casper asgreen kept the danish jersey in the de current quick step team, while sven eric biestrom took the win in a norwegian champs, and that was one in A photo finish with jonas eversby hederberg a photo finish that was so close to cool, in fact that federberg’s team have put in an official protest, so we’ll see where that one ends up and finally eurys again won the men’s road race in slovakia, so that’s four National titles so far for uri in his career and six for peter, which means they’ve, kept it in the family. Now, for the last 10 years in a row remarkable stuff, the biggest news, though last week, was the fact that neither chris through nor gary thomas made the final eight man tour de france roster. I mean, i think we all thought there was a decent chance that froome wouldn’t make the cut still being in recovery mode really from last year’s crash, but we were much more surprised about garrett, thomas being left out now. Obviously, he hasn’t shown the form that he could win the tour de france this year and whilst he would have been more than capable of being a big help to burnout, as bradley wiggins recently pointed out on his eurosport podcast thomas is now paid to win and Win big and not to help other riders, so he will now be the team leader at the giroud italia, which starts a couple of weeks after the tour finishes.

Chris free, meanwhile, will lead the team at the world at spaniard. Soon after that now richard carapaz, who was due to lead the team at the giro italia, has now been drafted in for the tour and ollie bridgewood is desperate for him to ride for his own results. So we’ll see what happens there. Aside from all of that, they also announced the signing of adam yates from mitchelton scott, who will therefore ride for a different team to his brother, simon for the first time since they turned pro ironically. Actually, uh team sky, as they were at the time, had expressed an interest in signing simon from the under 23 ranks, but they didn’t get him because they didn’t want adam at the time now, they’ve got adam, but not simon. Anyway. Moving on there was some bad news last week for yumbo visma stephen kreizvik’s. Injuries from the dophernae are bad enough that he will not be at the start line in nice for the tour de france this coming saturday a blow for the team, but not the end of the world. You’Ve got to say i mean they’ve got ample climbers to support whoever ends up being their team leader at the tour de france and so they’ve drafted an ammond grunder janssen to add to the engine room on the flatter stages. In other news, larry warbass of ag2r and leonardo basso of team ineos are the latest pro riders to test positive for kobit 19.

. Both ineos and 82 are took the necessary action. After hearing the news pulling their riders out from the national italian championships and the tour de lima’s out respectively, i think it must be hard to get that news as a rider, particularly with cycling’s history of another type of positive test. But i don’t think there should be any stigma at all attached to a positive test for kobit 90. i’m, absolutely sure that both fries were doing everything they could to stay safe and healthy, and so really it’s. Just one of those things that couldn’t be prevented, and i guess a new norm really in the modern world on that subject, though, the tour de france, organizers, aso, have basically said that it’s a two strikes and year out rule for the upcoming tour de france, so That applies for the entire team, not just the riders, but also the staff, although apparently those two positive tests would have to come in the same week for a team to then be sent home from the race and again it’s the reality of the world. We’Re currently living in, i guess, but it does make it a possibility that the yellow jersey, wearer might be removed from the race through no fault of their own, our fingers crossed that does not happen until we actually get to the end of the tour de france. This year, without any major non sporting dramas, we’ll get on some better news. Now, though, shall we, after that terrifying crash at last week’s ill lombardier, remco avenue, has taken his first steps remarkable really, when you consider just how serious that incident was he’s also been exchanging text messages with his teammate fabio jacobson, which is really fantastic to hear and Finally, a rumor – this was something i saw on cycling fans, twitter account and something i really really hope is true.

So apparently, in 2022 there will be a one week, long women’s tour de france, which starts on the same day as the men finish in paris. How cool would that be? Firstly, it’s a women’s tour de france, which has been a long time coming and secondly, in that lol after the tour of france, where you don’t know what to do with yourself, because there’s no racing all of a sudden there’s. Another tour of france happy days and apparently it was due to happen next year, but with all of the covid19 stuff, they’ve pushed it back to 2022., and on that note i will wrap things up.