First on the list, we have the bike that won the last edition of the tour de france at the helm of egan. Bernal, which is the pinnarello f12 dogma. Of course, there is no changes right now that we know of, but there’s, probably no doubt that their mechanics have probably tried to make every little of the aerodynamic change that they can even slight marginal gains. But as we know, right now, obviously it’s a disc brake bike as well as a concave top tube and has a better seat stay profile, as well as a better flatter fork design to make it more streamlined. So there can be less drag to occur next on this list, we have a very striking bike. That is the trek madone that is used by a trick. Sega frodo. As we know, the amanda has a reputation of being lightweight and more for hill climbing, whereas the madone is a win defying monster, which is using the same idea as the f 12 using the concave top tube. But this also uses a rather more striking streamlined handlebar than the stem to add more cancellation of drag. It seems to use the same trend as the f12 document, which is a full cable integration system, making it very tidy and pro looking. But then, obviously this will cancel out aerodynamic, drag by five percent, so there’s. No doubt this is going to cause serious damage and no doubt the second community cannot wait for even the world champion himself to use this bike against his opponents.

Next on this list, we have the merida reactor, which is the flagship of bahrain mclaren using the same principles of integrating the cables into the handlebars and stem merida also have focused completely on the depth of the seat, tube, creating a better chainstay profile and creating better Fork designs to make it more streamline and give itself a more speedy profile and make it as aerodynamic as it possibly can for cavendish to possibly help, hopefully, for his sake, beat eddie merc’s, all time stage wins or even take the green jersey this year, maybe uh. What what caveadish is not in the door? Huh well that’s, embarrassing, then, regardless that’s, the probably for the next bike, which is a specialized tarmac sl7, which will be used by peter sagan. Who’Ll probably know dad use this bike to gain his eighth green jersey, win one bike to rule them all. Our specializers put it optimizing. The seat stays the fall off the seat post and even the cockpit to make it as aerodynamic as possible, but not only that make it incredibly light and it also actually breaks the uci rules of weight as well. So you can easily guess that this is going to cause a bit of damage in the tour of france and no doubt, as i said, give pierce a gun, his eighth win, but i could be wrong. Anything can happen at all that’s. What makes it so great! Next on the list, we have the cevillo s5.

Now we all know that cevillo is the buy brand well known for its crazy, innovative aerodynamic bikes for tt’s and even triathlons, as we can see, they actually put most of this into their road bikes as well. One feature from the aerodynamics that they carry on over from their tt bikes is the concave and very protruded seat tube that you can see the wheel sits right in close and with it that’s all we have for today. Thank you for watching, like the video.