Yes, i came home for a while um and it was a whole lot to come here. So basically, this vlog is gon na be detailing what happened while i was traveling so before we get into the video don’t forget to like comment and subscribe, so let’s get straight into it. So here i was traveling in the train to the airport and i hadn’t seen rice fields in so long. So it was a breath of fresh air to see this beautiful scenery by the japanese countryside, Music i’m, currently in the plane, and we are going to we’re going to hong kong and then we’re going to amsterdam. So this is what it’s like in the plane. Everyone is social, distancing, there’s, no one beside me, so yeah, already social distancing right now and there’s some other jamaicans on the plane, too dancers Music. So i am in the plane and we are going from the moment. You begin your journey smooth and enjoyable, because your safety is important to take a few minutes to watch Music continuing Music. Thank you. This is the first class. If i was first class i’ll, be here, look guys, hey guys, welcome to jules youtube channel Music Music. So i met these girls rebel and pretty in tokyo. All of us actually were going straight to jamaica, so we basically just par for the whole journey from japan, to hong kong, to amsterdam, to jamaica, so yeah, they’re, fun, Music, so we’re going to the number six game.

Bless bless, bless Music. The flight time stood out was super long. It was like 12 hours, and so we got dinner and i will leave breakfast. This was the breakfast. It did not taste good, but just as i got something in my stomach, i try not to eat some. I could not stay awake on that flight, so i put on my bonnet and i went to sleep. I had three seats to myself, one beside the other, so i pulled up the armrest and i basically went to bed on those seats. So here i have. I just woke up and from the nap and i went to stretch my legs and stuff decided to look through the window to see if it was daylight and yep. It was daylight, like traveling, makes you unaware of the time that you’re in because you cross time zones so it’s like in the plane you don’t know if it’s day or night after you take a long sleep so that’s. Basically, what i was gon na do: Music i’m starting Music. Once i got to amsterdam, i had an extremely long layover, so i decided to get a room to so i can shower and um sleep take a nap because i was extremely exhausted and i felt so dirty i needed to take a shower. So i decided to do that. I was just showing the controls. It was a very tiny room, small, like capsule like hotel, and they had mood lights in the room for some strange reason.

So that’s what um turned the room: purple uh. They had that. That was my stuff. I had nowhere to put myself so i just put them there: they had a hunger rock um, yeah, hunger and rock down your clothes. Basically, then they had a little shower part where they had towels and stuff like that toes tissue and stuff. Like that they have a small toilet, shower sink and a shower Music hey. So after i woke up from my nap in amsterdam, i went to the gates, along with other jamaicans, and this time there are tons of jamaicans that made in amsterdam some from europe. Some from asia all over, like dubai middle east, so many many jamaicans met in amsterdam to take a chartered flight. That’S jamaica basically ordered for us to go back home. All those people that you’ve seen back there are all jamaicans well yeah. All jamaicans. There were probably like two or three tours in that whole group of people that you’re seeing there, so we were just waiting patients yeah, but they’re they’re, very good at copying, i’m, very good at copying. Music mm hmm talk about yourself. What are you doing here? Well, why i escaped my escape from japan. I’Ll go back in yeah this evening, okay, they’re about three months now every day and they get up, and i said when they go power. They see, you know lock up in our apartment, so shortly after they had called for us, so we boarded the plane and we headed to jamaica.

It was a long, uncomfortable flight. When we got to jamaica it was a two hour, wait so long so now, i’m. In jamaica enjoy my quarantine. Thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe until next time.