Over the summer, the u.s military weather agency said thursday, a united states weather bureau new forecast on thursday night operated tropical cyclone volley into a thai food that is likely to intensify into a super typhoon as it heads towards the philippines land mass in its latest outlook. As of 10 15 pm, the u.s navy joint typhoon warning center estimated the typhoon rolling, will reach a sustained means of 130 knots for 240.76 kilometers per hour, thereby reaching super typhoon category saturday october 31. This is expected to occur briefly over open water with gold nearing the east of the zone. It is expected to weaken anew into a typhoon with winds of 212 kilometers per hour on sunday november 1. Before touching that pagasa latest advisory thursday said rolly has strengthened into a severe tropical storm while moving westward and packing 95 kilometers per hour. Maximum sustained winds and 115 kilometers per hour gust based on 10 minutes average measure Music. It was last spot at 1545 kilometer east of santa luzon and is expected to strengthen into a typhoon and move 1140 kilometers east casino aurora by friday morning and 845 kilometers east of infanta quezon by saturday, Music roll. You will begin to move generally westward by saturday evening, then west, northwest ward by sunday as it moves towards quezon aurora area of assassin, as it moves towards eastern sections of central and southern luzon. The tropical cyclone may bring heavy rains over those areas starting friday, or this weekend the weather bureau said tropical cyclone wind signal number one may be raised over some provinces in vehicle region and northern summer by friday is the sixth tropical cyclone to enter the philippines area Of responsibility in the last month and a half on the other hand, typhoon kinta that devastated the philippines last week hits vietnam leaving at least two people dead and 26 fishermen missing.

Typhoon internationally named typhoon would have made landfall along the central coastline about noon. Local time with winds up to 135 kilometers per hour prior to the landfall, thousands of people were evacuated from the storm’s path writer said, and those who stayed home brutal to remain indoors. Please continue praying for the philippines and for vietnam. Thank you for watching 3biph.