So we have our newly formed tropical depression, 28 in the northwestern caribbean, and we also have hurricane epsilon, which we won’t be talking about in this video. But it is expected to gradually weakness. Time goes by and won’t be a threat to that. There are no watches or warnings in place for anywhere for epsilon, but we have tropical storm watches in place with this newly formed depression expected to become zeta, but before i go into updates with this tropical system, please do subscribe if you haven’t and tap the bell. So you know every time when i post a new video, because i will keep you guys updated on tropical cycling activity right through the season and you can also follow me on instagram, my weather account. You saw the girl danny and my meanest danny henry official okay. So, looking at the satellite view of this tropical disturbance here with this depression, we see that we’re starting to see a bit of rotation, but it is very disorganized. So the showing thunderstorm activity is a bit widespread, so jamaica, the cayman islands, cuba, possibly the okatan as well – could be experiencing some locally heavy rainfalls um heavy rainfall at times, as the system makes its way to the northwest, and eventually it is. It is expected to move into the gulf of mexico where we’re expecting some further intensification there. So, as i said guys, there is a tropical storm watch that has been issued from the national hurricane center for this tropical disturbance and so now to the to the nhg’s corn forecast.

So at this time a tropical storm watch is in effect for the most westerly portion of cuba, and so this watch will likely be upgraded to a warning very soon. So if you’re there, you might experience tropical stormlight conditions within about 36 hours or so and so we’re expecting that this will remain a depression, at least maybe until sometime tomorrow on sunday, when it will achieve tropical storm status and also acquire the name zeta, which is The next name on the list – and they were expecting it to gradually move to the northwest, not moving very um quickly, nor slowly but kind of um at a moderate pace and then we’re expecting that it’s going to be making a turn to the northeast. When it is in the central gulf of mexico and so we’re expecting somewhere landfall, i would say anywhere from louisiana, going to the most westerly side of the florida panhandle. So if you’re there guys, please take necessary precautions and stay safe, because this could really be a significant tropical system and it is also expected to briefly strengthen to a hurricane, but the wind shear across the gulf is pretty strong at this time. So it is possible for it to be a hurricane, but i wouldn’t say the chances are very high at this time for it to become one and once it moves inland it’s going to be accelerating very very quickly to the northeast and so guys in terms of What our models are expecting here? We have a lot of mods you’re, still seeing invest95l, because this has not upgraded the name to tropical depression 28.

But at this time we have them agreeing with what the national hurricane center’s cone is saying and remember. The cone is just to track the potential center of the system, and that is why going further out, we see the cone actually widens because the center can go anywhere in um, where they’ve highlighted. So, as i said guys, the gulf coast will be impacted by a potentially significant tropical system and in terms of its intensity, that is expected. Let’S go to what our models are expecting, so we have a lot of them that save all, i believe, yeah. All of them are expressing that this will become a tropical storm. We have two expecting that it will achieve hurricane status and we have quite a few expected that it will be a strong tropical storm, but not achieving hurricane status guys. So a hurricane is possible from this, but i wouldn’t say that the chances are very high and now let us look at the ocean temperatures across the north atlantic basin. So we see that in the caribbean or most of the caribbean and the main development region still pretty warm. But of course, as we are approaching the end of the hurricane season, we are going to start seeing much of a cooldown going on. So we are actually seeing that in the gulf of mexico, the most northerly portion has some very, very cool waters, so don’t you don’t, have to worry about this rapidly intensifying before it moves in then like a lot of our gulf storms, do like michael did.

Laura did, and even harvey back in 2017 did as well, because we’re starting to have a cooldown, so we’re not expecting this, and also guys the gfs mall is picking up on another potential caribbean system, they’re showing a hurricane, and if that develops, it will acquire the Name, eta, but again that is too far out to make a forecast on it now, so i won’t be making a video about it until i’m, seeing a consistency so guys that is really it for this update, and so, if you found this video to be pretty Informative, please give a thumbs up and you can also share those me in the comments or ask a question and remember to always do otherwise and i’ll keep giving updates.