Here to talk about the tropics again, i kind of thought we were done with this. But again we have this favorable track for layton hurricane center and uh. We have tropical storms, tropical storm zeta. That really looks to like it’s going to affect the gulf states again, and i really think this is going to have a big effect on our weather here. In the carolinas and south carolina things like this before we get deep into this video, if you haven’t subscribed much appreciate, if you do, growth has been incredibly slow. I only can make videos, maybe like twice a week because there’s just not a whole lot to talk about, which is a good thing. You know we don’t have major events going on to cause damage or threats to life or anything like that, but it’s. Just not a whole lot to talk about so definitely hit that subscribe button if you’re watching this much appreciated, but we have tropical storm zeta 40 mile per hour storm. I don’t think it’s going to get that strong, but national hurricane center definitely says it’s going to hit hurricane status here in the center of the gulf of mexico, um satellite imagery of it here chilling in the western atlantic. I meant western um caribbean, sorry, guys that’s early um, just pretty pretty much shows a storm, just a big blob of convection out there, but there is some cold tops and it’s. Definitely there and it’s about to start getting its move on here north shortly.

Um, spaghetti plots i’m, showing all this in the beginning of this to kind of get you a good idea what we’re dealing with here? This is a pretty straight to the point. As far as steering currents i’m going to talk about that here, there’s a big cold front, that’s going to be dipping through to southeast later this week, just really going to have um deciding implications on where this thing is going to go. And you see the spaghetti. Plots here, they’re all curving and doing the same thing. Only a couple of them want to make it a little bit more west but uh. The big question mark is: if this thing makes landfall in louisiana or more east over here, a lot of times, they’ve been trending more west into louisiana, but uh. The euro has an idea what it wants to be, and the gfs has an idea and they’re both not on the same page as where exactly this thing’s going to make landfall intensity models. A lot of them have a high end hot tropical storm low in hurricane category 1 before making landfall, but i don’t think the strength of the storm is going to be a really huge deal. I think it’s going to be an interesting setup because it has a chance to really merge with a cold front, and maybe i don’t know temporarily enhance the storm um it’s, normally how it is this time of year when you get a tropical system in the southeast.

It’S, normally a cold front right behind it, but here it is. This is the good old hwrf model it’s not doing anything, crazy, it’s, actually keeping it about reasonable strength. But here it is, we get into we get into the tuesday time frame and getting to the gulf of mexico gets about its strongest category, one hurricane or so, but then it gets to them cooler waters of the northern gulf of mexico, which are really starting to Cool down now and uh begins to lose some extreme and it probably is going to end up if i had to make a call now making landfall as a tropical storm, uh zeta, where i don’t know this model wants to show it more east of the cone Of uncertainty, uh the coal uncertainty is kind of right in the middle, where the gfs and the european model wants to make. Landfall and i’ll show you this here. So this is the latest gfs. This is from 6z this morning and there it is there’s our storm down there at the bottom. This is for a tuesday afternoon and it’s starting to track, and it wants to make landfall um east of new orleans new orleans been a try but juking around these hurricanes, um and avoiding them pretty good i’m. Very surprised. They have not really been directly or are really really directly impacted by a tropical system. This year they have been either east or west of them and been getting really lucky, but here it comes, it makes landfall gfs has it making landfall and the coastal areas of mississippi in the four western areas of the panhandle of florida, but it works its way In becomes a big rainmaker, especially for western parts of the carolinas and georgia, and things like that it’s not really good news for any leaves that are still hanging on the mountains um for me, i’m, going to see the mountains the first week in a gallon first Weekend in november so i’m really hoping that this does not play out very well.

So it goes through big rainmaker for the carolinas and actually whatever’s left of it kind of enhances off a cold front and maybe produces a big snowstorm for the higher evolate at evolation. Elevations of the northeast, and – and that would be you know this isn’t super far out, so this might be the big first big snowstorm for areas of the interior northeast. Well, that will be something very interesting to watch as this storm moves out, but that’s what it does here, the euro. I know this is probably a smaller screen, but you see the storm down here. Zeta it moves in makes landfall much more west of guidance. It makes landfall in that famous spot tropical systems remain wanting to make landfall this year here in louisiana and moves in it still becomes a pretty decent rainmaker for the carolinas in the southeast mergers with that cold front, and one thing i want to talk about real Quick is um is is, like i said, zaid is not going to be a dangerous storm. I don’t think i think rainfall could be potentially dangerous, um, but um storm surge wins. I don’t think it’s going gon na be nothing that they haven’t already seen this year. It will be some insult to misery. I’Ll tell you that because they’ve already seen a lot, but i do want to show you one last thing here and it is the cool air that’s going to pull behind this – see them little uh tighted, tight circles right here that is zeta z – is going to Make landfall what’s going to happen? Is these are dew points? This is dry air, so dew points and 30s and 40s and 50s of dry air right, so it surges in behind the system and uh cool air cool fall air blast in just in time.

For halloween weekend so definitely expect a much cooler weekend this coming weekend and a much cooler it might be about downright chilly for um halloween across the southeast this year, um big time cold front moves through drier air moves through, and this is for halloween right here. You have some low dew points and trench into the area. So much cooler fall like air for the southeast gets dragged in behind zetas that’s, something to look forward to but that’s. All i got guys i’ll stay.