Ceta is expected to turn into a hurricane before making landfall in the united states on wednesday. It is the 27th storm of an unusually active hurricane season in the atlantic ocean. The national hurricane center said sunday the tropical storms eater formed in the caribbean over the weekend and could be as strong as or near a hurricane. By the time it makes landfall on the gulf coast on wednesday. The hurricane center in miami upgraded zita to a tropical storm from a tropical depression early sunday. It is the 27th storm in a very active hurricane season in the atlantic ocean approaching the record set in 2005, when 28 storms grew strong enough to have names. Ceta is expected to turn into a hurricane before making landfall in the united states early wednesday morning, according to dennis felton, a spokesman and meteorologist at the hurricane center in miami, it is poised to deal another devastating blow to the northern gulf coast. The region struck by hurricane laura in late august, hurricane sally in september and hurricane delta. This month, these storms caused massive property damage and were blamed for several deaths. The hurricane center said at 2am edt on monday. That zeta was expected to get stronger and turn into a hurricane before moving near or over the yucatan peninsula. Later on monday, the storm was 265 miles, southeast of cuba’s westernmost tip, with maximum winds approaching 60 miles per hour. The center said zita, would then move over the southern gulf of mexico on tuesday and approach the northern gulf coast on wednesday, mr felton said, zeta could bring storms strong winds and rain across a wide area of the north gulf coast from louisiana to the florida panhandle.

Mr felton said zita was hovering over the caribbean. On sunday he added he became an organizer. The center said the hurricane warning remained in effect on monday morning for the yucatan peninsula. The centre also advised that a tropical storm warning remained in effect in western cuba. Sita joins a long list of storms this year, many of them wreaking havoc across parts of the gulf coast. They are still dealing with the influences of laura sally and delta. Said mr felton hurricane laura struck lake charles los angeles. In late august, hurricane sally struck the florida panhandle with heavy rains in september, and this month hurricane delta made landfall in louisiana less than 20 miles east of where laura struck and hit the area where she was still trying to recover. There is no doubt that there is a lot of fatigue due to the hurricane, but we still have to prepare said. Mr felton last week, hurricane epsilon, which passed bermuda and did not make landfall in the united states, became the 10th hurricane. This season with tropical storm wilfred last month, the hurricane center has exhausted its list of names. Switching to the greek alphabet. For the first time since 2005. that year, 28 storms grew strong enough to have names. The national hurricane center named 27 storms during the season and identified the 28th qualifying storm during its postseason analysis. A subtropical storm that formed briefly in october 2005 near the azores, a remote archipelago in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

Tropical storm is expected to turn into a hurricane on monday, as it heads toward the eastern tip of the yucatan peninsula, which is spread across mexico and is likely to make landfall in the central u.s gulf coast. In the middle of the week, ceta sunday became the first named number 27 storm ever in the atlantic season. The u.s national hurricane center said the system was centered about 210 miles 340 kilometers southeast of cozumel island. On monday morning, its maximum wind speed was 70 miles per hour 110 kilometers per hour. The storm was moving northwest at about nine miles per hour 15 kilometers per hour after it had been near constant. Over the weekend, meteorologists said it was expected to move zeta over the yucatan peninsula later on monday, before heading to the gulf of mexico and then approaching the u.s gulf coast by wednesday, although it could weaken by then officials at quintana roo, the site of cancun and Other resorts said they were watching the storm: they reported nearly 60 000 tourists in the state. As of midweek, the state government said, 71 shelters have been equipped for tourists or residents who may need them. The government is still providing aid, including roof panels to yucatan residents who were struck by hurricane delta and tropical storm gamma. Earlier this month, the hurricane warning has been extended for the yucatan peninsula, from tulum to jilam, including cancun and cozumel ryan mcnuldy, a hurricane researcher. At the university of miami said, zita was swinging on sunday because she was trapped between two powerful high pressure systems in the east and west, and she couldn’t move north or south because nothing was moving there either.

Colorado state university hurricane researcher, phil klotzbach, said that when a storm breaks down, it can empty dangerous downpours in one place causing flooding. He said it happened in 2017 over houston, with harvey when more than 60 inches 150 centimeters of rain fell and in 2019 over the bahamas. With category 5 hurricane dorian, which was the worst case scenario for a steady storm, the hurricane center said zeta could bring four to eight inches 10 to 20 centimeters of rain to mexico, the cayman islands and parts of cuba before it, floods, the central gulf coast of The united states, meteorologists said the storm could make landfall anywhere from louisiana to the florida panhandle louisiana gov john bel edwards urged his citizens to watch the storm and the state energized the crisis task force. Klotsbach said: ceto broke the record for the oldest preceding 27th storm in the atlantic ocean that formed on november 29 2005.. This year’s season saw so many storms that the hurricane center switched to the greek alphabet after the official names ran out. Sita is the alphabet of the greek alphabet that ended the atlantic season. There was also a tropical storm zeta in 2005. klotzbach said, but that year saw 28 storms because meteorologists came back later and found they missed, one which then turned into a tropical storm. Zeta is organizing and strengthening in the caribbean. It will likely impact the yucatan peninsula in mexico as a category 1 hurricane tomorrow from there it will head into the gulf of mexico likely keeping its category 1 strength.

The national hurricane center does forecasts eater to weaken a bid before making landfall somewhere along the northern gulf coast. Ceta will then interact with a cold front that will be making its way through the state thursday. This will mean heavy rain is a likely scenario, both wednesday and thursday it’s still too early to know if we’ll deal with any wind or tornado threats, but we’re not ruling it out we’ll be able to nail down the specifics of those threats, as the storm gets Closer make sure to check back for updates. Ceto could be near or at hurricane strength when it approaches the yucatan state in mexico by late monday morning. A dangerous storm surge will raise water levels by as much as one to three feet above normal tide levels along the immediate coast in the hurricane watch area near and to the north of where the centre makes landfall in the yucatan peninsula. A tropical storm warning is in effect for pinar del rio, cuba, a tropical storm watch is in effect from tulum to rio, legatos and cozumel mexico.