Here today, with a disney themed video, we are going to be trying all of the disney themed ice creams that i could find at my local grocery store. Okay, so the first ice cream that we’re going to be trying is the mickey mouse classic vanilla and fudge. Let’S, look at it oh yeah, and this is our first time trying this ice cream, so we’re, going to rate it out of 10. yum i’m, getting some caramel notes, yeah, it’s, caramel and vanilla e, and it has these little chocolate chips that look like mickey mouse And absolute, it looks like they’re carved with the faces on there, so they’re very detailed. There is no caramel in here, but it does kind of taste like there is some in here so out of 10. I give it maybe a seven out of ten i’d give it a seven two, just because i’m waiting for more yeah i’m waiting for more, but this is not terrible, it’s, actually really good and it’s super cute, all right. So the next one that i chose was the finding nemo it’s called the coral reef, orange and cream. It looks like it’s a sherbert so i’m, all about sherbert’s, but i don’t know if i’m, all about the chocolate with the sherbet, because i see little chocolate pieces in there. So let’s go ahead and try this cheers all right. First without the chocolate i love it. I love sherbet, and this actually just reminds me of a day in california adventure.

I don’t know why, but let me try it with the chocolate. I just feel like the ice cream already dissolves by the time. Well, by the time you can, even i guess, taste the flavor of it all together, but it’s not bad, but i think i love the sherbet plain by itself. Okay, i guess i’ll dig into one of these little fish, chocolate chips – i’m, not a big orange and chocolate fan, so i could do without the chocolate chips too, but this ice cream tastes like one of those popsicles that were in, like the carton, like the carton Cylinder, if anybody knows what i’m talking about it’s like the push pop – oh yeah, it tastes like the stone ones yeah. It tastes like that. I’Ll eat this again, but probably fish out the fish fish out of the ice cream thanks disney. Yes, but i would rate this ice cream. The sherbert alone is a nine out of ten, just because i love sherbet, but with the chocolate is like a four or a three, maybe just a four just because it makes the ice cream look cute, but taste wise is a three. I think i’m gon na give it an eight out of ten just because it does have the chocolate in it, but i would buy it again: okay, so the next ice cream that we’re gon na try is inspired by the movie monsters, inc and it’s the cookies And scream when we were scooping the ice cream, we saw that they had some mike and sully shaped chocolates in them, but we couldn’t find mike, which is kind of sad, because in the movie he’s always covered by the monsters, inc sign, but hopefully later on.

We will find him in here and he will be included in this video yep. Okay, shall we try it? Yes, okay, Music, cheers it’s very chocolatey and vanilla y and it’s like cookies and creamy yeah. The ice cream is very creamy. Okay. I was actually expecting this to be kind of similar to the mickey one, but it’s not – and i think i like this one more than the mickey one. This is definitely almost similar to a snow storm which i think that’s. Probably why i like it – and i would like a flurry – oh, i think i found someone hold on actually. Oh, i think i found mike you found mike. I don’t know i just found the back of someone. This is also what’s fun about this ice cream since there’s little characters you can kind of find them as you eat it. I think these monsters should be scared of us now, because we’re eating them yeah. I like the ice cream and i would rate it probably an 8 out of 10. okay, so i think i’d give it a 6 out of 10, because mickey is on my list on the top of my list. So the next one that we’re trying is the incredibles inspired ice cream, it’s called the jack jack cookie crumble, which already sounds amazing to me. I love cookies, but i don’t like anything too overwhelming so i’m. A little bit scared and excited at the same time.

I’M excited because i wonder if it tastes like the jack jack num num cookie at california, adventure but we’re gon na go ahead and see if it does all righty. I haven’t had the jack jack num num. Yes, you did. I took a picture with it. That’S, all you, let me do no, i think you tried it. Okay, well, let’s, try the secret chocolate, they’re mask shaped and they’re, not that bad, but this definitely tastes like the fudge brownie by ben and jerry’s um, it’s really good, but the chocolate is overwhelming and it’s melting, because it’s a hot california day today, but i just Was not bad? I bet we don’t know what that noise was, but this ice cream is not bad. It is actually really good. The chocolate is overwhelming and it does not taste like the jack jack num num cookie, but it is really good, but for me, i’m gon na rate it a five just because the chocolate is overwhelming and yeah. I think i’m gon na pull a simon, cowell and rate it a one. Oh, they could have done a lot better with this. I am a little disappointed just because i did have high hopes for this one, but so far my favorite ice cream is the finding nemo one without the chocolate yeah. I think the finding nemo one is more appropriate for summer, because it’s more refreshing um – and i always like refreshing things during the summer and then everything cream based is a lot more comforting, so something the other things would be more appropriate for fall yeah and not To be like a food critic or anything, but i really felt that the monsters inc one should have been like a lemonade, one yeah with blueberries or something yeah kind of like how the snowman has like his snow cones and they have the.

I forgot what it’s called but it’s in pixar up here they have the lemonade like frozen ice cream yeah like at least inspired by the colors of sully or mike something exciting. It was a little too boring for me, but i agree with lola the finding nemo one i think, that’s something we could both agree on. So the next ice cream that we’re gon na try are these mickey popsicle. These are supposed to be inspired by the ones that they sell at the park and we’re gon na test them and well we’re, not gon na test them we’re gon na taste them we’re gon na take should they work and see if they remind us of disneyland, They already remind me of disneyland just looking at them and i think they’re so sweet um. They are smaller, which is fine with me, because i don’t like to eat a lot of ice cream at a time, and i think this might be the perfect size. For me so let’s dig in we got a cheers: don’t forget that yeah and, like tell me, it’s disneyland all right, but this is not my favorite ice cream from disneyland i’m. Actually, more of a fruity person, i like i’m, not really a chocolate person, especially because it’s hot in california, and if it is cold, we don’t want ice cream, but this is definitely super cute, instagram worthy. I personally only get food from disneyland just for the photos.

Yes, i am one of those people, but i definitely think that this is not bad. I would give it a 6 out of 10 just because i’m not a huge chocolate person, but for the way it looks it’s a 10 out of 10, and i highly recommend it just for like photos. Okay, it’s super cute for parties too. I have like chocolate all over my mouth, probably but um as far as comparison to the actual mickey heads at disneyland, i feel like the ones in disneyland have like a thinner chocolate shell. These have a little bit thicker a thicker shell that’s, not as crunchy as they normally would be, but i think it just might have to do with like how small they are, so they can’t really thin out the shelf. I don’t know i give it i’d say a seven out of ten. I buy it again and eat it again guilty the last ice cream treat that we’re. Having are these cute adorable mickey shaped ice cream sandwiches with these chocolate it’s like just a regular ice cream sandwich that looks like mickey, but they are melting, so i think we should hurry up and eat them yeah before they’re all over us, and i am melting. Just like this guy, let me just start by saying wow. This is probably one of my favorite ones that tastes like chocolate. I guess um the first time i actually tried this. I was in disney world in the magic kingdom during the summer, and it tastes just like that, except i think the ones at disney world are a little bit bigger than this one, but the taste is spot on.

I really like it. I, like the breading of it, it’s, not too sweet or too dull, and the consistency is actually nice. It goes well with the ice cream um if they weren’t melting. I think they’d be even better, so i think i’m gon na give this ice cream an eight out of ten. I give it a 10 out of ten because it’s cute and it tastes great – and i probably posted this on my instagram already. So that is the end of our video. We have tried all of the disney inspired ice creams that i have seen at my store. I know that we were missing the star wars one, but i could not find it anywhere. So if you guys have tried it, please let us know in the comments what you guys think about it. There was a bee that’s why she flinched. I hate bees. Thank you guys so much for watching, and we hope you enjoyed this video and leave a comment down below. If you guys have tried these and what your thoughts are about it or if you haven’t tried them, go out and try them if you feel like it, and let us know what you guys think yeah tag us in your posts. If you do any photos with your ice creams, we’d like to see what you guys come up with as far as photo inspiration, i think that’d be cute um. We have this cute mickey head behind us, so, unfortunately that’s all we can come up with during these uh shelter and place times.

I made this well in conclusion before we end this video, my favorite ice cream that we tried today was the nemo orange and cream. I think or the orange the coral reef, i loved it without the chocolate chips what’s that girl’s name and nemo darla darla can have those chocolate chips. Oh the yeah, um yeah. Another thing about that ice cream is that it reminded me of this chocolate. I had a long time ago that had like this orange stir, it was like a ball with orange syrup inside of it, and the outside was chocolate and that’s. What it reminded me of like that combination, which yeah the combination kind of reminds me of those chocolates with the orange filling, and i really don’t like those so that’s what it reminded me of, but overall it was a really good ice cream. All of them were amazing and they tasted great, but the coral nemo one. The sherbet was probably my favorite and we all gave it a thumbs up and then my favorite chocolate flavored.