In 2020, this year, you’ve obviously been on the side for two years now played. You know full time 2020k most games last summer, but uh with the sort of availability of a lot of players limited by what they’re doing with england and there’s a few injuries around. Then you’ve got to take on a bit more responsibility this year. You know you must be looking forward to that yeah. Definitely there’s um there’s, going to be a lot of opportunities here. We’Ve already seen that in the championship with a lot of young players making their debuts and just probably the average age of the teams have been very low so similar this year with no jason sam and tom i’m, going to be around that much um don’t know What’S going to happen with some of the test, guys coming back, etc. So um there are going to be opportunities for a lot of players and some extra responsibility for me, hopefully at the top of the order um, because in the last few years i’ve got off to good starts, and this year will be the time for me to Kick on and put in match many performances, yeah talk to you about the last couple of years coming through um for a batsman of your style and your ambitions and that being able to come through in a team with its batting’s open by jose and roy and Aaron finch there just must be. You just must be like a sponge walking around.

There must be something to pick up, though yeah it’s great walking out to bat with them um i opened with vinci quite a lot in the last year when jason was with england. So that was absolutely brilliant. Yeah he’s obviously got so much knowledge and played all the way around the world. So every time, every time you get a chance to do that, it’s, brilliant and yeah jason as well. Obviously, seeing you netting in the indoor school with him over the over the winter, you know he’s, he’s, really he’s really jealous with it with with his experiences, and how have you found him as a someone to sort of you know, learn off yeah he’s great he’s Got so much incredible natural talent, um, so it’s just a way for how he manages that, which is something i can try and learn myself and how you, if you’ve, got all the shots, picking the right time to play each one et cetera so that’s. What it’s about just trying to learn and learn as fast as possible? Obviously a lot of people outside of surrey and outside of the county. They might have first heard your name when you hit six sixes in that um in that t10 game. I know it wasn’t. It wasn’t an official game, but nonetheless, you know hitting six sixes and over isn’t in isn’t, something that many people do no matter what level of cricket they play or how official the game is so you know talked about about.

You know how that experience was for you and and then obviously it’s created some new opportunities for you and you know overseas doesn’t it yeah. It was really good. Um, like you said it was a unofficial game um, but it kind of got my name out there. A little bit in the t20 franchise world, so i managed to play in the t10 this year, which was awesome. Great experience to play owen morgan’s. My captain, which is brilliant and hopefully i’ll, be able to recreate some of that hitting um in the next few weeks and which will lead to more opportunities in the future yeah the other opportunity that you’ve um that you’ve been given as well is. You were part of that england white ball squad earlier this year, you you know weren’t selected for the final bubble, but but that must have been an amazing um, an amazing time and and talk to me about how that how that was for you, what sort of Things you you were doing there and and how that sort of clarified your ambitions for the for the future and giving you something to work towards yeah, it’s good, to know where you stand. It’S really nice to be part of that 55 man, big squad um and to come in and train every day and face tom curran, reese topley every day is really good great experience at two international bowlers. I think i learned a lot and i improved a lot in that three week period: um yeah.

It was great and then obviously it’s good, to know that your name is known in the in the england selection circles and and really does that, give you something more to work towards. I mean clearly the motivation is to win the 2020 and do as well. You can for surrey, but if you, if you have a great summer in 2020, you score, 5 600 runs in the competition. You know averaging average, 50 or whatever. Then then clearly that’s just going to underscore your name isn’t it yeah motivation is always there um. So it’s, just about scoring, runs and trying to win games for the surrey, um yeah that’s it as a young player. Um final question. As a young player coming through, you um obviously were sort of thrust into the lines down almost in terms of like playing in front of crowds. 25. 000. You know you hadn’t played very many games of surrey and you’re coming out and there was 25 000 people watching you and you’re exciting them with the way you’re batting going to be completely different this year, without any crowd. How? How do you think that’s going to affect t20 as a format? Oh, absolutely, no idea, it’s going to be strange, like the crowd, is the best thing about playing at the oval that’s. Why everyone loves playing here away teams, love coming here: um it’s, just incredible buzz around the gap around the ground, um for all 40 overs of the game.

So it’s going to be really strange. I wonder what it’ll be like, but i’m sure we’ll get over it.