The third attempt, i believe, we’re blinded, but i sense that was the third attempt that dunn’s in bowls this time, it’s gone. Four six it’s gone not just over the boundary, but it’s gone to two rows from the walks in round the wicket to wesley who’s slog sweeping – and this is in the air – oh and scott borthwick. Now, then, with all that expanse scott borthwick could come in off the rope and it’s ending up going over his head and bouncing probably 10 yards inside the boundary rope start of the fifth coming in from the pavilion then to wesley and wesley’s flicking in behind squaring Away for four, so james taylor starts with a boundary. Finally, on the edge of the circle. Taylor is in and here’s chopper again swinging it grey catch, brilliant catch, a deep backwood square, that is scott borthwick, and that is a cracker in over the wicked he comes once again: oh quicker one, oh he’s, bowling great bit of bowling from scott borthwick and wesley. Looking to whip that leg side, atkinson again comes in bowls. This time he could be caught, he’s caught a mid off and he slaps the bat into his pads. He knows that’s going to be the disappointing for his team. Gus atkinson gets his man there 55 for four and there’s still plenty of batting to come as reverse sweep is out from wheater that’s nicely played and that’ll run away for four in he bowls it’s a full toss made into a full toss, but it’s split.

The men on the boundary – i think that went for six, yes, that both umpires have signaled six fourth weekend again: it’s a full toss. He’S in the air he’s clothed it, though it’s gone, two square leg and he’s been caught off a full toss. As this time, water plays well he’s gone across his stumps it’s, a short ball and he’s helped it and he’s probably gone through second slip to the boundary wheat is facing and atkinson goes outside. The off stump and uh could have been a wider, because he’s gon na be run out as paul water rightly calls him through so matt quinn, he’s bowling to jamie smith, who forces into the leg side, he’s punch, pulled it and it’s gon na run away for Four at sir straightish deep, mid, wicket quinn now to bowl to jacks again, and this is cut it’s in the air gone down. The third man and essex had got their wicked fortuitous. I would say: slater comes in over the wickets to the right handed smith who’s driving beautifully through extra cover for four who’s, that fish he’s tying that lovely authentic cricket, shot again sorry you’re doing well state. Is it and lori evans the on drive, that’s the shot of the day from laurie evans, so paul walter is coming left arm round the wicket to laurie evans slapped the first ball straight to baron chop for an extra cover ninja his final over and driving his Ben folks it’s a lovely shot from ben folks that’s away for four.

He is in the most wonderful nick at the moment. He’S ben vogt water, jamie smith, is facing short it’s caught caught by hama it’s a ranked bad ball, but it’s got to wick it. It’S short and wide downpour, now with a medium pace and round the wicket to rory burns, has chipped it in the air and he’s gone caught at short, mid wicket. Would you believe it slip still there paul frick is facing armor bowls a little bit in the air. This is swept in the air he’s gone straight to the field, aaron ninja, which this time he takes the catch at deep square leg, armor again bowls it’s in the air. What a great shot i have to say. Atkinson has hit hammer for six delpo over the wicket to atkinson who’s swinging across the line got lbw it’s worked twin on his way into folks folks clips this four four. He split two of the fielder square of the wicked and deep square leg couldn’t get there. So quinn, everyone’s, coming in walking in tightly folks to face quinn, comes in it’s, a bouncer it’s in the air.