In fact, two of those six is the last time there was three divisions in the t20 blast was 2012 and 2013 when you were at 9, 10. 13 13.. However, when there were three divisions, it used to be called the mid wales, west division, the central route i’m doing i’m, having a look at the historical figures. If you lost four games or fewer, that would get you into the quarterfinals it’s nicely done, and so with a shortened season. I think it brings the sides a little bit closer together, get on a bit of a run and anyone could nick it yeah. Absolutely. I think it these tournaments, you see it in the championship and you see it in the t20 as well. So whoever gets on that run early, i think, is most likely to be the most successful winnings. Winning is a bit of a habit so yeah. If you can get a few, get a few early wins two or three early wins and you’re, going to be a tough side to beat you’ll find a formula nicely played very nicely played moved as late as he possibly could. Scott steele it’s great great innovation, he’s shown a pretty fearless approach here, with a reverse, reverse sweep early and then a scoop. Scoop third ball just use the pace of it and in complete control of it. The key moving as late as you can, i think so. Yeah moving as late as you can send a bowler can’t see you go, but also just trying to stay fairly still still in contact as well.

It wasn’t as pretty, i think, with that scoop, whether it’s the reverse or the regular scoop um. I think it’s quite important yeah, you want to be still, but you want to try and get your head as close to the ball, as you can, obviously, without putting yourself in danger. Just so, you’ve got a good base and you can sort of watch the ball as closely onto the bat, as you can under first part of a double header or vitality. Blast cricket here on sky cricket a little bit later on lancashire versus derbyshire. Following on from this that game, starting under half r6 plenty of cricket left in this one, though more spin but different, spin, colin acrobat champs, the catch is just gon na fall slightly short mike and he’s got it away going away well and all the way it’s. A great shot that switched his feet over as well and just launched into it let’s get in the elevation. Just dragged down from colin ackerman field is moving all over the show. Now deep cover has gone out and this should be out very easy. Dismissal. The end of scott steele it’s, a clever, bear bowling for batman that looked like he just held it back a little bit into the wicket, maybe saw him coming at him and just dragged it back and on his way he goes seemingly pretty soft. Just trying to loft it over will davis hardly had to move unless she make the breakthrough, then a dangerous scott steele departs for 12 and durham are 17 for one.

Take control of your money with the ompos money, credit for the it’s foxes, just the right elevation from alex lee’s again just dragged down ever so fractionally from colin ackerman. He doesn’t miss out he’s just reacted here. We sort of pre meditation earlier. I guess from um from scott steele, so uh he’s just stood there and delivered and with two men out it’s, tough to bowl. It well that’s, even better, really true connection back to back boundaries, four and a six, and these is starting to motor end of the third over going 27. For one, absolutely, i think, just with the different spin options it’s hard for it’s hard to set if you’ve got constantly got new bowlers coming in, especially in this first six it’s it’s, not an easy time to bowl a string of overs on the bounce um, because The batsman can line you up pretty quickly, so it’s important, just to keep changing it up and try and be, as least predictable as you can. I think man find like up inside the circle it’s a good yorker, even that, for example, with two men out on the leg side, you’re expecting probably a hard length in the hip but he’s. Even there he’s just tried to be unpredictable and he’s gone, got a wider yorker. So six lovely start is that what you’re thinking, though pre pre delivery you’ve seen the two fielders out on the leg side as a battery yeah? I think so.

You um you’re gon na you’re gon na try and work out what the bowler wants to bowl um yeah. You just want to have that rough idea. In the back of your mind, that’s nice of all just off pace, delivery, it’s amazing. You say that because now, with the amount of d20 qriket that’s played throughout the course of the calendar year, it’s not just necessarily bowler bowls and batsman reacts to what’s going on a lot of the actual game. Play is done prior to to the ball actually being bowled from both batsman and bowler yeah. Absolutely i sort of sat down and watched a little bit of the surrey game yesterday sat with gareth batty and i see it from the baddest point of view um, as as he bowls. I try and work out what he’s going to do, but then him from the bowlers point of view, he’s works with a completely different mindset, but it’s a big part of it and it can can allow you to be a lot more successful. If you’ve got a rough idea of what’s going to be coming down at you as a banner just important from the bowler’s point of view, as well there’s a nice quiet afternoon for you, there yeah good over afternoon bats if you’re listening four rovers gone: durham 32. For one well last year, who can world t20 history belong to that man? Having a breather, though, will davis coming on football round? End oh bit of a hesitation, nice piece of fielding.

Just fancy at least was home just gon na.