Position is the former arsenal and england fullback lee dixon, and this is where it all starts in the uefa champions league the group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to it is our zed and they face victoria. Pilsen well derek. I hope you are as excited as me to start the champions league always a special atmosphere. Both teams will be hoping for a long journey or it may be very, very short, we’re about to find out Applause, Music Applause, Music. This is the lineup for the home team, we’re thinking 4 3 3 yeah, one central, striker, derek the width comes from the wingers who will stay high and wide very narrow midfield and a conventional back four there’s. No doubt about it. The uefa champions league has come a long way since it came into existence back in 1992 93, and there are many lee who say: it’s the highest standard of football you’ll see anywhere well, i think it is the best club competition uh in the world. I think the competition at the top at the end, near the final et cetera, is what it is, but the tournament is strong throughout the group stages and then the knockout stays it’s. The perfect format for me and introducing the visitors lineup today pretty well balanced. This formation lee yeah – it can be a 4 2 3 1 in the offensive mode, but it can also go back to a 4 5 1 when you’re defending the lone striker will be supported by the three just behind him, especially the number 10 will be given A free roll failed to keep hold of it.

Oh lovely weighted ball, they might be in well, he didn’t catch it. The way he intended on the volley. No on volleys you’ve got to keep your eye on the ball and he just wavered a little bit not want to be looking back on very fondly. Jordy classy meets you. This might pay dividends, just drifted into the illegal position, offside in the opinion of the officials. Applause, excellent first touch under the circumstances there brokuel has it and they did have the ball, but not anymore. Zeznick joelle guyamba losing possession a bit easily meets you, and the cross is very much on back from the byline a goal in the early stages, precisely what they had been planning. Well, here’s the replay he didn’t panic did he decent strike good technique, bread and butter strike really but it’s in the back of the neck. Let’S go back to the goal that was scored the opening goal of the game, then kayumba and after that fantastic effort, it’s gone out for a throw in joel guyamba and it’s worth chelmak. Well, the clearance half hearted. Well, it can be a hit or a miss when it comes to striking it on the volley yeah. You always take a risk when it comes in like that, but he took a chance. He was brave just not his day. On that occasion, it’s with classy, good, visualization and execution has a go. Tremendous block now meets you setting off perhaps a little bit too much here.

Applause might be a chance here. A one they’ve gone and scored again they’re doing everything in the power to make sure they’re not pegged back. Applause. Well, let’s have a look at that replay. As a defender. All the defenders in the box, you’ve got to be a pessimist. You’Ve got to expect something. Bad to happen, it’s back off the keeper and now it’s in the back of the net Applause it’s, going their way, two nil Applause and very deftly cut out. It did look as though it was rather a fruitful avenue, but nothing doing well. They were clearly on the receiving end, so a free kick is next jordy classy mitzier good technique displayed now. They’Ve lost it well real difficulty, keeping the ball. Oh, a perfectly timed pass it’s there for him and good work to deny the chance and the referee has given them a corner and now the delivery. Well, it all counts for naught a no nonsense, defensive clearance, Applause and now stings. Well, he put the cross into the right place, but no one able to finish it off well far from the cross. He had in mind goal kick. It is well we’re focusing on him for a reason. He’S, playing with real authority and attack lee well derek is what i used to call a pest. Never let so always asking questions of you. As a defender questions. You don’t normally have the answer to that’s. Why you get so many goals meets you well great, read there to intercept well, he’s got plenty of space on the flank.

Here the cross is on speculative all fire to the near first well, that’s, really sound goalkeeping, not letting the opposition have any scraps, and the whistle is sounded for half time in this game. He’S been the standout for his side. So far don’t, you think lee well. If he plays like that in the second half we’re in for a real treat, he’s scored, he’s direct creative and he unnerves defenders, and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day. One contest commences: Applause, that’s, a lovely ball, an abundance of space and the referee says corner kick so the corner played into the box just over the crossbar with that header. Oh it’s, a perfect cross it’s a perfect position and he just gets underneath it over the bar he’s, with classy Applause, an inability to keep hold of the ball there. He might be able to profit from the wide position: anesh, chermak and he’s broken free. It has to be given the position he was in he’s not going to be especially pleased with himself. Well, he took the chance with power, not always the best option, given away cayumba and copies with it. Room to maneuver on the wing, possession lost might be able to get in behind the defense goodness. He was right on top of the situation, to get the ball back for his team. Dangerous. Looking through ball, real chance, an attack full of promise. It is to be a throw in well they’ve, been getting the substitute ready, and now they will make the personnel change and options in the center now meets you.

Can they do something positive on the counter attack? Well, they can’t quite take advantage in the end. It’S played into the center well, it was a very good looking move but, alas, no end product a chance to whip it in and the no nonsense clearance. Now, cancer attacking possibilities here: zechnik cayamba, radhim, zeznick, joel callamba, Music, good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense Applause they’ve decided that now is the time to go to the bench. Applause, only 10 minutes remaining here and competes with it that’s how the flummox, the opposing defender crossing possibilities and he’s elected to tip that over for the corner Music and now the delivery, the fist of the goalkeeper. Well, it can be a hit or a miss when it comes to striking it on the volley yeah. You always take a risk when it comes in like that, but he took a chance. He was brave just not his day. On that occasion, Applause and a substitution in the offing, Applause it’s with cop mainers and given away – i must say this – looks promising. Well, they couldn’t do anything with that particular cross. One minute remaining, an unforced arrow you’ve, got to say the conditions. Look pretty good for the counter attack a real opening now and that’s it for tonight’s full time and an encouraging start for them. Three points from the initial fix: julie, yeah, really really strong, start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important.

You stay in the now one game at a time, derek bit of a cliche. Well, certain things came off for him in this game, but not everything.