He also says brian munich is gon na know him he’s gon na score to um barcelona. So what you have no belief in neymar, no shit, they might tear through their defense. You know because, but i mean it looked a bit dodgy yesterday they could, but it probably would oh he’s got no faith guys. We need you guys to vote in the comment section down below who do you think is going to win the champions league final this year by munich or psg, also put your predictions down below as well with wrist two nil, three one just say it and don’t. Try and say after the match is finished. I see you guys. I see you guys they all try and say. Oh yeah yeah, eight, two, eight two yeah that was my prediction: 18. yeah after the match, is done guys, try and put your predictions in before the match. That means make sure you’re watching this video before the match. It’S that simple guys come on, you got ta, be the first. By subscribing and turning on post notifications, you guys already know obviously post notifications, you could be notified every single time. I upload a video because it is the final we’re going to move back to the penalty, shoot out five shots each. If you score free and he scores one then that’s our match: prediction that’s: it yeah that’s our match prediction. So whatever the score is today, it could be five nil, that’s our match prediction: you’re going to shoot and go and go you’re going to shoot and go and go five shots.

Each let’s go into it. Yo rock paper scissors who’s going first, okay, rock paper scissors shoot. Oh my gosh easy! Oh also guys look pro direct saint caitlin, these brand new pair of boots. What are these called? These are the phantoms: oh yeah. They nice they’re, nice they’re, nice big, shout out to pro direct for sending these through. So what you think you can win with the first improvement, wear them and win the challenge. There’S, a you going first, okay name is in goal. Name is in goal all right. Zaza, what you got you are going first, you’re, first up big shot. Oh no, we just missed. Who was you just now? Who was you kim mitch, yeah who’s, taking your first penalty, dude i’m, going straight in from papi? Okay, no wasting time is taking his first penalty. One nil straight up. He said one nil, one step places it underneath the style one here, esg have scored their first goal. It’S one nil can buy munich, bring it back. I know they can dave, got the skills and the ability up front to score goals. So can we get one? This is gnabry, he says, oh, what what happened was i say. Oh no. Can that breeze missed i’ll buy munich gon na flop in the champions league finals? You know they’ve gone all this way and they’re gon na lose what’s the universe saying right now. Is it hinting to us? I don’t know who’s taking this penalty now neymar neymar.

He says neymar to make it two nil. You know his name. Oh okay, he said his name. I said he’s got ta, do something: fancy, oh and it’s. A save! Well done, neuer, okay, one of the best goalkeepers in the world. What you got zaizai! Can you come back, i think, it’s time for levan dusky to take a penalty. I feel like levan dusky has to score he’s the king right now, oh that’s him that’s. It that’s. It we’ll give you that. But what is going on with these direct penalties? You are shooting directly at the keeper dude. We need to be better than that right. Yeah let’s see some corners corners, maria maria. This is it all right, maria all right Music, that was a lovely place, that’s curved into the right side. Let’S go it’s, two nil. Two one two one yeah two one, two one two one come on guys: i’ve got ta get back into this, bring it back a little bit more we’ve got to get back into this penalty, shoot out, dude yeah. He always goes dead. He needs. What are you gon na? Do oh that’s, a much better penalty, two shot behind caleb. Can you make it three two? I think it’s time for cavani. What was that? Do you know what that was yeah and then hit it straight after that was kind of nice? Oh, this is your last one. No then he’s got two. Then oh, oh, oh bit of curve a curve on that one come on come on.

You can take a shot again with neymar and pepe. You know like you’re, not really gon na issue it out. This is like what goals they’re gon na score. So what how much goals? You got? Uh, three, three that’s, how you got two? No! You both got two three three: oh it’s free free, geez, i’m, getting killed by the flag; all right god. What have we got? Oh skim, the top right corner. That is that this is your chance to get ahead yeah. This is your chance to get a head. Is it a head? Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah what’s, this last shot yeah. What do you got? What have you got? What’S brian munich got today straight at the keeper again you’re, not scoring those dudes need to come better than that. Psg is gon na. Take this home aren’t they yeah fine. You know, it’s, really looking like psg’s gon na take this home just have to easily slip. This one in don’t panic, he said no panic, easy, sutton new neymar boots and he puts it right onto zai’s eye, so we are going to sudden death. This is it. This is the extra time guys in football extra time. We always go to extra time in the finals, it’s, never a clean win. So what we got zaizai Music yeah – if he scores this one right now, he wins. Psg is going to win the championship final, even though we all believe it’s going to be by munich.

Yeah let’s go: oh, he puts it nicely in the corner. It’S nice and easy just drag one into the bottom left corner. Let’S go nice and easy. Psg we’ve won this challenge. We don’t believe now he’s gon na win we’re gon na go, i feel like they deserve to win yeah, like i think, like even like player of the year right now, yeah ballon d’or player of the year is levan dusky bro, like 55 goals. He’S got also like yeah that’s, just crazy, and the season was even like put on pause and everything and he’s still got 55 goals. That is beast mode. He is in his prime right now yo. So we are saying that i mean it’s going to win guys. You lot could still comment down below and tell us what you believe the predictions are going to be for the match, so kaiden’s saying two one: to buy a munich you’re saying what 40 44 they’re going to put in they’re banging in the goals we are banging In goals, i feel like it’s gon na be a tough match, but definitely two one is a kind of even score. Okay, guys, thanks for tuning in hope you all enjoyed if you did smash the like button. Even if you didn’t smash the like button. Go subscribe to zazza channel as well: oh, oh! Oh, subscribe to the williamson family channel, quick, plug williamson family channel and also we’re on the road to 100k on tick tock.

You guys already know we’re on like 82k or something like that.