But then then it’s about the difference in taking your chances. We’Ve always said that, especially in this type of competition, you get an opportunity. You’Ve got to be clinical and we said before the game. Psg will get chances because of the way that they buy and play. They allow chances a lot of games. You see them play, but you’ve got to take them. We can see flick that he’s going to lift the trophy. Yet again has it surprised duo and what he’s achieved there yeah? I think it surprised everyone probably surprised himself yeah, probably but maybe in helping in the system. You know because he was so close to the boys and he could relate to them. Every player has spoken about his human side and how close he is to the players, but also it helps the fact that the players are performing so well on the pitch, and i think just that intensity in that it’s brought to the team that togetherness every player Works, you know and if they don’t they don’t play, and the clinical and he’s got a great spine. You think about noir. He’S got boateng and allah, but he’s got muller. He’S got 11 dusk he’s got leaders in there to to help the dressing room with the young guys it’s, just a good it’s a perfect time. I think. Sometimes that is an area that is very undervalued, not spoken about enough is the human touch and the personality of a manager that he brings that connection to the squad, especially important these days, it seems it’s, usually important.

These are guys of famous guys, they’re they’re, huge, huge personalities themselves, big characters egos everywhere and for a manager to be able to control that, and i think the fact that he’s been a number two somewhere and probably been that glue in the dressing room. Because number two is normally the glue yeah. The managers normally disturb them number two’s don’t. Normally, when they step up, they achieve two. What i’m saying he’s understood and the players have known him in that capacity, then to change and go into the to the fire, as the first team manager then it’s about his intelligence to switch over to change, but to also keep that human element that he seems To have done because the pictures there tell you all they seem like they love him. If you think i mean you know, ball tanks out the side, mullers out the side, all of a sudden two of the most experienced guys in the dress room comes in talks to them. They start playing. Ultimately, what do they do? You know they’re in the dress room, saying yeah this guy’s a great guy yeah, this guy’s a great guy that they’re voicing so far and to be fair, you know, maybe he wasn’t, you know planning on it, but that is a master stroke in itself and oliver Goes to the center back davis comes in at left, back and all of a sudden. It just takes off. It helps when you’ve got noyo playing like the best goalkeeper in the world again, but i think he’s, just it was just the right time right place.

Everything fell into place and towards the end it looked like they didn’t even have a week, that’s intelligent, it is yeah. He’S got the experienced players who have got influence in that change. Room there on the side, the younger players, who are maybe at the time thinking who is this guy? He was a number two. I don’t respect that that’s, not the kind of manager i wanted, but they’ve experienced ones like the mullers, the neues, the bow tangs say. No, no, you guys he’s, the man come with us and all of a sudden it’s a knock on the effect domino effect. It’S like sheep. They follow, and here we are today just saw oliver khan drifting over your shoulder. There walking down apparently he’s quite critical in german commentary of the decision to leave out perisic and put in coma, but it was certainly justified in the end with a winning goal and he was probably the most dangerous player. Well. I’M, not sure you can criticize the guy that’s what 30 games happened 121. and he was. He was the man of the match so um he just just has. He must just have his finger on the pulse, pansy flick, there’s, no other way to say it. Is it he’s just so close when he feels? Maybe maybe he just saw that carer match up and thought coleman’s winning that and he shows you the depth in their squad? I mean it shows you there’s a lot of khan there, but you got it wrong, but it shows you the depth in their squad everyone’s sitting here going wow.

How can he not play paris, it’s, scored, assisted in the last game? He’S got to be involved. This guy comes in coleman and produces the man of the match performance, but again sane’s, coming in next year, he’s two substitutes. He took off uh coleman and grab ganaveri, who beautiful getting to this point. Uh they’re players you can’t bring off, brings them off comfortable still goes on it’s a machine. The modern game is just much more of a squad mentality. These days, you’ve got to have big squads and changes. Players don’t seem to take umbrage if they get substituted. So much no, i think it’s i think it’s expected, but i just think also, if you’re a team, you know you kind of you. You understand that don’t you really. You understand that the guys coming on are good players. You know, and maybe you needed something fresh, but it is, i think, it’s the deepest squad in europe. You know the players that they have to be able to bring on, i mean they all are and they’re recruiting fabulous, they’re acquiring even younger there’s, like 17 18 year old kids coming in that squad. Now i think i think we just saw one of them. Yeah we’re going to be like players that are knocking on the door together. Team they’re they’re sweeping up some of the best prospects around europe, so this is something that seems to be they’re thinking to continue this for for years to come, but listen there’s going to be other people that are going to be trying to contest them and i’m Sure liverpool, man, city from england, real madrid, barcelona et cetera, will be coming back to knock on the door next year.

Okay, let’s, take a breather. We’Ve got lots of analysis and we’ll. Look back at the game very shortly, and there’s noya lifting the trophy once again. Magical memories made for them that’s the champions league done for another season, but don’t worry because the new one is almost upon us as part of a pack september on bt sport, european crown it’s been a glorious season and a great night for you. And, of course, i mean uh winning that trophy today is just the best thing that could have happened to us um, i think our season. We worked incredibly hard, the spirit that we always talked about. In the end, it came through and we’re happy to be the best team in europe. It wasn’t the slick, open game that everyone thought it was going to be. We saw a night tonight where you had to fight. No, it wasn’t, i mean it’s. The final um paris came out wanting to win, we came out wanting to win it’s, always going to be a difficult game and no one’s going to give up easy and in the end we came through and that’s all that matters tonight. They had probably the best chances in the first half, but didn’t take them, but you stepped it up after the break. You seemed to have more energy and more strength. Yeah i mean as long as it was uh. No, no uh. It was always going to be open for us, of course, they always had some chances.

I mean they have incredible talent up front with neymar and by pedi maria it’s, not easy to always stop them. Um yeah, lucky they didn’t score and happy. We did score it’s. A big call to have kingsley coming in, but you terrorized them at some parts of that game. Tonight, king helped us extremely um came in. You know, he’s one against one. We knew it was going to be difficult for the opponent and for him to score that goal after being out for a couple of games being injured. It’S incredible joshua kimiku was saying yesterday that the younger players have a real hunger to match. The defeats of the legends at bayern munich is that the feeling you get in the camp for sure um it’s always been said that the spirit in this team is crazy and we always fight for each other. And we have a strong bond and i think that show throughout the whole tournament and yet having that. Hopefully, we can build on it and yeah have a very successful time in the future and you’re not just champions you’re, perfect champions and winning run all the way. Through never been done before, so people can match it, but they’ll never beat it that’s, not bad. Is it yeah sounds amazing thanks for your time. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah brilliant performance from his team. You bumped into him a couple of years ago, yeah i was on a beach in um in dubai, just chilling just in a day go by, and then he popped up with um hector bellerin and we just had a chat on the sun lounger just sitting there Chatting and he was really down and he lost confidence and he was starting to just rebuild his career and just try and build himself back up.

He’D just gone to germany and he’s, saying it’s hard work i’m, going to i’m going to get myself back on i’m. Going to get my head down and stuff and then here we are today, and it just shows you that if you keep chipping away as a young player, you get a chance you’re going to get knockbacks but it’s. How you react to that and you he reacted in the best way possible applied himself right. He’S got his rewards yeah, just great great great young, guys just shows you great story, but um. He wasn’t the guy who scored the winning goal. Today, that was kingsley coleman. Let’S have a look at the deciding lovely bit of football from bayern munich yeah. I mean this ball from tiago. Just split the lines you know opens it up, but again we spoke about thomas muller what’s. This little touch there and then kimmy. We know in terms of this is fabulous. Oh look at the numbers they’re getting there. You can’t you can’t defend against this. I don’t care. If you’ve got, you know the best defender in the world, there’s just too many numbers in there and it’s just this is the football we’ve seen from byron really all season. Kimmy knows backstick got him outnumbered good header, gorgeous fabulous kimmy again another such an underrated player and it’s. The only piece, real piece of quality that was like a a passage of play, yeah combined on the day, we’ve seen it all season many times in the game.

This is probably the only standout one they’ve done and it resulted in a goal. Who’S underwriting gimmick tell me him. I will put him right to whoever it is he’s unsung hero every game yeah. He gives you an 8 out of 10. whether he plays it right back. He’S been playing central for this season, but because has been injured, he’s played there and he gets the assist in the tmz. Final you’ve had a little look at the goal. I just i think, even just to it’s one goal: we’ve got to break it down a little bit, but what i love about this is this pass from thiago on the ball he’s there, but he takes out one two, three, four, five, six players with this one Pass loads of shape on it, he’s someone i don’t think he passes the ball without disguise at all ever, but it’s, a beautiful pass great weight. The touch is tremendous here and again, the touch is great back from muller, but then look at the amount of bodies, as we mentioned before, we’ve got all these bodies in this box here and what that does and to to these two guys. Let me just show you as well there’s thiago silva and kim pembe, the two center backs. When do you ever see a pair of center backs in these positions? Weird like that behind one behind the other who’s wrong there? That is confusion from the from the four they’re forced into that position, because almost they’re just concentrating on trying to look at the ball, but also wow, there’s, three or four players running around in this serve this box.

Don’T know where to go and thenx and thiago silva very experienced kim pembe played very well this season, but that confused such good game intelligence from all the barn players, yeah kimik knows backstick. We got an overload and he just thinks it doesn’t. He, with a bit of with a bit of finesse on there and 15, assists this season. Yeah, i mean played midfield a lot of time, but the kid knows how to put the ball on six months.