It looks like i can. Second, one of the day go on: oh my god. I didn’t think we’d see this today, the spl scotland’s premier football division. Half of these teams are in and around the glasgow area, so in today’s video we’re going to get to see half the league in a day, i’ve visited a few before so i’ll leave a link in the description below to those videos. Look at this typical scottish day today, time for the obligatory reminders please don’t forget to like and subscribe. Okay, first up the home of hamilton, academical football club weirdly, the door’s open i’ve just tried to go in, but i imagine that no one’s going to be able to give me a tour or anything like that. Obviously i don’t, i honestly don’t – think they do stadium tours. I just tried to see if there’s anyone on reception, but this is the smallest stadium, we’re gon na see today new douglas park or foys stadium or the core physio stadium. It does have a few names. So do let me know below what you call it. They’Ve won the second tier of football three times that haven’t ever gone all the way in the top league of scotland they’ve not had the best start to the current season, which has obviously been played behind closed doors. They are just above their local rivals. Mother. Well, right, i’m gon na go in i’m gon na try i’m gon na sanitize put my mask on.

They are the ackees, pretty cool pictures on the wall. Let’S uh got ta, try and find the pitch aren’t. We honestly. This is really weird i’ve. Never just been able to get inside like this, but here we go. Oh locked. Look at that players are training, however, manage this. I think they have a plastic picture as well cool great start for the day. Shall we go through this door? It is open. This is like an impromptu stadium tour. How have i managed to get in here? There’S, a guy downstairs told me i could so just having to look around don’t want to get lost but loads of stuff on the walls from some of their best moments in history signed shirts. Quite a nice shirt that one look at that to all the hamilton fans out there or even non hamilton fans. What do the three stars mean on the badge? So the groundsman really nice guy just said i can come in and anyone can come and watch training. I was up there in that door there a minute ago, i’m, pretty certain but now i’m just here, watching the players train a bit of an open training session, closed kind of, but sort of open and closed kind of, but sort of open a bit of an Open train this session closed kind of sort of open. Look if you’re a hamilton fan come down and watch him train. Why not class so i’ve never actually been inside this stadium before, but it’s really cool to come and get the chance to now come and watch the players train for a bit and uh just see what it’s, like, obviously quite small, six thousand or whatever no stand Over there, just a small stand over there and then two kind of bigger stands behind that goal and then the one i’m, just in now, but yeah, really cool place.

Glad i came in here let’s get off on the road and head down to their local rivals. Motherwell motherwell, it’s blowing a bloody gale out here. Oh no, and you could see through this last time i remember looking through there, but it’s been closed off. Oh my god, the rain i’m. So sorry, if you can’t see me properly because of the camera, so yeah fur park, motherwell home to motherwell fc and only about three miles away from hamilton. This club have won the scottish top tier, but it was back in the 1930s, but still something they’re incredibly proud of no doubt a few scottish cups, as well as numerous old cups which have been disbanded now, which i’m sure means they have quite a good trophy Cabinet here, they’ve won quite a lot, especially with the older ones cups. If anyone from the club is watching, do you want to let me in one day and have a look i’m out here outside in the rain and it’s freezing cold in the wind? Surely surely there’s someone there who’s gon na? Let me come in one day and have a look at your trophies anyway, for now i can’t stay out here any longer let’s get on to ground number, three time to brave the elements again. In a second i’m sure you can, can you tell what that stadium is before? I reveal in three two, of course, it’s celtic park. Current holders of the spl celtic have absolutely dominated football here in scotland in recent years.

Last time i was here, the club shop was shot we’re gon na go and have a look at that in a sec. Obviously an insanely famous stadium with an atmosphere to match some of the best players in europe have said that this place has the best atmosphere. They’Ve ever witnessed so pretty grim, as you can tell it does. Look like the superstars open. It was a much much nicer day. Last time i came, but the superstar wasn’t open so swing some roundabouts. Here we are, i do just need to come over and tell you about this man very quickly. I missed him out last time and uh. Someone said in the comments. How could you miss out jinky johnson there? He is jimmy jinky johnson, considered celtic’s best ever player. I spoke about the manager, jockstein and brother walford, i believe, was the club’s founder club’s founder here celtic way, emirates arena celtic superstore celtic park. Look at that it is a beautiful looking stadium. It really is, and i do need to get in there for a match, but let’s uh let’s get in the club shop and see what it’s like get out of this rain. Oh, my god, let’s have a look at these kits. The new away kit came out. The other day, pretty nice big fan of the celtic, kits sorry to all the rangers fans, but i do think they have nice shirts and here’s some of the retros here’s one from the european cup final in lisbon.

Again, i did mention this in my ranges. In celtic rivalry video, i have been to that stadium where celtic won the european cup. So again i will leave that linked down below, so you can check it out yourself, pretty cool club shop, pretty big, some sunnies, not that you’d need them today, um. I wonder if they sell umbrellas yeah, pretty nice club shop i’m sure it gets rammed on match days but today’s, not too bad. I mean there’s quite a few people in there considering you know covered and all that, but oh, my god, it’s so grim we’re halfway through this was the third, the third stadium on the list. Parkhead celtic park the home of former european champions from 1967 current scottish champions and i absolutely love the design of the stadium. The newer massive stands with the red brick speaking of the red brick. Do they remind you of anywhere yeah, so some similarities between rangers and so there would? You know the red brick mixed with the modernness of the newer builds at the stadium but looks like the storm is holding off a little bit rangers fc. Obviously, a team that have had to rebuild a lot over the past 10 years. Dodgy finances meant that europe’s most successful team in terms of league titles were relegated to the bottom tier of scottish football. Some people will say this is now a completely different club, but i don’t really want to get into all that i’m.

Just praying that scottish football restarts soon for the fans and i can come and see games here at rangers, as well as the other stadiums i’m visiting today. We’Ve got two more after this, but yeah i’m gon na go and see if the club shop’s open. It was shot last time i was here – oh my god, it’s, so grim let’s try and get inside come on. Let’S go. I know i was big enough celtic earlier, but look how nice that is. I like that awake it. Even the homes are really nice. I don’t even want to go back outside so i’m, just gon na keep looking at all the rangers merch club shop done. While i walk to the solitude of my car um, i just want to get off my chest that i find it so weird how no stadium tours are back open in scotland, yet, like stadium tours, are open down in england, i’ve done the liverpool one i’ve got Newcastle coming up soon so watch out for that, but scotland for some reason, just won’t restart their stadium tour i’ve, seen how it’s done in liverpool, now i’m gon na see how it’s done in newcastle with things such as you know, social distancing, which they do they Do really well there’s hand sanitizer everywhere um you got well. I didn’t have to wear a mask in the liverpool one. It was pre the like compulsory mast days, but um yeah i’m.

Sure i’ll have to wear one at newcastle, but that’s. Fine, like i wouldn’t mind, wearing a mask. If i get to do the tours so yeah, i just think it’s, weird and uh. Hopefully scotland soon can uh get them back on. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see me there’s so much rain on the gopro four stadiums down two to go getting towards the end. Now we’ve headed west out of glasgow towards the airport, sadly i’m, not taking a flight to somewhere sunny today, but we’ve come to the town of paisley yep there’s, an airport nearby, but it’s, also the home of st mirren football club. I can see the pitch through there. I wonder if you could get in right Applause. We got in at hamilton today and i’ve got to make it my mission to get inside st mirren as well come on. We got to get involved, we’ve got to try it there’s an entrance over there that looks promising. Let’S go have a look, but while i’m looking for a way in i’ll, let you know about st mirren: they are known as the buddies as with pretty much every stadium that i’ve seen in scotland, you can have your name engraved in a brick outside the stadium, St mirren is a totally new experience for me today, and it looks like a really nice place, it’s in like this industrial area, but driving through paisley. Just then, the town it’s in actually looks well nice, and even though this stadium, at the biggest, i think it’s only got 8 000.

It actually looks really nice from the outside. What is this, the dome of saint miron? What the hell is that, i think, mirror supports. Trust me. Air dome. Is that what that is? I don’t know. I guess it must be an air dome, st mirror and they’ve never won the league, but impressively they won the league cup back in 2013. So not even that long ago they want a trophy here in scotland. Leak up get all this parking, which must make it really convenient on a match day, considering there’s only eight thousand capacity i’m sure they don’t fill it out every game, so yeah st mirren same as motherwell. Let me know if there’s anyone watching i’d love to come and have a look around your stadium. Is there anyone? I can talk to yeah i’ve got any games coming up. Let me know, but yeah spl team, st mirren cool little stadium. We are now coming round to where i think i might be able to get in if you’re, watching this remember to hit that, like button remember to subscribe. Look what i’m doing today i’m out in the rain, just searching for a glimpse of football! Just a pitch! I’M, literally like an addict, but for stadiums all i want to do is just literally come and look inside and have a look about. Is it too much to ask? I don’t think so, and here we go. Oh we’ve done it. Two stadiums: in one day, i’m inside i don’t know how far i can go i’m sure to come to the edge of the pitch.

I reckon it’s got to be done, isn’t it oh nice, that’s class. Look at that there’s some people over there. I don’t know if they’ll be raging, if i’m, here or not, there are some people over there. So i’m, not gon na hang around for too long, but look inside the home of saint miron about 8 000 can fit inside here. We’Ve got one more stadium to go i’m going to take a picture of this. Stick on my instagram, so uh yeah make sure you follow me for your adventures, link in the description below um i’m gon na head back to the car. After that, and then we are gon na go to the final stadium of the day. Oh my god, i didn’t think we’d see this today it is blue skies, it is sun. You must think it’s a different day, but no look at that. I wasn’t expecting that sunnies are in the car i’m gon na have to get them out, but look here we are at the sixth club of the day. We are kelly, kilmarnock fc, and there is that stadium rugby park, so yeah rugby park, another stadium i’ve never been to before the home of kilmarnock fc. It can hold 18 000 people, 10 000, more than their kind of local rivals, st mirren. They won the league back in the 60s and here’s confirmation of that very proud of that moment, i’m sure here at the front of the stadium kilmarnock, there you go inside the stadium, they have a plastic pitch, i quite like it very cool.

Obviously i like anywhere i’m, the only person that i know who would drive to six different stadiums on a mainly rainy day, just to see them from the outside, but it’s. What i like to do so and if you like, watching hit that like button, you know what i mean: kilmarnock football club, that’s, half the league scene in the space of just a few hours. Obviously, kilmarnock isn’t in glasgow paisley isn’t really and there’s a few that are just kind of outside the city of glasgow, but it’s all drivable from anywhere in all around glasgow, really yeah, just to kind of show you guys how concentrated the top level of football here Is in scotland so many different teams all from this area and obviously i’ve just touched the surface there’s, so many more from other leagues, the championship league one league, two non league as well um but yeah. Obviously i was just showing you today, the top league, the premier division. I hope you’ve enjoyed this one. I certainly have i can’t believe the sun’s just come out. Yeah we’ve got another video coming soon. Probably the newcastle stadium tour next keep an eye out for that.